Internet outreach for diversity recruitment and ofccp compliance


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Internet outreach for diversity recruitment and ofccp compliance

  1. 1. America’s Job Exchange400 Minuteman Road, Andover, MA 01810www.americasjobexchange.comAmerican Association for Affirmative Action2013 National Conference and Annual MeetingMay 7-10, 2013 | San Antonio, TXRathin SinhaPresident, America’s Job Exchange
  2. 2. Page 2Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284DisclaimerNot legal advice. The presentation is intended only to stimulate discussions amongpractitioners and industry participants relating to affirmative action and OFCCPcompliance in internet recruitment and workforce development.
  3. 3. Page 3Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284We live in communities that are increasingly more diverse, includingVeterans, individuals with Dis-ABILITY, Ethnicity, Race, Color, Gender, Age andmoreDiversity in our Communities
  4. 4. Page 4Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284 Proactively reach and attractcandidates from these diversecommunities for your job openings Hire and retain these employees inan environment that free ofdiscrimination by backgrounds Ensure career growth and pursuit ofexcellence in an environment thatprovides equal opportunitiesDiversity at the WorkplaceOur workplace should resemble the diverse communities we represent
  5. 5. Page 5Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Proactively leverage diversityand equal employmentprinciples to make diversity acompetitive advantage foryour businessStep 2:Proactive DiversityDevelop and manageprograms to ensure that boththe letters and spirits ofaffirmative action and relatedlaws are complied toStep 1:Regulatory ComplianceThe road to diversity excellence can be broken in two stepsLeveraging Diversity
  6. 6. Page 6Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284 Represents the benefits of job seekers and employees• EO11246 – Equal Employment• Section 503 - Americans with Disabilities• VEVRAA/Section 4212 - Protected Veterans Audits federal contractors and imposes correctiveactions if deficient• Scheduling Letter, Information Request• Desk Audits, On-Site Audits,• Conciliation Agreement, Penalties, DebarmentThe OFCCP enforces regulations relating equal employment & affirmative action incompanies that do business with the Federal governmentRole of OFCCP
  7. 7. Page 7Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284 Executive Order 11246Prohibits Federal contractors from discriminating inemployment decisions based on race, color, religion, sex ornational origin. Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973Requires Federal contractors to take affirmative action tohire, retain and promote individuals with disabilities. Vietnam Era Veteran’s Readjustment Act, as amended inconjunction with Jobs for Veterans Act (VEVRA/JVA)Requires Federal contractors to take affirmative action tohire, retain and promote veterans.It mandates that Federal contractors must comply with a set of regulations in theirrecruitment practices.Key Regulations
  8. 8. Page 8Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284 Increased Prominence• New leadership• Budget increase• Staff Increase Heightened Enforcement• Higher incidents of audits• Aggressive litigation• Larger penaltiesThe OFCCP has been very engaged and active during the terms of the Obama administrationAn Engaged OFCCPSources 1 Video speech at the National ILG Conference in Hawaii, 2012;“Under the Obama administration, OFCCPcompliance officers have reviewed morethan 15,000 companies that do businesswith the U.S. Government. During thatperiod, weve recovered $38 million in backwages and more than 8,000 potential joboffers for nearly 80,000 workers...”-Patricia Shiu, Director, OFCCP1
  9. 9. Page 9Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Strengthening RegulationsIt has also proposed new regulations and changes to current regulations To improve employment opportunities for veterans andprotected veterans To improve employment opportunities for individuals withdisabilities To improve employment opportunities for women andminorities in the construction industries To combat pay discrimination and develop newcompensation data collection tool To evaluate revisions to the guidelines on sexdiscrimination To emphasize data collection, analysis , and data-drivenreview to track progress
