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e Learning Promotion by UK Based Company
Helping People to ...
- Learn
- Earn &
- Own

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  • “Take responsibility for your finances or get used to taking orders for the rest of your life. You’re either a master of money or a slave to it. Your choice.” -Robert Kiyosaki”All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.” -Brian Tracy“Don’t let the opinions of the average man sway you. Dream, and he thinks you’re crazy. Succeed, and he thinks you’re lucky. Acquire wealth, and he thinks you’re greedy. Pay no attention. He simply doesn’t understand.” -Robert G. Allen
  • Leo Business Presentation - Dr.Dave

    1. 1. Unleash human potential
    2. 2. CompanyTrendsBusiness modelNext stepsCompanyAgenda
    3. 3. Company“A company that is credible, intelligent,transparent and worthy.”Learning Enterprises Organisation UK LtdCorporate websitewww.welcometoleo.comDan AnderssonPresident & CEO
    4. 4. Q1 - 2013Regional HubsOxford DubaiHongKong
    5. 5. 2014Five Regional Hubs and 25 Country Offices
    6. 6. CompanyTrendsBusiness modelNext stepsTrendsAgenda
    7. 7. Latest Trends The power of 3eLearningDirect sellingEntrepreneurship
    8. 8. eLearningAccording to New Ambient Insight Report, theAsian eLearning market is expected to reach$11.5 billion by 2016.It is revealed that the 2 countries with the highest growth rates inthe world are Vietnam and Malaysia, with 44.3% and 39.4%respectively. Following closely behind these countries areThailand, Philippines, India and China, with 30%-35% growth rate.
    9. 9. eLearning"The next big killer application onthe internet is going to beeducation. Education overthe internet is going to be sobig it is going to make e-mailusage look like a rounding error.”John ChambersCEO, Cisco Systems
    10. 10. eLearningThe US and Europe account for over 70% of the globaleLearning industry. The fastest growing market, however,is Asia Pacific, with eLearning revenues expected to growat an annual rate of 20%.eLearning is the second most important training methodwithin organizations, with companies increasingly movingtowards blended learning and eLearning, rather thaninstructor led training sessions. The globalmarket for eLearning is forecast tohit over $100 billion by 2015.Global Internet users 2.4 Billion+The cost of education has risen 84%since 2000Global expenditures on e-learning willsee a 23% compound annual growthrate from 2012-2017Industry hype about new ideas andconsumers learning requirements aredisrupting the whole education eco-system70% of children aged 2-5 can use a computer mouse. Only 11% can tie their own shoes
    11. 11. Direct sellingWorld wideendorsements- Bill Clinton- David Blair- RobertKiyosaki- Brian Tracy- Donald Trump- Bob Proctor- Jim Rohn- Les Brown- Paul ZanePilzer$153 BillionSales91.5 MillionDirect sellersSource: www.wfdsa.org, global statistics report 2011
    12. 12. “You Strengthen our country and oureconomy not just by striving for your own success butby offering the opportunity to others.”Bill ClintonFormer US President
    13. 13. “I want to say to you that this is a good thing to be involved inand that we as a Government recognise thetremendous contribution that people who are takingup direct selling opportunities can make to the overall prosperityof the economy.”Tony BlairFormer UK Prime Minister
    14. 14. “Network Marketing gives peoplethe opportunity with very lowrisk and very lowfinancial commitment,to build their own income-generating asset and acquiregreat wealth.”Robert KiyosakiInvestor, Businessman, Author &Speaker
    15. 15. “Of all the entrepreneurial opportunitiesavailable today, one of the mostimportant is direct selling, also callednetwork marketing.”Paul Zane PilzerEconomist, Entrepreneur, Author &Public Speaker
    16. 16. “The future of Network Marketing isunlimited. There’s no end in sight. Itwill continue to grow, becausebetter people are gettingin to it. It will be one of therespected business methods in theworld.”Brian TracyAuthor & Personal DevelopmentTrainer
    17. 17. “What you sow you reap. It’s thelaw of nature. Network Marketingis perfectly aligned with that.You truly get exactlywhat you are worth. Nonepotism, no favoritism. That’srare today.”Bob ProctorSuccess Coach & Author
    18. 18. “If I had to do it all over again,rather than build an old styletype of business, I wouldhave started buildinga network marketingbusiness.”Robert KiyosakiInvestor, Businessman, Author& Speaker
