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Leed Presentation 06/17/10


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Leed Presentation 06/17/10

  1. 1. The mission of the East Baton Rouge ParishLibrary is to serve all residents of the parish as an educational, informational, recreational and cultural center through a wide variety of resources, services and programs.
  2. 2. Where are we in the process?
  3. 3. Where are we in the process?
  4. 4. Observations and RecommendationsObservations:-Building as designed is energy efficient and takes advantage of properbuilding orientation, etc.-Current design is fully code compliant and meets the library’s programmaticrequirements-As designed the library should achieve LEED Silver certification or better-Energy Model performed on current design shows significant energy savingsRecommendations:-Proceed with project as designed.-Consider implementing additional sustainable elements if budget permits.
  5. 5. Sustainable SitesBuilding Element: Net Cost: Benefits:1. Bike Racks/Shower 1. $20,000 1. Program requirement, safe storage of bicycles leading to greater access for all visitors.2. Pervious Pavers and 2. $450,000 2. Increased filtration of stormwaterBio Swales runoff, Meets local code requirements, Benefits the community.3. Vegetated Roof 3. $148,240 3. Increased filtration of stormwater, attractive design element.
  6. 6. Water EfficiencyBuilding Element: Net Cost: Benefits:1. Efficient Fixtures 1. None 1. Reduced Water Consumption2. Programmable 2. None 2. Reduced Water ConsumptionIrrigation3. Efficient Appliances 3. None 3. Reduced Water Consumption
  7. 7. Energy and AtmosphereBuilding Element: Net Cost: Benefits:1. Efficient A/C System 1. $80,000 1. Significant energy cost savings, reduced maintenance costs2. Building 2. $275,500 2. Third party verification of systems,Commissioning reduced maintenance costs, fewer change orders, better understanding of operations, fewer callbacks.3. Sun Screens 3. $121,000 3. Energy cost savings. Attractive Design feature.
  8. 8. Materials and ResourcesBuilding Element: Net Cost: Benefits:1. Storage and 1. None 1. Reduction of recyclable materialsCollection of sent to landfills benefiting theRecyclables community.2. Construction Waste 2. $9,500 2. Reduction of construction wasteManagement sent to landfills3. Recycled Content 3. None 3. Reduce the impact resulted from extraction and harvesting of virgin materials.4. Regional Materials 4. None 4. Increase demand for locally manufactured and harvested materials. Benefits the community.5. Rapidly Renewable 5. None 5. Reduce the use and depletion ofMaterials finite materials
  9. 9. Indoor Environmental QualityBuilding Element: Net Cost: Benefits:1. Outdoor Delivery 1. $30,000 1. Monitor outdoor air intake toMonitoring promote occupant comfort and increased A/C efficiency2. Environmental 2. None 2. Required by state law. Ensures goodTobacco Smoke Control air quality for inhabitants.3. Construction Indoor 3. None 3. Improve air quality in building duringAir Quality Management construction and before occupancy.Plan Tremendous health benefit for building occupants.4. Low-Emitting 4. None 4. Reduce indoor air contaminants.Materials Tremendous health benefit for building occupants. Fewer sick days, higher employee retention.5. Thermal Comfort of 5. $9,500 5. Survey of Occupants DeterminingOccupants Proper Operation of Systems.
  10. 10. Innovation in Design/ Regional PriorityBuilding Element: Cost: Benefits:1. Regional Priorities 1. None 1. Encourages Sustainable practices within the community.2. Educational Outreach 2. None 2. Public Education Opportunity3. Occupant Recycling 3. None 3. Serving as a Hub for the Community for Recyclable Items Not Usually Accepted (Printer Cartridges, Batteries, etc…)
  11. 11. SummaryBase Building : Yearly 30 Years1. Energy $304,296 $15,708,5742. Operation and Maintenance $157,500 $8,130,5713. Employee Productivity Average4. Occupant Health AverageDesign Building: Yearly 30 Years1. Energy $253,764 $13,099,9772. Operation and Maintenance $133,875 $6,910,9853. Employee Productivity Improved4. Occupant Health Improved
  12. 12. TOTALSBase Building : $23,839,145Design Building : $20,010,963TOTAL 30 Year Savings = $3,828,182Payback time on upgrades = 8.5 Years