  10. 10. Page 10Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284 Requires Specific Recruitment Efforts• Must engage in certain number of outreach and recruitment programs• Send job listings to the local employment service offices e.g. 1-stop centers• Develop and maintain ongoing relationship with local Veterans Representatives• Enter linkage agreement with listed organizations for recruitment and training• Consult with Employer Resources Section of the National Resource Directory Requires Enhanced Data Tracking• Initiate requests to have candidates self identify prior to job offer and collect data• Track number of referrals from the state employment service delivery systems• Track ratio of protected veteran referrals to total referrals & maintain data for 5 years• Establish annual hiring benchmark and conduct annual review of recruitment effortsProposed Changes: Protected Veterans
  11. 11. Page 11Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284 Requires Specific Recruitment Efforts• Must engage in a minimum number of outreach and recruitment programs• Send job listings to the local employment One-Stop Career Center• Maintain ongoing relationship with local State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency• Enter linkage agreement with listed organizations for recruitment and training• Consult with Employer Resources Section of the National Resource Directory Requires Enhanced Data Tracking• Initiate requests to have candidates self identify prior to job offer and collect data• Track number of referrals from the state employment service delivery systems• Track ratio of disability referrals to total referrals & maintain data for 5 years• Establish 7% as a hiring goal for this group and conduct annual review of progressProposed Changes: Individuals with Disabilities
  12. 12. Page 12Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284 Mandatory Job Posting Outreach• Mandates specific methods of internet job postings and distribution• Mandates additional outreach with community based organizations Data Collection and Tracking• Pre-employment data collection for protected groups• Effectiveness of recruitment efforts by source of candidates Data Analytics• Analysis of candidate availability and actual hiring, compensation• Annual review of recruitment efforts relative to goals and benchmarksProposed changes related to recruitment can be grouped in three areas:Essence of Regulatory Changes
  13. 13. Page 13Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Pace of ImplementationWhile pace of actual implementation has been relatively slow, it is expected toaccelerate during the second term with continuity in purpose and leadership Major focus to improve employment opportunities forthe veterans and individuals with disabilities Strict enforcement of compensation parity andpossible development of compensation tool Implementation of new scheduling letter withitemized information and expanded data tracking Detailed adverse impact analysis, new compliancemanual, focus on construction Aggressive enforcement and audits with expandedcoverage for first time contractors and SMB
  14. 14. Page 14Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284 Changes in Systems and ProcessesCareer Site, ATS, HRIS, AAP/EEO-1/VETS-100 Submittals Cost of Expanded OutreachDirect cost and adminsitrative burden of job postings Data Collection and TrackingCollect, manage expanded set of data; protect for privacy Complexity/Inconsistency of EnforcementIndividual interpretation of regulationsFederal contractors are already feeling the challenge of compliance related activities; -theproposed changes impose additional burdensImpact on Contractors
  15. 15. Page 15Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284 Automated TechnologyState-of-the-art web platform, job distribution technology,data exchange mechanism, and data tracking methodologies Breadth of PartnershipsLarge network of partnerships with niche job sites, communityorganizations, states, associations and employment agencies. Audit AssistanceExpertise and assistance on your side in the event of an auditincluding consultation, and retrieval and analysis of data Brand DevelopmentEfficient and effective access to media, advertising, technology toattract, hire and retain a diverse set of candidatesThird party vendors such as AJE are increasingly considered as effective alternative to in-house only programsThe Role of Third Party Vendors
  16. 16. Page 16Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284 Successor to America’s Job BankLaunched on the heels of termination of the AJBprogram of DOL Destination for Job Seekers/Employers toConnectSpecializes in the recruitment of diversity candidatesand non-executive jobs Specialists in online Diversity Recruitmentand OFCCP ComplianceSpecializes in veterans and disability recruitmentoutreach and mandatory job listing onlineAJE is a leading provider of recruitment advertising and compliance solutionsAmerica’s Job Exchange
  17. 17. Page 17Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Job listing is imported via an automaticfeed for FTP, XML or direct scraping, orusing online interactive postingJob Posting as Outreach MediaYourJob
