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Energy Conservation is become a necessity for the future of mankind. Energy resources are depleting on a large scale so renewable resources of energy like solar energy and wind energy are used to convert into the necessary forms of energy.

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  1. 1. Energy Conservation is usingenergy efficiently for prolongedusage or saving it for the future.It avoids wasting non renewableresources and can prove ecofriendly.
  2. 2. Two basic alternatives assisting energy conservationmethods:Solar Power – Sun is an ultimate source of energy, which serves us from the origin life on the globe. It is a renewable source of energy and freely available. It doesn’t make any kind of pollution. These advantages of solar energy make it an eco friendly source of energy.Wind Power – Wind Power is conversion of wind energy into other useful forms of energy. This energy can be used for various purposes which is produced using wind turbines and wind mills.
  3. 3. These two resources should be used to produce other useful sources of energy to avoiddepletion of the non renewable energy resources.