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Journey into your Lizard Brain - PHPJHB15


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Languages and syntax are the easy part of programming, the real challenge is in knowing how to solve a problem and how to find and understand which paths can take you to the solution, the moving parts. This talk will dive into this thought process, give you insights to train your lizard brain and expand your knowledge base.

Published in: Software, Technology
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Journey into your Lizard Brain - PHPJHB15

  1. A journey Rafael Dohms 
 @rdohms into your Lizard Brain pictureby:d
  2. Disclaimer !
  3. How did you learn to Think Like a Developer? photo by sfxeric
  4. What do developers do?
  5. What do developers do? spoiler: it's not about code!
  6. WE Solve problems photo by alive_at_now
  7. photo by deathtostock
  8. photo by deathtostock
  9. " "" " " "" " " " " " " " photo by deathtostock
  10. " "" " " " " " " " " " "" photo by deathtostock
  11. " "" " " " " " " " " " "" photo by deathtostock
  12. Understanding Problems photo by Kalexanderson
  13. Have a plan # $ photo by jujuwiz
  14. Impulsive-Driven execution
  15. I don’t know what i’m doing! photo by wallpapersinhq
  16. I have a plan!
  17. Empathy “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another" photo by Pierre Phaneuf
  18. “I need a button"— every client, ever. photo by wlodi
  19. Technological Knowledge Understanding of goals Better 
 solutions + = photo by rudyjuanito
  20. Restate the Problem photo by Scott Ableman
  21. rubber ducking photo by okhihowareyou
  22. Plush ElePHPant-ingphoto by ztec
  23. Implementing Solutions photo by kgregory
  24. Pattern Recognition photo by jan.gosmann
  25. photo by jdhancock
  26. Read LOTS OF books photo by Gordon McKinlay
  27. environments shape your skill set
  28. Read lots of code photo by Yuri Yu. Samoilov
  29. Practice lots OF Code photo by Almonroth
  30. Expand to new languages
  31. Object Calisthenics
  32. "apophenia"
  33. “When all you have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail" photo by ScottieT812
  34. Start with 
 what you know photo by findingtheobvious
  35. Experimenting photo by magicnikon
  36. photo by Iterations
  37. Refactoringphoto by
  38. Single Purpose pieces photo by Ruud Cuypers
  39. PracticeBuild your own toolbox photo by florianric
  40. Evaluating Solutions photo by Daniel Kulinski
  41. Is the problem solved?
  42. Testing photo by jeffkrause
  43. The problem is not solved.
  44. That, is a problem.
  45. Its not instinct, 
 its learned behavior photo by JJLosier
  46. “Don't try and imagine the future, focus on the present and let the future reveal itself.“ photo by h.koppdelaney
  47. Delay Decisions until you have visibility photo by Sebastiaan ter Burg
  48. photo by desertdutchman Be the best you can be, everyday
  49. thank you @rdohms