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A state of the business view of social media analytics, and where the future is headed.

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  • 91 % want to see products services and retailers support worthy issues, this is up eight percentage points since 2010.
  • The convergence of social media and data analytics dma graphics v3

    1. 1. The Convergence of Social Media and Data Analytics Rhonda Drake Drake Direct December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 1
    2. 2. The Convergence of Social Media and Data Analytics December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake Drake Direct
    3. 3. Agenda for discussion • • • • • • Pervasiveness and influence of social media Business uses of social media Traditional thinking in social media metrics Impact of social media on data analytics Current state of social media data What does the future hold? Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 3
    4. 4. Speaker Background • Rhonda Drake, President and founder of Drake Direct, a quantitative consultancy started in 1996. • Adjunct Professor at NYU teaching Statistical Measurement and Data Mining in the NYU Master’s program in Integrated Marketing. Teaching SAS for Marketers, Social Media Analytics, and Web Analytics for certification. • Current and Past clients include: The Walt Disney Corporation, Time Inc. Content Solutions, Businessweek, Facebook, American Express, Lorillard Tobacco, BBC America • Engagements are highly customized to a client’s needs, and may include modeling, segmentation, reporting, training, due diligence or other ad hoc analytics or project management to facilitate the development of an analytic platform. Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 4
    5. 5. Social Media by the Numbers Monthly Active Users (Millions) 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 Facebook Twitter YouTube Google Plus Linked In • Facebook has 1.1B monthly active users and 665M daily active users. • Twitter is the fastest growing social network with 288M monthly active users. • Twitter user growth was 44% from June 2012 –March 2013 • YouTube has 1B unique monthly viewers, watching 6B hours of content per month. • Google plus is coming on strong 359 monthly active users and a 33% growth from June 2012-March 2013 • LinkedIn continues to grow but because of its specialization in the business realm, it is growing more slowly than Twitter or Google+ Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 5
    6. 6. What are the Social Media Growth Drivers? • Mobile- The number of individuals accessing the internet via mobile phone increased by 60% to 818.4M over the last two years • Demographics-Aging population – Twitter, 55-64 fastest growing user group accounting for 79% increase in growth since 2012 – On Google+ and Facebook the fastest growing groups are 45-54 year olds with a 46% and 56% increase since 2012 respectively. Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 6
    7. 7. More about the growth drivers—Mobile smart phones are growing in numbers Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 7
    8. 8. and driving an increasing proportion of data Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 8
    9. 9. Baby boomers 2010 census Baby boomers 2000 census Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference Aging Baby boomers are contributing to the increase in the demographic group most likely to be involved in the usage of social media. 9
    10. 10. So technology and demographics are fueling the growth of Social Media, what is the impact?
    11. 11. Note: *1 zettabyte=1 trillion gigabytes Source: Mary Meeker/Liang Wu Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers D11 Conference 5/29/2013
    12. 12. Social eCommerce • Global eCommerce was in excess of $1 Trillion for 2012 • Social eCommerce, for 2012, had reached $16.9 Billion, forecasted to grow to $30 Billion by 2015 Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 12
    13. 13. Some say that Social Media is ineffective at driving sales…. Source:
    14. 14. Others say that Social is more at work at the top of the marketing funnel. So comparsons to other channels are not “apples to apples.” • Social Media networks are leveraged when a buyer begins the search for a product. • Blogs and communities facilitate decision making. • A satisfied customer becomes an advocate following the purchase. Source:
    15. 15. However business models vary • Where and how a consumer leverages social media for brand information depends on the nature of the purchase and their current relationship with a brand. Consider the next page. Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 15
    16. 16. Timing of socialization in purchase Late in purchase cycle + Media + Restaurant/Bar (low to moderate price) + Movie The higher the cost, the earlier the socialization process begins + Consumer products + Apparel Low Commitment High Commitment in terms of Cost + Cosmetics + Restaurant/Bar (moderate to high price) + Telecommunications + Healthcare professional + In home repair/contractor + Travel/ Hospitality + Appliance + Automobile + Movie + Financial Early in purchase cycle Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 16
    17. 17. What utilization is immediate to social media platforms? • • • • • eCommerce News Sites News Source Research Network Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 17
    18. 18. eCommerce Social Commerce, as measured by referrals from social media sites to eCommerce sites, shows that Facebook dominates followed by Pinterest. Source:
    19. 19. News Sites • Traffic generated by social media sites to News Sites is dominated by Facebook where in Q3 of 2013 62% of all social traffic was driven by Facebook. Referral traffic increased 208% for Time, 855% for BuzzFeed and 1081% for Bleacher Report for the year ending September 2013. Source:
