Private Sector Leads Virgin Islands to Solar


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Photographs of several of the many solar systems installed in the US Virgin Islands just inn the last couple of years.

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Private Sector Leads Virgin Islands to Solar

  1. 1. VIRGIN ISLANDS ENERGY OFFICE The Mission of the VIEO is to promote energy efficiency and advocate the use of renewable energy technology for the public and private sectors, and residents of the Virgin Islands through energy education, outreach, financial incentives, and technical assistance.
  2. 2. EDIN Workshop, Dec. 12, 2013 Private Initiative; Private Success Presented by: VI Energy Office Some slides provided by project managers
  3. 3. Virgin Islanders are meeting the challenge. Virgin Islands residents efforts have reduced CO2 emissions in recent years in the range of 8,500 metric tons. This equals taking 1,750 automobiles off the road for a year.
  4. 4. Eco Innovation installed this 7 Kw system for a resident on the West End of St. Croix. In May 2012. It has produced up to 42 Kwh in one day.
  5. 5. Dave and Jim of Solential with Richard and Lisa of HH Tire
  6. 6. Savings (Jun to Nov) - $29,419.68. Designed by Solential Energy Solutions to offset 99 percent of the business’ power bill
  7. 7. Reliable Rental, St. Croix, 61 Kw, Solential Energy Solutions Designed to offset 99% of monthly bill Savings (Mar to Nov) - $21,074.20
  8. 8. Pure Logic did this installation in Charlotte Amalie for MSI Building in July 2012. It is expected to offset 85 percent of MSI’s power bill and save the company at least $5,000 a month. It is a 100Kw system.
  9. 9. After taking energy efficiency efforts and installing a solar water heater, Paul Chakroff, right, had installed a 2Kw system hoping to making his home consumption from WAPA to be net zero.
  10. 10. Energy Doctors at work The number of homes in the U.S. Virgin Islands with solar water heaters now numbers in the thousands.
  11. 11. Owner: Deborah Leonard @ 3C-A-49 Installer: Energy Doctor LLC Born: Commissioned on 10/14/2013 Equipment: Solar Systems VI 4 x 10 Collector, American Water Heater Tank(120 Gallon), El Sid Circulating Pump Sept. WAPA Bill: 318 kwh @ $169.40 Oct. WAPA Bill: 244 kwh @ $131.40 Cost Savings @ $37.97 or 22.41%
  12. 12. * This white roof reflects the UV Rays of sunlight. The inside of the house is four degrees cooler since painting the roof. That’s four degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. A bonus feature is that the roof reduces global warming by sending the rays to outer space (acting like polar ice caps). *
  13. 13. * This single Solar Panel heats water for two villas in a connected system with one hot water heater. Though we have an electric backup we are able to use the solar exclusively for both villas. The water is very hot. During a rainy week we will turn the electric on (one week per year). *
  14. 14. • The United States Green Building Counsel (USGBC) awarded a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Certification to a newly constructed single family house owned by Ryan and Kelly (O’Brien) Uszenski in Estate Nazareth, St. Thomas. • This is the first LEED certified home built in the United States Virgin Islands and the Platinum Certification confirms that this house was designed and constructed in accordance with the rigorous guidelines of the LEED for Homes Green Building Certification Program. • The LEED rating system is the most recognized international standard for high performance green buildings. Any LEED certified home is a green high performance home. Higherscoring homes within the LEED rating system earn higher certification levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum). The high levels represent exemplary performance.
  15. 15. • State of the art insulated concrete masonry wall system which provides a high insulation (R) value with no thermal bridges, and which results in 10 X the insulation value of conventional concrete masonry block • Low E/SHGC windows and glass doors • High SEER Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning units • Energy Star rated appliances and fixtures • Photovoltaic (solar) power generating system • Demand water heaters • Light colored exterior finishes • Low roof overhangs which provide sun shading
  16. 16. Installation of Insulated Block
  17. 17. Completed House – Deck & Pool Area
  18. 18. Completed House – Front Elevation
  19. 19. ProSolar installation on St. Thomas 5kw installation on north shore produces over 20 kwhs most days.
  20. 20. Steve Grimes looks over the panels he had installed on his home in 2010. The 2.9 Kw system is located near island center St. Croix.
  21. 21. 2012 saw the installation of the largest wind turbine in the Virgin Islands; 100 Kw model in La Reine on St. Croix. More will be said about this during the conference
  22. 22. This system on Hermon Hill in St. Croix has already paid for itself and now the electricity it produces for Ken Haines and his wife is free.
  23. 23. Gallows Point Resort on St. John saw in 2010 the advantage of putting solar panels on its roof and cutting down its power bill.
  24. 24. St. Croix Avis has two 20Kw wind turbines Publisher Rena Brodhurst also has a 10 Kw at her home in Mary’s Fancy that has produced 33,000 Kwh in 2013
  25. 25. Contact: Virgin Islands Energy Office 4605 Tutu Park Mall, Suite 231 St. Thomas, VI 00802 Phone: (340) 714-8436 | FAX: (340) 776-1914 Website: