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ICE Overview of Services 2015 NHS England


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ICE Overview of Services 2015 NHS England

Published in: Healthcare
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ICE Overview of Services 2015 NHS England

  1. 1. Specially prepared for you by team Nurturing brand growthmake better happen
  2. 2. ICE is a marketing, communications and engagement specialist that delivers social change strategies for health and social care organisations.   •  We are pioneers of social change at individual, pathway and community level: delivered through insight based communications and engagement. Over 50 specialists work with organisations to connect with patients, citizens and stakeholders to change attitudes and behaviour and drive sustainable change within the communities they serve. •  ICE specialise in changing behaviour for the better. •  It’s what we do and it works. We use our ‘people-shaped’ methodology so that clients achieve real and tangible outcomes. •  We have over 15 years experience of working with over 100 health and social care organisations. •  Our approach works; our team has won numerous awards for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. About ICE Creates
  3. 3. We are able to offer a range of services to support health and social care commissioners to deliver high quality projects and campaigns.  Services Design and Print •  Design and branding •  Graphic visualisation and recording (rich picture) •  Print and merchandise Marketing Communications •  Research and insight •  Strategic communications •  Social marketing and community activation •  Film/animation production •  Marketing evaluation Engagement •  Health and lifestyle interventions/ outreach •  Social media pathways •  Patient experience tools •  Patient and public engagement events •  Co-Creation and co-design Digital •  Websites •  Digital and social media •  Interactive software •  Bespoke web applications •  Intranet /extranet
  4. 4. Clients
  5. 5. The Patient Experience Challenge How to embed’ ‘experience’ into commissioning decisions: In primary, secondary and community care How to increase the volume and diversity of patients sharing their experiences How to feedback responses, improvements & changes The ICE ‘SO Experience’ Model •  We create and deliver interventions so that local patients want to talk about and share their experiences of local services with you and your providers. •  We target seldom heard groups by generating conversations in their preferred style using our ICE INSIGHT DECK. •  We convert opinions into active participants in decision making and reducing the risk of challenge and reputational damage. What results can you expect? •  A substantial increase in the population ‘actively’ providing feedback about local services •  Real time hard and soft data reporting to inform plans and contracting value drivers •  Full compliance with statutory requirements and best practice
  6. 6. The Patients in Control Challenge How to involve people in decisions about their own care How to create self care networks and involve careers How to support clinicians to ‘prescribe’ self care, self management and access non NHS services How to integrate self management into discussions and ongoing lifestyle change The ICE Pathways for Life Service •  We recruit, train and support patients with long term conditions to actively contribute to discussions and decisions about their care. •  Our digital personalisation tool PUFFELL connects people to each other and to support services to proactively stay healthy for longer, change their lifestyle and manage their health and care support (reducing their reliance on traditional services). •  We connect services together so individuals and clinicians can be signposted or prescribe a passport for non clinical interventions and alternatives. •  We develop proactive and targeted campaigns to encourage patients to take ownership of their own health and adapt their behaviour and subsequent use of services. What results can you expect? •  Real time access to how patients and citizens are managing their health and well being •  ‘Live’ intervention opportunities to support patients before they need clinical services •  Measureable cost avoidance initiatives directly linked to practice populations and providers
  7. 7. The Patient Engagement Challenge What results can you expect? •  A proactive and sustainable patient/citizen inclusion in strategy that can withstand scrutiny. •  A strong evidence base to support the integration of health and social care services. The ICE ‘SO Change’ Service •  We interrogate relationships to understand what’s working and what isn’t and why. •  We proactively target those who are most reliant on services and resources. •  We bring the public and professionals together to create a shared but achievable vision. •  We look at the whole person to understand health and social determinants on access and choice of services. Patients are educated and supported to add real value to change programmes. •  We capture, co-create and co-design using innovative and proven methodologies. •  We create continuous dialogue: gathering insight, working with professionals to use it and feed back to the communities they serve.