    20. 20. Social Media: transforming the manner in which people get news News sourcing on Social Networks • One-third of adults under 30 get news on social networks. • 19% of all Americans get news from a social network. • Among those using social networks, 36% get news there. Follow Journalists • More than a third 35% of those with Twitter accounts use them to follow news organizations or journalists. Mobile • One in four Americans are utilizing news apps on a mobile device. • This represents 45% of the mobile internet users Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 20
    21. 21. Social media as a Research Tool Corporations report Social Media being used for: • Identification of patterns in consumer complaints • Test effectiveness of marketing campaigns and messages • Research for improving current product and services • Get feedback on products and services in design • Identify new opportunities (unmet needs) • Competitive intelligence • Pretesting messages before full-scale launch • Improve pricing Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 21
    22. 22. Build and maintain a direct communication network with consumer • In becoming social, businesses have a direct communication channel with consumers, but inherent in this relationship, is consumers’ expectations that businesses’ values will more closely align with their own. Source:
    23. 23. Secondary utilization for social media • Entrepreneurs – Sourcing ideas – Raising capital – Project management • Political entities – Assessing sentiment – Usage in 2012 • Entertainment – Driving tune in – Social Media’s impact on Music December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 23
    24. 24. Entrepreneurs usage of Social Media— sourcing ideas Any business can crowdsource ideas from their followers or fans. A benefit to social media engagement is that the dialogue with consumers results in immediate feedback. The catch is, you need to take the consumer’s feedback to heart and take action based on it, or your reputation will suffer and you will appear insincere.
    25. 25. Entrepreneurs usage of Social Media— raising capital • Crowdfunding sites for entrepreneurs include: – – – – – – – – – Kickstarter Indiegogo RocketHub Crowdrise Somolend Appbackr AngelList Quirky Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 25
    26. 26. Project management tools to allow mobile collaboration (team formation) • • • • Cloud based project management Video “hang-outs” via Skype or Google+ Utilizing cloud based tools for R&D forums Common data and document repositories Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 26
    27. 27. Project management collaboration tools in use • According to the survey, Social Media in a Project Environment, conducted in early 2011 by Elizabeth Harrin, an author and member of the Project Management Institute. – – – – – – 36% use social media tools to communicate to project teams 24% communicate with project stakeholders via social media 48% use social media tools for document sharing 34% use social media tools for collaborating on tasks 19% handle task tracking via social media 32% leverage social media tools for hosting online meetings Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 27
    28. 28. Political Entities—Assess Sentiment • Social Media is evolving to influence voters. In February 2012, One Social Media blogged in a post entitled “The Presidency and Social Media-No longer and option.” • The post detailed that social media allows voters to feel part of the campaigns and that it has become a central component of campaigns. Further, they pointed out that Obama used social media brilliantly to his advantage. Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 28
    29. 29. Political Entities—2012 Presidential Campaign • Pew Research released a study before the November 2012 campaign to assess how the Presidential candidates were leveraging Social Media. • Obama had a clear advantage with an overall higher level of messaging in social media and, in addition, a higher level of engagement and response from his followers. Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 29
    30. 30. Entertainment –Driving Tune In • • • The entertainment industry is a natural for social media since we all want to talk about a recent entertainment experience. Nielsen and SocialGuide conducted a study and concluded that an 8.5% increase in Twitter volume among 18-34 year olds or a 14% increase among 35-49 year olds translates into a 1% increase in TV ratings. In fact, Nielsen found a two-way causal impact between tweets and ratings. See the chart to the right. Sources: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 30
    31. 31. Entertainment –Social Media’s impact on Music • As of January 2013, three of the top 10 most-liked pages on Facebook are by Musicians—Rihanna, Eminem and Shakira. Regarding Twitter, the top four positions for the most followed people on the platform are all musicians—Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Rihanna. • Music industry executives embrace Social Media as an integral element of the marketing strategy – “Social media has changed the face of music markting forever. The ability for artists to reach out to their potential fans in every corner of the globe in real time is incredibly powerful and cannot be replicated by traditional media. ” Genevieve Ampaduh, Head of Digital Marketing for Sony Music – “Social media has emerged as mission-critical activity in breaking artists internationally.” Mike Allen VP International Marketing UK Warner Music UK Source: BPI Digital Music Nation 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 31
    32. 32. State of the Business: Social Media Metrics
    33. 33. Current state of the business • Metrics exist largely external to businesses – Reside in social media space (i.e. Facebook platform, reviews on external sites, etc.) – To understand the impact of social requires queries and metrics executed against external sources. • The metrics have improved from their original incarnation. Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 33
