JPMA WIC 2 - Maintenance for your WIC System


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JPMA WIC 2 - Maintenance for your WIC System

  1. 1. PoS Designer WinStore Program •Maintain Items •Maintain Departments •Maintain Employee •Reset Employee (for sign on to the PoS) •Reset Employee PIN
  2. 2. WinStore Program Select the PoS Designer WinStore ICON and Double Click to open the Sign On Screen
  3. 3. Sign On Screen Enter Employee ID and PIN and Click Login
  4. 4. How to Add/Edit/Modify Items Select File Maintenance, then select Item File, Then select Item Maintenance
  5. 5. Enter PLU or UPC Number Enter a Description up to 20 Characters Link to a Department Enter a Price Press OK to save and Close the Maintenance Window or Press Apply Now to save and keep Window open to continue editing items
  6. 6. Mapping Fruits/Vegetables to the Authorized Products List Many stores package their own fruits and vegetable and assign their own barcodes. If this is done, the item MUST be mapped to the appropriate PLU in the state’s Authorized Products List
  7. 7. Assign the proper 4 or 5 digit PLU from the APL Select the OTHER tab to map the item
  8. 8. Department Maintenance *** This system is defaulted that ALL items point to one department ***
  9. 9. To add a new department, enter the department number and description To save and Close the Window, click OK, to save and enter another Department, click Apply Now
  10. 10. Employee Maintenance To Add/Modify/Delete an Employee, select File Maintenance/Employee File/Direct Maintenance
  11. 11. Enter Employee Name Enter an Employee Number to Add Adding an Employee Assign a 4 character Print Identifier Select the Profile Notice the PIN Assignment is “grayed out” … this is because the Employee will assign their own PIN the first time the log into the system
  12. 12. First Time Sign On Enter the Employee ID and then press On/Off
  13. 13. The first time the Employee signs on they will create their own unique PIN. Enter a four digit number and press Enter
  14. 14. The system asks for the Employee to confirm their new PIN. Enter the same four digit PIN number and press Enter
  15. 15. The new cashier is now signed on an can use the system
  16. 16. Modifying an Employee Select the Employee to Modify
  17. 17. In this example we misspelled the last name and are correcting it After making the changes, click OK to save and close the window or Apply Now to save and keep Maintenance window open
  18. 18. Deleting an Employee Select the Employee to Delete Click Delete To finalize Deletion Click OK or click NO to cancel the deletion
  19. 19. Reset Cashier On rare occasions, the system may give an error that the cashier is already signed on, in this case the cashier needs to be reset so they are allowed to sign on to the register The manager needs to sign on to the store program and select File Maintenance/Employee File/Reset Cashier
  20. 20. The system shows the cashier is signed on Highlight the Cashier and click Reset
  21. 21. The cashier is now reset and can sign on to the register
  22. 22. Resetting the Employee PIN •Employee forgets their PIN •Someone other than the Employee know the PIN •Change PIN occasionally for security purposes Select File MaintenanceEmployee FileEmployee PIN Maintenance
  23. 23. Enter the Employee number in both the First Employee and the Last Employee Click OK to save and close or Apply Now to reset another Employee PIN
  24. 24. When the Employee signs on to the PoS the next time, they will be prompted to enter a new PIN
  25. 25. The employee types in a new PIN and presses Enter
  26. 26. The system prompts the Employee to confirm their new PIN and press Enter
  27. 27. The employee is now signed on and they must use the New PIN every time they log on to the system