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Kidney ppt


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Published in: Education
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Kidney ppt

  1. 1. On both sides of vertebral column adjoining the muscle in abdominal cavity. POSITION
  2. 2. SHAPE – Bean shaped
  3. 3. Number – A Pair of kidney
  4. 4. Membrane covered- strong but soft in nature.
  5. 5. SIZE Length -10-13 cm Breadth – 5-7.5 cm Thickness -3 cm
  6. 6. Renal artery – blood vessel which supply blood to kidney. Renal vein – blood vessel that pumped blood away from the kidney.
  7. 7. • How many pairs of kidneys are seen in human body? • Where it is located? • What it’s shape? • What about it’s size? • Which blood vessel carries blood to kidney? • Which blood vessel pump blood away from kidney? Discussion Points