    34. 34. No shortage of thought leadership or tools discussing appropriate KPIs for Social Media monitoring
    35. 35. Current Thinking in Social Media Metrics • The metrics of Social Media have evolved from likes, shares, followers and retweets to defining KPIs based on business goals: Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 36
    36. 36. Key Brand Monitoring metrics Audience • Alerts • Reach • Traffic Referrals* • Reviews • Influencers • Share of audience Engagement • Facebook Engagement • Twitter Engagement • Google + Engagement • YouTube Engagement • Pinterest Engagement • Blogger Engagement • Share of Engagement Content • Keywords • Social Mentions • Links • Sentiment Analysis • Text analytics • Virality • Share of Voice Source:
    37. 37. Tactical Social Media Metrics • Channel Metrics – (by platform, visits, contacts, and conversions) • ROI Metrics by channel- (Social platforms vs other) • Customer inquiry response (non sales) • Opportunity response (sales) • Reach and virality • Engagement among influencers Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 38
    38. 38. Challenges related to Social Analytics • Application or channel specific – Facebook Insights is a terrific tool, but it does not assist in providing visibility into other social platforms which assist in spreading your message. • Aggregated at a high level – Lack ability to drill into key segments based on how you view your customer data • Actionability – Actions are limited to next steps in social media since the social media data did not talk or integrate with your customer data Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 39
    39. 39. Your Facebook efforts can be viewed via Facebook Page Insights Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 40
    40. 40. To drill down on likes click here Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 41
    41. 41. Facebook gives an option for exporting this data The drill down trends Provides total likes and decomposes organic versus paid, shows net likes and unlikes over time. The graph at the bottom shows where the likes came from.
    42. 42. Exporting Facebook data December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference Facebook provides an option to export data at a page or post level. If you choose post level data, the limit is 500 posts at a time. 43
    43. 43. Data available via Facebook Insights Export From the Key Metrics page: Post ID Permalink Lifetime Engaged Users Lifetime Post Consumers Post Message Lifetime Post Consumptions Type Countries Languages Lifetime Negative feedback Lifetime Negative Feedback from Users Posted Lifetime Post Total Reach Lifetime Post organic reach Lifetime Post Paid Reach Lifetime Post Impressions by people who have liked your Page Lifetime Post reach by people who like your Page Lifetime Post Paid Impressions by people who have liked your Page Lifetime Post Total Impressions Lifetime Post Organic Impressions Lifetime Paid reach of a post by people who like your Page Lifetime Post Paid Impressions Lifetime People who have liked your Page and engaged with your post December 9, 2013 44 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference
    44. 44. Other data delivered from Facebook Insights Export (Post level) In more detail associated with the Facebook Insights report export, the following pages are also included in the export • Lifetime: The number of unique people who created a story about your Page post by interacting with it. (Unique Users) • Lifetime: The number of stories created about your Page post, by action type. (Total Count) • Lifetime: The number of people who clicked anywhere in your post, by type. Clicks generating stories are included in "Other Clicks." (Unique Users) • Lifetime: The number of people who clicked anywhere in your post, by type. Clicks generating stories are included in "Other Clicks." (Unique Users) • Lifetime: The number of people who have given negative feedback to your post, by type. (Unique Users) • Lifetime: The number of times people have given negative feedback to your post, by type. (Total Count) December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 45
    45. 45. Some information on retrieving Social Data at an individual level
    46. 46. Extracting user level data from Facebook • As of August 27, 2013, Facebook announced a change in its promotion policy. • Facebook removed the requirement that promotions on Facebook be only administered through apps. • The new requirements mean that an app does not have to be built to run a promotion. A promotion entry can be as simple as having users comment or like a page post or by users leaving a message on the page. • Thus it is possible to extract this data, which would allow for the facilitation of a promotion and would capture individual level information. Source: December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 47
    47. 47. Given the changes from Facebook, it is easier to get individual level data! • Easypromos has created a free app to export comments and likes from a Facebook post. • If you are running a promotion on your timeline or just want to export the comments and users associated with posts to your timeline, you can use the Easypromos app. Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 48
    48. 48. Steps to export individual level data --use free app to download Facebook data 1. Download free app 2. Inside the control panel activate the tool “Timeline posts” When you have accessed the tool, you can choose your Facebook Page and view the last 25 timeline posts. For each post, you will be able to do the following actions: a) Export all users who have liked the post to Excel b) Export all users who have commented on the post to Excel, including the comment itself , and the number of likes it has received. c) Create a sweepstakes among users who have participated in the promotion. Source:
    49. 49. Extracting Twitter data • Twitter data can be similarly mined via a free app. • If #Bigdata is put into the search box, the output shown on the next slide, is provided.