    19. 19. “Marketing is a powerful tool andNetwork Marketing canincrease that power, providedyou are self motivated.”Donald TrumpBusiness Magnate, Socialite & Author
    20. 20. “Network Marketing is really thegreatest source ofgrass root capitalism,because it teaches people how totake a small bit of capital, that isyour time and build the Americandream.”Jim RohnEntrepreneur, Author &Motivational Speaker
    21. 21. “Network Marketing industry hasproduced moremillionaires than any otherindustry in the history of the world.”Les BrownMotivational Speaker & Author
    22. 22. EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurs now numbering near400 Million in 54countries.GEM 2011 Global Report19-Jan-2012The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor(GEM) research program was initiatedin 1997 as a joint venture betweenacademics at London Business Schoolin the UK and Babson College in theUnited States.www.gemconsortium.org
    23. 23. EntrepreneurshipIn a 2011 survey, 88% of youngAmericans said thatentrepreneurship education isvitally important, given the new economy.Article: How Entrepreneurship Can FixYoung Americabusiness.time.com
    24. 24. Entrepreneurship“In todays world, working foryourself is actually thesafer route, and working for acorporation has become the riskierproposition.”Paul Zane PilzerEconomist, Entrepreneur, Author &Public Speaker
    25. 25. Entrepreneurship“Formal education will make you aliving; self-education willmake you a fortune”Jim RohnEntrepreneur, Author & MotivationalSpeaker
    26. 26. Entrepreneurship“No one lives long enough to learneverything they need to learn startingfrom scratch. To be successful, weabsolutely, positively have to find peoplewho have already paid the price to learnthe things that we need to learn toachieve our goals.”Brian TracyAuthor & Personal Development Trainer
    27. 27. CompanyTrendsBusiness modelNext stepsBusiness modelAgendaLearn Earn Own
    28. 28. Entrepreneurship trainingin four product categorieseLearning eTutoringLiveSeminarsTechnology
    29. 29. Product packseLearningTechnologyLive SeminarseTutoringTotal ValuePrice£199 £255 £705 £1975£10 £125 £500 £1000Productwebshopwww.learnearnown.com
    30. 30. CompanyTrendsBusiness modelNext stepsBusiness modelAgendaLearn Earn Own
    31. 31. Matching BonusLEO Marketing planBonuses Career AwardsEntrepreneurAwardsTeam BuildingBonusNetwork BonusReverse MatchingBonusRank AwardsGlobalrevenue-shareBusinessOwnership AwardLion Award
    32. 32. LEO Win-Win-WinJoin LEO andbecome part of aglobal team.
    33. 33. LEO Win-Win-WinOur innovative planrewards not onlyfor the team youbuild but also theupline and sidelineteam efforts.3 321
    34. 34. LEO Win-Win-Win- Team Buildingbonus- Network bonus- Matching bonus13 32
    35. 35. LEO Win-Win-Win- ReverseMatching bonus23 3
    36. 36. LEO Win-Win-Win- Globalrevenue-share3
    37. 37. Earning exampleLets assume that you purchasedprofessional product pack
    38. 38. Instant payment20% Team Building£400£200 + £20020%20% of £1000 = £20020%Duplication
    39. 39. Instant payment£40020% Team Building £200 + £20020% Team Building20%20%20% of £1000 = £200£800Duplication£200 + £200
    40. 40. Weekly payment10% Network Bonus onlesser team4,000Bonus Points2,000Bonus Points+£20010% of £2000£2000
    41. 41. Rank AwardsCollect RP(Rank Points)from theproduct sales
    42. 42. Top of the worldspecial awardYou CAN becomeFront line to the company- Become Platinum- Achieve Senior Associate in 30 days*Read marketing plan for details. Terms & conditions apply.
    43. 43. Marketing plan summary0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%44%56%Revenue- Our marketing plan is a partnership with thefield- 56% payout: Bonuses, Awards & Incentives- 44% costs: Product cost, Overheads, Offices,Support & Expansion.Your personal websitewww.myleobusiness.com/username
    44. 44. CompanyTrendsBusiness modelNext stepsBusiness modelAgendaLearn Earn Own
    45. 45. Freedom is to own your business….property… investments…BusinessOwnershipAwardLionAward
    46. 46. Business Ownership AwardAchieve Platinum statusqualify for £20,000 BOAreceive at Director rank
    47. 47. LEO may invest up to£100,000 in yourbusiness idea.Lion AwardQualify to apply at Director rank
    48. 48. CompanyTrendsBusiness modelNext stepsNext stepsAgenda
    49. 49. Speak to your Sponsor… To-Select Package &-Join LEODr.Dave H. M.+91 9925025728Skype – AmpleMoneygTalk – dave.harish