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How are young entrepreneurs shaping the economic future of Latin America? Delivered by Rob Salkowitz (@robsalk) of MediaPlant, LLC (Seattle) at Think Latin America Conference keynote, October 2012, based on his book Young World Rising.

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Think latam - Keynote - Rob Salkowitz

  1. 1. LOOKING SOUTH FOR INSPIRATION:WHAT’S BEHIND THE LATAM CONTENTEXPLOSION? Rob Salkowitz Author, Young World Rising & Young World Shining
  2. 2. Disruption is my Passion
  3. 3. El Boom!Latin America on the RiseEconomic growthDiversification of industryInternet & MobilePolitical reformsEntrepreneurship
  4. 4. Building a New Creative Economy
  5. 5. ¿Qué Pasa?Favorable DemographicsSpread of Networks and Digital TechGlobalized Knowledge EconomyNext Generation Entrepreneurs
  6. 6. The Young World is the Future
  7. 7. Youth is South Ecuador 25.7 Mexico: 27.1 Colombia: 28 Costa Rica: 28.8 Brazil: 29.3 Argentina: 30.1 Latin Am/Caribbean: 26 USA: 36.9 EU: 40.9 World: 28.4Median Age – Youngest (green) to Oldest (Red)
  8. 8. Young People, Young IdeasCollaborative Gen Y Socially- Globally-Aware EngagedTech-Savvy Multi-Tasking Green Feedback-Driven Over-Sharers Impatient Customizers Skeptical“Net Generation” Entrepreneurial
  9. 9. A Digital Generation
  10. 10. Internet User Growth, 2000-2011 1800 1600 Percentage increase 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 North South Central Caribbean Rest of America America America World
  11. 11. Entrepreneurship is Surging“ GEM studies show that Latin America exhibits especially high levels of entrepreneurial activity. During the period for which we have information, Latin American countries have the second-highest rates of entrepreneurship in the world. On average, between 2000 and 2007, almost 18 percent of the working-age population were involved in entrepreneurial activities. ” This involvement significantly exceeds the rates of entrepreneurship even in the European Union, Asia, and North America.Entrepreneurship and Growth: A Latin American Paradox?Larroulet and Couyoumdijian, 2008
  12. 12. Money Follows Ideas “ From 2009 to 2010, funding for venture private equity and capital in Latin America more than doubled, reaching $8.1 billion. Technology deals funded in ” the first half of 2011 increased by 133 percent compared to the previous year. Source: Latin American Venture Capital Association
  13. 13. Young World Entrepreneurship Blends social and commercial models Aligns public-private-NGO resources Collaborative and engaged from inception Sustainable and adapted to local conditions Addresses systemic problems with market solutions
  14. 14. Global Challenges Need EntrepreneurialSolutions
  15. 15. Changing BusinessChanging the World
  16. 16. Innovating with Vision Pereira pop. 567,000
  17. 17. Making Your Voice Heard
  18. 18. Impact Entrepreneurship “world class business We are trying to create a environment. We like to say we export software and import opportunity. ” - Guibert Englebienne, co-founder
  19. 19. Changing the World from the Bottom Up Reinvestment in Business Creation Ecosystem and Employment Business Practice and Culture Training and Capacity-Building Social and Commercial Innovation
  20. 20. El Boom!Latin America on the RiseIdeasInnovationContentInfluence
  21. 21. ¡GRACIAS!THANKS!Rob Salkowitzwww.mediaplant.netrob@mediaplant.netwww.robsalkowitz.comTwitter: @robsalk