    50. 50. Extracting Twitter data Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 51
    51. 51. What tools are available that show a view of multiple platforms of data (ie Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. together) providing a comprehensive picture of the social strength of a brand?
    52. 52. Multi-platform Analytics • Tool: Simply Measured • Supports: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn • Featured reports: Competitive and benchmarking, Brand, Keyword and Hashtag monitoring. Provides scheduled reports, delivered automatically. • In addition to the reports, raw Excel data is included for deeper drill downs in the data. • Cost: Driven by the size of the audience. For $500/month, 10 social profiles, with an audience of up to 250K. Tiered pricing follows. The reports are presentation ready. Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 53
    53. 53. Multi-platform Analytics—Simply Measured Interface for Simply Measured Reports. Provides flexibility if you want to view a single platform versus multiple combined platforms Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 54
    54. 54. Multi-platform Analytics—Simply This is an example of a Simply Measured Measured report, the Twitter Megaphone. Shows the tweets, engagement, potential reach, and potential impressions. This is an example of a report showing traffic driven to website based on tweets. This shows the influence of those promoting your message.
    55. 55. Multi-platform Analytics • Tool: Rival IQ • Supports: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn • Featured reports: Competitive analysis through the use of landscapes. Provides a means to monitor the best performing content shared by you or competitors. • The interface is intuitive with good analytics although it only supports four platforms. • Cost: Can start utilizing for $99/month (Facebook and Twitter only). For $199 you can include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ and 2 landscapes. Upgrading to $399/month allows competitor analysis for up to 5 landscapes. Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 56
    56. 56. Multi-platform Analysis—Rival IQ When you log in you specify the website address of competitors, this is the landscape of the competitive set for the business you are monitoring. You can click on the competitors in your competitive set and get information related to that competitor. The selected report is the content that generated the most engagement.
    57. 57. Multi-platform Analytics—Google Analytics • Tool: Google Analytics • Google Analytics will allow the tracking of traffic from a particular platform. • Isolate the traffic by segment to compile web metrics by platform • Compute conversions by platform • Cost: Free Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 58
    58. 58. Use the Google URL builder to create custom links and track the activity in Google Analytics. Construct reports to compare across platform.
    59. 59. Multi-platform Analytics—Zuum • Tool: Zuum • Zuum is used to benchmark performance against competitors, identifying the most engaging content and key influencers. • Supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and limited Instagram. • Integrates with Google Analytics. • Export data to CSV files. • Cost: $250 per month for access to all platforms, up to 350K fans, and up to 5 brands. ($315 for 10 brands). Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 60
    60. 60. In Zuum, the leaderboard report shows a comparison of your social media strategies versus competitors across channels. Then, you can benchmark results of of your social media strategies versus competitors’.
    61. 61. Multi-platform Analytics—Socialbakers • Tool: Socialbakers • Socialbakers is used to benchmark performance with country and brand level reporting. • Supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and limited Instagram • Competitive analysis • Export data to PDF files • Cost: $50 per month for one profile (for example, a single Facebook account). Pricing increases for additional profiles and additional modules (in addition to Analytics, Socialbakers provides module for content management, monitoring, and advertising analytics). Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 62
    62. 62. Multi-platform Analytics—Socialbakers Upon login, the dashboard is the first report you encounter. Here, you track information for your brand, and the competitive set that you follow. When viewing data you can choose to either view your data side by side against a competitor or, view your data alone. The example to the right shows content data on Facebook contrasted to a competitor. Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 63
    63. 63. Enabling integration of Social Media data to a proprietary platform • Clearly, the integration of data trended across multiple social media platforms provides more insights than looking across individual platforms. • Marrying the information from social media to internal marketing efforts would provide even greater insights. Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 64
    64. 64. Gnip • Gnip is a dominant multi-platform data aggregator which has partnered successfully with various social media listening technology providers. • Gnip boasts managing 3 billion activities a day and captures the entire Twitter firehose in its data repositories. • Further, Gnip claims to have 90% of the Fortune 500 among its clients. Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 65
    65. 65. Gnip partners • Gnip partners include: – – – – – – – IBM SalesForce Adobe Klout NetBase Splunk TrendyBuzz Rhonda Drake Drake Direct 66
    66. 66. Gnip background • Gnip was historically known as the source point for the Twitter firehose. • They most recently (November 26, 2013) added Tumblr, WordPress and commenting platforms Disqus and IntenseDebate (all four companies were already partners). • Added to their previous Twitter and Facebook data, they have a broader offering for companies who want to view all social data from a single source. Rhonda Drake Drake Direct 67
    67. 67. Gnip pricing Rhonda Drake Drake Direct 68
    68. 68. Datasift • Datasift recognized the need for a repository which aggregated social media across platforms. • Using a cloud platform, Datasift aggregates data across many sources, standardizes the data, and provides access on a historic and real time basis. Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 69
    69. 69. Datasift Partners • Developers of analytic software (Simply Measured for example) leverage data from Datasift. • Other companies utilizing Datasift include Dell, Yum! and CBS Interactive. Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 70
    70. 70. Recent news from Datasift • Partnership with Tableau. The partnership with Tableau fulfills the idea of marrying social data with business data. • As of December 3, 2013, Datasift announce it has secured $42 million in Series C financing led by Insight Venture Partners with participation from existing investors Scale Venture Partners, Upfront Ventures, IA Ventures, Northgate Capital, Daher Capital and Cendana Capital. Source: Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 71
    71. 71. Datasift pricing options December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 72
    72. 72. Benefits of working directly with aggregators like Gnip or Datasift • Aggregators handle initial data collection and standardization allowing others to focus on reporting or integration with other data. • Large corporations can access data from an aggregator for integration into proprietary databases. Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 73
    73. 73. Future functionality for an Enterprise based on integrating social to in house databases • Ability to bring in variables derived from social media. • Quickly classify customers on the dimensions of purchasing and influence. (Not all influencers are heavy purchasers.) • Utilize social data to predict consumer behavior and take action! December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 74
    74. 74. What type of solution is right for my company? Rhonda Drake Drake Direct 75
    75. 75. Small company or limited presence • Is your company small with limited social presence? Is the activity primarily focused on one platform? • Consider starting out with Facebook Insights if your company is active on Facebook. • If your primary platform is Twitter, working with a data analytic company for limited data may be cost effective. Rhonda Drake Drake Direct 76
    76. 76. Small or medium company concerned about competitors • Consider test driving some multi-platform solutions so you can effectively monitor your competitors in any platform they are in. • Tiered pricing is available based on usage. So following a test drive, you can tailor your reporting to your budget. Rhonda Drake Drake Direct 77
    77. 77. Large company with Social Monitoring in place but not integrated platform analytics. • Start test driving the multi-platform analytic solutions that were highlighted here to determine what seems best for your business model. • Monitoring isn’t enough. You need to quantify! December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 78
