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Presentation - Mental Health Day Services Transformation


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Presentation about plans for mental health day services in Leeds

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Presentation - Mental Health Day Services Transformation

  1. 1. Mental Health Day ServiceTransformation
  2. 2. ‘Better lives forpeople inLeeds’
  3. 3. Welcome
  4. 4. Setting the scene:□ National picture□ Leeds picture□ Commissioning□ Recent developments□ Proposed model□ Next steps□ Timelines
  5. 5. National Picture:□ From Segregation to Inclusion – 2006 Says that day services should be community services that involve service users in delivery□ Putting People First – 2007 A Shared vision to transform adult care services□ No Health without Mental Health - 2011 A cross government document looking at mental health for children to older people
  6. 6. Leeds picture:□ One in four people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their life□ Investment in Adult Social Care mental health day services is 1.5 m□ Investment in voluntary mental health day services is 1.5 m□ Adult Social Care - 3 segregated building bases and a Community Alternatives Team. Monday – Friday mainly office hours some weekend and evening work
  7. 7. Leeds picture continued:□ Currently approx 340 people on the books as attending the three day centres: Lovell Park, Stocks Hill & The Vale□ Currently approx 320 people access Community Alternatives Team□ Budget Context – more for less□ 30k one year start up funding for an Information & Advice Service and Befriending Service
  8. 8. Commissioning themes  Recovery focussed  Information and Access  Peer Support  Employment  Creative Solutions  BME Communities
  9. 9. Adult Social Care Commissioning Welcoming Respectful Person Centred Innovative Challenging Passionate Aspiring/Inspiring
  10. 10. Why we need to change:□ We cannot always demonstrate that people are supported to recovery□ Some groups feel excluded□ Our system is not fair to everyone – some people receive duplicate services, others have to wait to receive services□ Services across Leeds are not well co-ordinated
  11. 11. Recent developments :□ Service user reviews/consultations took place during 2011□ Staff events held in December 2011 and May 2012□ The Mental Health Advisory Board have been meeting regularly□ The Progress Group have been meeting regularly□ Initial briefings around Charging Review□ Visits to co-located services□ Establishment of The Panel
  12. 12. Recent developments :□ Involvement & Engagement Strategy□ Dedicated development officers□ Revised support and risk management plans – Outcomes Star□ Service reviews
  13. 13. The proposed model:□ Safe spaces/Peer support□ Staff led recovery groups□ User led recovery groups□ One to one support□ Support pathways through the acute services□ Signposting to other services
  14. 14. We also need to:□ Involve the people who use services more□ Work in partnership with others□ Enable better access to information□ Support people to access mainstream services wherever possible□ Consider the needs of carers, families and young people
  15. 15. Asset Bases:□ Lovell Park – a central ‘hub’ A welcoming multi purpose space, co-working and hosting with other Agencies, office base, safe space, group space/meeting space, drop-in social space, information source, links to other facilities□ Stocks Hill – share the space with health colleagues/voluntary sector colleagues□ The Vale – seek alternative base/s in the South of the City
  16. 16. ASC Mental Health Recovery Service West South Staff led recovery groups User led recovery groups Central Hub Staff led recovery groups User led recovery groups One to one support One to one support Safe spaces/Peer support Safe spaces/Peer support Support pathways Support pathways through acute services through acute services Signposting to other services Signposting to other services Signposting/Information Service - TBC Peer Support/Befriending Service - TBC Volunteering/Employment Service – Health/MIND Self Directed Support through personal budgets
  17. 17. Other considerations:□ FACS Eligibility Will apply to new users of the service□ Charging Review Four hours per week non-chargeable□ Move on Policy Ability to re-enter services within a twelve month period
  18. 18. Outcomes:□ A service that meets the needs of existing service users and those most in need in the city□ ‘Better Lives’ for people - A more personalised approach□ More flexible service□ A greater emphasis around ‘Recovery’□ A positive experience from the service
  19. 19. The way forward:Seek the views and suggestions from all stakeholdersWhat do you think about the model ?What else do you think would be useful ?Do you think anything else should be included ?What else do you want to know at this stage ?Would you like to play a part in making the changes happen ?Other ways you can let us know what you think….
  20. 20. Timelines:□ September – November 2012 share this model with all stakeholders□ December – feedback the response to the consultation to service users, staff, leadership team and members□ January 2013 – report to Executive Board recommending the way forward□ February 2013 – begin to implement the new service model