  8. 8. Marketing Communications Services Strategic planning Copywriting Graphic Design and Illustration Print and Merchandise Services Film and animation production Our team of marketing communications specialists can support you to create high impact content and designs that connect with your audiences. •  Our in house team of writers and designers are able to provide art working services for individual pieces of design and print, or create new brands from scratch. •  We are comfortable working within brand guides and are up to date with the latest NHS guidance. •  We source imagery and merchandise and will produce a range of conceptual ideas and print options for you to choose from. •  We offer film and animation services from scriptwriting to storyboards, production and editing. •  Our quality control procedures include internal proof reading measures and we work hand in hand to deliver a high quality output. We are committed to meeting timescales and budgets and will work with you to define the scope of any project from the outset, so that you can be confident of achieving your project objectives. What results can you expect? •  Campaigns that connect with people making a demonstrable impact •  Creative options for copy, design and print
  9. 9. Outreach Services Ideas for interventions based on experience and insight Planning, scheduling and delivery of face to face interventions in communities Production of materials and merchandise/ stock management Staff trained in motivational interviewing/NICE guidelines and workforce competency standards Full evaluation reporting against KPIs Our health and lifestyle services team create and deliver interventions with a wide range of communities across the Country. We take time to understand your brief and review insight to understand why people think and behave the way they do, before we create an intervention method that works for a specific audience group. We deliver a full range of interventions options; from basic promotional work through to clinically approved intervention methods. The majority of team members work full time as permanent health advisors, working with people from all walks of life, every day. They specialise in out of hours and working with marginalised and excluded groups. We are outcomes driven – it’s part of our DNA. What results can you expect? •  High quality interventions that take individuals through change •  Fully briefed and trained staff •  Robust evaluation and recommendations
  10. 10. Insight Our behavioural insights team delivers research and recommendations for organisations that wish to make decisions based upon an in depth understanding of why people think and behave the way they do. Services: Behavioural analysis, feedback and testing, intervention development and delivery. Communications Our creative and communications specialists build messages, brands and conversations that support organisations to connect with people from all walks of life. Services: Branding and design, multi-channel content, social activation campaigns, outreach and community interventions, social media pathways. Engagement Our engagement and change specialists help organisations to leverage their relationships, work towards common goals and drive sustainable change - inside and out. Services: Audit and co-design tools, co-creation and visioning events, stakeholder mapping and management, advocacy and self-management programmes.   ICE supports NHS transformation and integration We make better happen for individuals, communities and organisations. The world of health and social care is changing and so are we. ICE specialise in making better happen. We have adapted our ‘people-shaped’ methodology and expertise in design, marketing and engagement to support the changing needs of health and social care commissioners and their partners. Systems thinking Our system and organisational design specialists work with organisations that want to mobilise their people and systems to drive improvements in quality, efficiencies and innovation. Services: Audit and data analysis, behavioural modelling, pathway and system redesign, values based culture change, leadership development.
  11. 11. As a team, we have a passion for creating effective marketing communications, using insight, creativity and innovation, combined with a robust approach to project delivery. As a values-led collective, we are passionate about the relationships we have with our clients and we always strive to provide a first class, client-focused service.   Why ICE Creativity - Connecting with people to drive change is the cornerstone of all our work. It’s what we do and it works. We use our expertise of understanding our audience through insight to design solutions that are proven to really make an impact. Innovation - We regularly and proactively look for new ideas and ways of engaging people and have delivered successful projects that involve non-traditional approaches such as viral films, apps, appreciative enquiry, road shows and infographics. Tailored to the right channel, all of this creates additional interest from stakeholders and the target audience segments that we want to engage - so your budget works harder for you.   Quality Support - We have a strong heritage and track record of working in and with partnerships, and we use a wide range of co-design and co-creation skills to ensure that our programmes are valued internally and externally. Engagement and shared ownership is inbuilt into our solutions. Effective implementation – Our blended account management model means that you will benefit from strategic thinking, creative direction and strong project management, but only pay for them when you need them.  
  12. 12. Call: 0845 5193 423 Email: