JPMA WIC 7 - Voiding items and Cancelling a Sale


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JPMA WIC 7 - Voiding items and Cancelling a Sale

  1. 1. Voiding Items and Canceling Sales
  2. 2. WIC Sale w/Voided Item Terminal is OPEN and ready for WIC Transactions
  3. 3. Start a WIC Transaction by pressing START SALE The system is waiting for the customer to insert the WIC card in the card reader
  4. 4. Customer must enter their PIN at the card reader for the system to access the benefits and print the prescription
  5. 5. After a valid PIN is entered the system reads the card and prints the prescription ** NOTE ** When the card is in the reader the user MUST NOT remove the card until the card reader prompts them to do so.
  6. 6. A valid card has been inserted with a valid PIN and a WIC Transaction is in progress After all items have been sold, press the END SALE key
  7. 7. The system processes the items and prints a Utilization Receipt for the customer to confirm the sale at the card reader
  8. 8. Customer decides not to accept all items and presses cancel at the card reader Press Clear to continue the sale
  9. 9. The customer decides they do not want an item, press the Void Key
  10. 10. Void appears … scan the item the customer no longer wants
  11. 11. The item is removed from the sale Press end sale to process the card and print a new utilization receipt
  12. 12. Utilization receipt gets printed
  13. 13. Customer is prompted to remove card after the sale has been updated
  14. 14. Sale is finalized an logged to the electronic journal for processing by the state
  15. 15. Voiding an Entire WIC EBT Sale Terminal is OPEN and ready for WIC Transactions
  16. 16. Press Start Sale … customer is prompted to insert WIC card in the reader
  17. 17. Customer enters their PIN number
  18. 18. Card is processed and the prescription is printed
  19. 19. The cashier sells items and then the customer says they don’t want anything
  20. 20. 1 – Press Cancel Sale Button 2 – Press Enter to Cancel the Sale
  21. 21. Select the reason for the cancelation Then, press select
  22. 22. The customer is prompted to remove their card
  23. 23. The sale is canceled and it is logged to the electronic journal