JPMA WIC 3 - Employee Sign-On / Off and Balance Inquiry


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JPMA WIC 3 - Employee Sign-On / Off and Balance Inquiry

  1. 1. Operating the Point of Sale
  2. 2. Employee Sign On/Off Enter the Employee Number and then Press the On/Off Key On/Off Key
  3. 3. Enter the Employee PIN and then press Enter Enter Key
  4. 4. Terminal is open and ready for business
  5. 5. Check Balance on WIC EBT Card To check a balance on a WIC Card, Press the WIC Bal. Key
  6. 6. Customer is Prompted to Insert the WIC Card in to the Card Reader
  7. 7. Customer enters their PIN and the prescription is printed
  8. 8. After prescription is printed, the customer is prompted to remove their card
  9. 9. After Card is removed the terminal is ready for another transaction
  10. 10. To Sign a Cashier Off, simply press the On/Off key
  11. 11. Cashier is Signed Off Cashier Must Sign Back on to make sales or check balances