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2010 Northwest Indiana Solar Home Tour


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2010 Northwest Indiana Solar Home Tour

  1. 1. 25% <br />2010 NWI- Lakeshore <br />Solar Tour Guide<br />Presented by INREA<br />
  2. 2. How a PV Cell Works<br /><ul><li>A typical silicon PV cell is composed of a thin wafer consisting of an ultra-thin layer of phosphorus-doped (N-type) silicon on top of a thicker layer of boron-doped (P-type) silicon. An electrical field is created near the top surface of the cell where these two materials are in contact, called the P-N junction. When sunlight strikes the surface of a PV cell, this electrical field provides momentum and direction to light-stimulated electrons, resulting in a flow of current when the solar cell is connected to an electrical load.</li></li></ul><li>How a PV System Works<br />In a nutshell, the solar panels convert photons from the sun into Direct Current (DC) electricity, which can be stored in a battery , or used to charge devices that can use DC. If Alternating Current (AC) is needed, which is the case for most loads, or if the system is feeding electricity back into the power grid, then the solar produced DC electricity must be fed through a properly sized inverter that changes the DC to AC. PV panels are durable and can provide clean energy for 20 years or more without significant loss of production.<br />
  3. 3. How Solar Thermal Systems Work<br />A drain back system is a closed-loop, active solar system. The solar loop uses distilled water as its heat transfer fluid and it is a non-pressurized loop. A drain back tank is installed on the return side of the solar loop so that when the system does not run, the water collects in the tanks leaving the collectors empty and so removing dangers from freezing. A drain back system requires very careful installation. Each collector and pipe run must be sloped a least 1/4 inch per foot of run. A drain back system can provide years of fool-proof freeze protection and high efficiency solar production with little to no maintenance. <br />
  4. 4. How Solar Thermal Systems Work<br />In a closed-loop solar thermal system, pumps are used to circulate food-grade glycol (anti-freeze) through the solar collector, where it picks up heat, and then down to a heat exchanger where the heat is transferred through the heat exchanger to water. The solar heated water can be used for domestic hot water uses ( bathing etc.) space heating and even process heat in commercial buildings. Closed loopser are ideal for cold weather climates where freezing is an issue.<br />
  5. 5. How a Solar Air Panel Works<br />Solar Air Panels use the greenhouse effect. The panels look like large windows and are typically mounted on the south face of a building. A specially coated metal plate absorbs thermal (heat) energy from the sun. A glass cover keeps the heat in while a fan blows air through the panel. The air is heated by the metal plate and then flows directly into the building. The panel can supply heat even on the coldest days as long as the sun is shining! The panels are virtually maintenance free and will last for decades.<br />
  6. 6. The N.W. Indiana Area Tour will begin at 9:00 am. at St. Patrick’s Parrish in Chesterton with a 45 min. <br /> “meet and greet”. Maps will be provided. <br /> Please check below for the best available times at each site where we will have the installers <br /> present to discuss the systems. Drive by access only for two sites listed. <br /><ul><li>St. Patrick’s Parrish: 638 N. Calumet Ave., Chesterton IN 46004</li></ul>PV system: 9am to 10 am - Kickoff<br /><ul><li>John Vasos Residence: 228 Norcross Dr., Valparaiso, IN
  7. 7. Evacuated Tubes and 4 Wind Turbines: 10 to 2 pm
  8. 8. Rubsam Residence: 12433 S. County Line Rd. Wanatah</li></ul>20 KW Wind Turbine, 120 ft Tower: 10-2pm<br /><ul><li>Dan Kenning Residence: 16 S. 675 W., Hebron, IN 46341</li></ul>Geo-Thermal system: 10 am to 1 pm<br /><ul><li>Ed Hugley Residence: 4255 Cindy Lane, Michigan City, IN 46360 </li></ul> Geo-Thermal system, 2000 sq. ft home, from 10-2pm.<br /><ul><li>New IBEW Union Hall: 7200 Mississippi St. Merrillville, IN 46410, South of Menards(61st)</li></ul> PV System –Large- _Drive By Only, Any time, Construction Zone<br /><ul><li>Merrillville Town Hall: 7820 Broadway, Merrillville, IN 46410</li></ul> PV system: Drive by to look at only, any time<br /><ul><li>Glen White Residence: 4415 W. 200 S. Winamac, IN 46996</li></ul> 10 KwhBergey Wind Turbine/Evacuated Tubes/ <br /> plus the Solar Pool -9 panels: 10 to 3pm <br /><ul><li>Bill Keith: 10455 W 93rd Avenue, St John, IN 46373 </li></ul>Manufacturer, SunRise Solar Inc.:11-3pm<br /><ul><li>Hall/Asya Residence: 82227 Jefferson Avenue, Munster, IN 46321</li></ul> PV system: Installer present from: 12-3pm<br />