    78. 78. Continue the conversation • Friend me on Facebook: • Follow me on twitter: Twitter handle @RKDrake • Connect on LinkedIn: • Instagram: @rkdrake December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 79
    79. 79. Thank You! Rhonda Drake Drake Direct 80
    80. 80. Appendix AUDIENCE • ALERTS: An automated web search from Google Alerts or Yahoo Alerts to help people and businesses monitor the Internet for developments and activities that could either delight or concern them. Results are sent to subscribers by e-mail. • PRESENCE: The complete collection of a brand’s presence across all the social networks. • REACH: The total combined amount of a brand’s audience, compounded by the friends of the audience and anyone in the greater community who is talking about or engaging with the brand. • TRAFFIC REFERRALS: The number as well as percent of people who come to your website for social media in general and by each social network as measured by Google Analytics. • REVIEWS: According to the Huffington Post, a one star boost in Yelp can lead to a 5% to 9% increase in revenue. A service like Review Tracker can help in the tracking. • INFLUENCERS: The authority of an online consumer, measured by his or her overall reach online. A consumer with a highly read blog and thousands of Twitter followers is assigned a high influence score. Services like Klout or Kred monitor them. • SHARE OF AUDIENCE: How a brand does against these audience metrics in comparison to their competition. December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 81
    81. 81. Appendix CONTENT • KEYWORDS: To determine the volume of people looking for the product or service you sell, it is important to understand search volume for primary keywords in social media and where they come from. Hootsuite can be configured to help you find people in real time who are looking for what you have to offer. • SOCIAL MENTIONS: How often a phrase like your brand, an event or a competitor comes up. Social Mention is social media search engine and analysis platform aggregates user-generated content from multiple social sites (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, comments, mainstream news, video, and images) into one activity stream. • LINKS: Content that is posted on social networks through short links and how often it is shared. Short links services like track with analytics by social network. • SENTIMENT ANALYSIS: A linguistic analysis technique where a body of text is examined to characterize the tonality of the document. It is useful in social media monitoring to automatically characterize the overall feeling or mood of consumers as reflected in social media toward a specific brand or company.Topsy is a good example of a free sentiment analysis tool while Lithium is good enterprise solution that find sentiment from millions of social media sources. • TEXT ANALYTICS: The process of deriving high-quality information from text and keywords. Text mining usually involves structuring the input text, deriving patterns within the structured data, and evaluation and interpreting the output. • VIRALITY: The rate or how fast a brand’s content spreads across a social network or social networks. In some instances the success of a piece of content is tied how viral it becomes. • SHARE OF VOICE: How big a brand’s slice of the conversation is compared to their competition. December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 82
    82. 82. Appendix ENGAGEMENT • FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT: The percent of people “Talking About” divided by “Likes.” “Talking About is an algorithm Facebook uses that combines comments, shares and likes to a post so the ratio show not only if people “Like” you but they like and share what you’re saying. • TWITTER ENGAGEMENT: Combination of all the activity on a brand’s Twitter account to mention not only quantity but quality of followers and content: Re-Tweets, mentions, replies and clicks. Simply Measured offers a Follower report. • GOOGLE+ ENGAGEMENT: Combination of all the activity on a brand’s G+ page: ReShares, comments, and +1s for the same reasons as above. • YOUTUBE ENGAGEMENT: Combination and ratios of the activity on a brand’s YouTube channel – Views, comments, shares and subscribers – to measure not only who views but who comes back. • PINTEREST ENGAGEMENT Combination of all the activity on a brand’s Pinterest page: Repins, comments, and likes. • BLOGGER ENGAGEMENT: Comments and links to a blog as well as user generated content that isn’t get picked up as news or alert. Use Google Blog Search and Technorati to monitor. • SHARE OF ENGAGEMENT: How a brand does on these engagement metrics compared to their competition. December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 83
    83. 83. Appendix • Datasift sources: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Wordpress Tumblr Google+ Twitter Facebook YouTube Bitly Instagram Newscred Flickr Reddit Wikipedia Daily motion Topix IMDb Videos Blogs Messge Boards December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 84
    84. 84. Additional Sources 1. 7 Multi-Platform Social Media Analytics Tools by Ian Cleary December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 85
    85. 85. Social media as a Research Tool Corporations report Social Media being used for: • Identification of patterns in consumer complaints • Test effectiveness of marketing campaigns and messages • Research for improving current product and services • Get feedback on products and services in design • Identify new opportunities (unmet needs) • Competitive intelligence • Pretesting messages before full-scale launch • Improve pricing Source: mastering-digital-feedback-with-social-media-2013.pdf December 9, 2013 Rhonda Drake NCDM Conference 86