JPMA WIC 6 - Item Maintenance at the POS


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JPMA WIC 6 - Item Maintenance at the POS

  1. 1. Item Maintenance at the Point of Sale
  2. 2. Item Maintenance at the PoS If an item is scanned and it is not currently in the item database, the item can be added at the PoS Press the Clear Key to clear the NOT IN FILE message
  3. 3. Press File Maintenance Key to launch the File Maintenance Window
  4. 4. Scan the item to add to the database, if it is a valid WIC item, it will show the file data from the state Authorized Products List
  5. 5. Description is filled in from the states Authorized Products File Enter the price to sell the item Click Create to add the item to the database
  6. 6. If the price entered is above the MAX price allowed by the state, you will be prompted the MAX price and changes can be made
  7. 7. Click Confirm once changes are made
  8. 8. If an item is scanned and is currently in the Item database, the information from the database is listed in BLUE
  9. 9. Once the item has been added, it can be sold in a WIC transaction
  10. 10. Items can be key entered by using the on-screen keyboard. Click the keyboard button
  11. 11. Use the keyboard to enter the item number and then click LOOKUP
  12. 12. If the item is NOT in the Authorized Products List (APL) an error will be displayed. The item can not be added to the database as it is not a valid item for WIC