  9. 9. St Patrick’s Parrish 1.3 kW PV System 638 N Calumet Ave, Chesterton, IN<br />The 6th Grade science teacher, Lisa Hughes, received a grant from energy giant BP and used funds from that grant to purchase these PV modules and the inverter. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 531 used a Photovoltaic Systems class to install this system and solicited material donations from signatory contractors for the remainder of system components. The inverter and associated wiring for this system were designed for future expansion. Another 1.3 kW array is planned be added to the roof of the building to the left in this picture.<br />
  10. 10. John Vasos - Residence228 Norcross Dr. Valparaiso, IN 46383<br />John has a 90 Evacuated tube Hot water system that heats his house <br />though the floor with heating tubes. He also has four small wind turbines. Not Pictured here. He has self-installed his own systems. He has no gas bill and plans to reduce the electricity bill by 50% or more using the turbines.<br />
  11. 11. Dan Kenning Residence – GeoThermal 16 S. 675 W Hebron, IN 46341<br />Father and son team were building a new home and decided to install an "open-loop <br />geothermal heat pump" system.  Basically, it <br />pumps 5 gal/min of groundwater through the <br />system, use it once, and then discharge it into <br />a pond behind the home.  The homeowner received a 30% tax credit, capped at $2000.<br />(This cap no longer applies's a full 30% off the cost of new installations.)  <br />He also receives a significantly discounted <br />KW rate from NIPSCO and a property tax <br />exemption (similar to a mortgage exemption) <br />for the full value of the system. <br />
  12. 12. Merrillville Town Hall 5 kW PV System 7820 Broadway, Merrillville, IN<br />This system was installed by a “Photovoltaic Systems” class from International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 697 and apprentices from Roofers Local 26. he system was funded by a grant from the Indiana Offices of Energy Development and contributions of materials and additional funds from local area electrical contractors and <br />supply houses .A video of this installation can be seen online at:<br /><br />
  13. 13. St. John Evangelist Elem. School- Solar Attic fans9400 Wicker Ave. St. John IN 46373<br />With a grant from BP's A+ Energy Program, students at St. John the Evangelist<br />School in St John, Indiana, took part in a year long program, “Be Brilliant, Be Green”. The program focused on solar energy as a clean alternative to fossil fuels. Students reviewed renewable and non-renewable energy sources.. <br />Teachers can now use this technology to teach the students about Renewable Energy.<br />Supported by local businessman, Bill Keith, who owns SunRise Solar Inc., <br /> a St. John based manufacturer of solar-powered attic fans.<br />
  14. 14. The Keith Residence and the original shop for SunRise Solar 10455 W 93rd Ave. St John, IN 46373 <br />SunRise Solar “shop” picture……keep in mind that this is where I started the business…..and we are now in a much larger industrial building in Warsaw, IN. However, there is enough history here (and solar gadgets) to keep anyone’s attention! This picture shows me standing on my shed, with the barn/office in the background.<br />
  15. 15. Hall/Asya Residence 1 kW PV System 8227 Jefferson Avenue, Munster, IN.<br /> We are hoping to make about 20% of our electricity with this system.” This system was installed with the help of a Photovoltaic Systems class from IBEW Local 697 that was taught by the homeowner. “We would love to have a bigger system, but this is what we could afford for now.” ….Tracy Hall<br />
  16. 16. Glen White Residence4415 W. 200 S. Winamac, IN Solar Hot Water/Tubes Plus a solar Pool heater and a 10Kwh Wind Turbine on Property. Glen has done most of the installation of these systems himself and will be available from 10-2pm to discuss his systems<br />
  17. 17. Rubsam Residence: 12433 S. County Line Rd. Wanatah, IN <br /> Wolfgang and Jan Rubsam have installed a 20 KW Jacobs Wind Turbine on a 120 Ft. Tower on their farm, just 5 miles east of SR 49, traveling on Rt 30, to County Line Rd. turn Rt. by the Cemetery.<br />