USA solar exploration 2010


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Solar systems built by companies, families or administrations in USA.

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USA solar exploration 2010

  1. 1. Photovoltaïc systems in USA.FL, LO, TX, CO, NM, CA.Field research about solar systems installed by companies, administrations and families. reporter@orange.frOther research
  2. 2. Aim of the research Have a look and understand PV solar facilities for electricity production.
  3. 3. Customers needs To produce electricity in remote areas or create power independance for specific equipments. To enable electric systems to be functionning where electric network is not present.
  4. 4. Response to customers needs Some kits are more or less responding to customers needs, but most of them are installing their system by assembling elements. Companies are installing solar panels fields for local needs or creating solr centrals for production delivered to the public network.
  5. 5. Cost of photovoltaïcs Famillies say that investment is a problem for decision. But when the system is setup, use and power generation is much appreciated. Companies are investing into these solar central with financial goals. States have environmental aims in addition to productivity.
  6. 6. Pros and cons Photovoltaïc technology evolution enable to build solar panel of more than 140 watt each. This performance is already passed by scientific research results that helps to reduce installed surface. Nevertheless, for people who own larger areas, middle range solar panels are still a better choice.
  7. 7. Measures to setup Financial grants are linked to States and changing depending to the areas of residence. Some states like Colorado and California are helping-out for installing these systems. In Mexico, some famillies have received batteries and solar panels given by government during old sea-light tower rehabilitations.
  8. 8. Washington DC Parking at center town. This parking was not equiped with public light before installing photovoltaïc systems. Washington DC center town close to Union Station railway.
  9. 9. River Measure This measure system is setup into this river water of Florida and sending data to the analist office. Autonomous electric generation is increasing reliability of flow study and water level. Limit of Florida State.
  10. 10. Road sign This self-powered road sign is displaying speed limit. It is installed at sea side zone, inhabitants are still present while houses have been all destroyed by Katrina and Mitch hurricanes. City of Cameron, Louisiana.
  11. 11. Solar car-park appliances Numerous car-park appliances in Houston city and other american States Capitals are powered by an integrated solar panel. Houston city, Texas.
  12. 12. Equiped trailer This trailer is equiped with several solar panels and an appliance antenna. It is parked at the edge of the street and can be used permanently wathever facility is around. Houston city, Texas.
  13. 13. Ranch entrance This american property owner have installed himself a motorised portal for his ranch as well as lightning for american flag at the entrance. The system has been setup by this private person who does not have electric network along the road. Road to Houston, Texas.
  14. 14. Oil pumping site Numerous pumping sites can be seen along the road toward the north of Texas. Solar panels enable to genrate power for the station and sending oil pumping data to its owners.
  15. 15. River measure This solar set is providing data about river flow. The system have been designed to be reach from the road with a lader. Maintenance is under Texan commission for water.
  16. 16. Weather road-sign This lightning road-sign is displaying ice persence on a wind-sensitive and rough weather road in the northern Texas region. Texas.
  17. 17. Water pumping for cattle The system is located along a dirt road. Water is pumped-out for filling-up cattle bassin. Northern Texas road.
  18. 18. Railroad sign This railroad sign enables trafic regulation on a single line toward south-eastern Colorado. No electric network is available along this line which have been built by natural americans. This is an old Comanche region. Texas.
  19. 19. Familly house This home have large solar arrays setup on a roof with ideal inclination and has good orientation toward sun itinerary. Northern Texas.
  20. 20. Flag lightning In front of Baca county library, flag-lightning is realised by a small solar panel mounted on facility sign. Northern Texas.
  21. 21. Fort Carson This military base have used rubish field for transformation into a solar field. The dome wich is covering rubish is made of concrete and joining solar caption and electricity treatment. Fort Carson close to Colorado Spring.
  22. 22. Natural park Cheyenne natural park display is solar powered. This is avoiding underground wiring in this touristic and protected area. Colorado Spring, Colorado.
  23. 23. Historic sign Historic display in this mining region is photovoltaïc powered. It is showing-up ressources in this mountainous region. Silver Cliff, top of Colorado mountains.
  24. 24. Silver Cliff solar central This companies keeps on working on this solar central at Silver Cliff center in collaboration with the federal gouvernement. Colorado State.
  25. 25. Mobile installation This small panel is charging an accumulator wich is protecting an area with an electric equipment. It is enable to put some low voltage current inside the fence for cattle park. Cattle area of Colorado.
  26. 26. Mix installation These panels at the edge of the road are powering water-pumping for cattle and owners house. Accumulators can be reached and are protected inside metalic box. Silver Cliff way out.
  27. 27. Christian Monastery This remote place, at the middle of nice mountains is not equiped with electric network. Power for lightning, kitchen, heating et monks life is only possible with solar panels. Road of Chama, close to the Ghost ranch, New Mexico State.
  28. 28. River equipment A system installed close to the river. Limit of New Mexico State.
  29. 29. First generation solar panels In this historic area of Chaco, National monument of natural americans. This woman made an investment in first generation of solar power system. This equipment is 25 years old and will be replaced by new panels. Accumulators are located inside an insulated box burried into the ground. State of New Mexico.
  30. 30. High-tech facility This entrepreneur has decided to use solar panels from a long time ago. He has designed and setup his own system for providing power to the house with extra amount of energy and security equipment. This is the most sophisticated private facility i could visit. Desert of Arizona.
  31. 31. Public lightning This public parking is powered-up with autonomous solar lamp. This city at the border of California and Arizona is the place for games and numerous Casinos. Bullhead city, California.
  32. 32. high technology company This company wich is designing processors for computer industry has setup large sun- tracking panels along the highway 10. Californian State.
  33. 33. Transmission relay This light phone relay system is powered by a solar panel mounted on the wooden stick. This volcanic area has few inhabitants along the famous road 66. Former mining region at the edge of Mojave desert. State of California.
  34. 34. Railroad sign The railroad is going through the desert of Mojave. Train is loaded with containers heading to the harbour of Los Angeles. There is no electric network in this nature perserve area. California.
  35. 35. Solar central This wide surface of parabolic solar panels is using high technology solution. The curve of these panels is focusing light power toward specific oil pipes providing heat to steam powered turbines. Daggett zone, California.
  36. 36. Environmental point of view Installing photovoltaïc central in Mojave desert, California, is creating discussion. Ecologists point of view is enlightning the fact that it would be dammage to wildlife in the desert. After visiting this great region i think that discussion has much interest because if solar technology might preserve the planet, it should not harm the green and animal species.
  37. 37. Equipment for field research Chevrolet Blazer 1985 vehicle offered to Managua, Nicaragua airport firebrigade. Laptop computer, 12 volts charger. Numeric picture camera 3Mp, GPS & US road maps. American road map book.