  18. 18. Page 18Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284The imported job is posted on the AJEnational and state specific websitesJob Posting Outreach : Step 1YourJobYourJob
  19. 19. Page 19Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284The job listing is then automaticallyposted on the AJE Mobile App.Job Posting Outreach : Step 2YourJobYourJob
  20. 20. Page 20Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284And then posted on the AJE FacebookApp as part of Social Job InitiativeJob Posting Outreach : Step 3YourJobYourJob
  21. 21. Page 21Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284The job opening is posted in the AJEnetwork of Diversity Job Exchanges e.g.Veterans, Disability and much more.Job Posting Outreach: Step 4YourJobYourJob
  22. 22. Page 22Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284The job is included in relevant job alertemails sent to subscribed job seekersJob Posting Outreach : Step5YourJobYourJob
  23. 23. Page 23Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284The job opening is sent to aggregator sitesto reach a broader audience Indeed Simply Hired Glassdoor Juju Carrerjet TopUSAjobs OodleJob Posting Outreach : Step 6YourJobYourJob
  24. 24. Page 24Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284It is then sent for distribution and postingto our partner sites e.g. Veteran Job Disability Job Diversity Job Boardswww.asianhires.comwww.africanamericanhires.comwww.alllgbtjobs.comwww.allhispanicjobs.comwww.diversityjobs.comJob Posting Outreach : Step 7YourJobYourJob
  25. 25. Page 25Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284The job posting is now sent to communitybased organizations (CBO) via emails GoodwillLocal chapters Easter SealsLocal chapters The ArcLocal chapters serving persons with intellectual disabilities Department of RehabilitationLocal state offices U.S. Department of Veterans Posting Outreach : Step 8YourJobYourJob
  26. 26. Page 26Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284It is then sent to the relevant stateemployment delivery systems e.g.1-Stops, DVOPs, LVERs via emails.Job Posting Outreach : Step 9YourJobYourJob
  27. 27. Page 27Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Finally the job posting is sent to the statejob bank by direct feed or online postingJob Posting Outreach : Step 10YourJobYourJob
  28. 28. Page 28Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Comprehensive 10 Step Outreach ProgramJobOpeningYourJob
  29. 29. Page 29Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Making it Easy : Job Seeker User ExperienceOutreach is step one – but making it easy for the job seekers to apply and get hiredis key for a successful online diversity recruitment program
  30. 30. Page 30Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284 StoragePosting and distribution details saved for proof to auditors ReportingEasy to understand online reports – 24x7 access RetrievalQuick turnaround report retrieval going back 2-5 years AnalyticsViews and applies by sourceComprehensive and easy to use data analytics capabilities are key to measureeffectiveness and drive continuous improvementData Analytics
  31. 31. Page 31Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Job and Distribution DetailsCreate reports for the companyas a whole or for specificlocations or subsidiaries.Reports can be saved andexported to PDF and Excel.Detailed outreach and distributioninformation, including deliverymethod and date and time stamp.
  32. 32. Page 32Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Individual Job RecordsLinks to job descriptions on AJE exchangesites along with links to outreach partner sites.Individual job records provide the details ondistribution to our network partners and the states.
  33. 33. Page 33Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Individual Job RecordsLinks to emails and CSV files as evidence ofdistribution to community partners and stateone-stop offices.Jobs manually posted to the states include thestate confirmation ID in your report.
  34. 34. Page 34Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Account DashboardJob traffic results are availablein total or by source for all ofAJE’s traffic sources.
  35. 35. Page 35Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Job ManagerJob posting history is easilyaccessible and up to date.Track your posting patterns todetermine future needs.
  36. 36. Page 36Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Batch Feed MonitorMonitor batch feeds to manageperformance and ensure yourjob imports are successfullyreceived and processed.
  37. 37. Page 37Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284The AJE solution is used by hundreds of leading brands for diversity hiring and recruitmentcomplianceTotal Solution from AJE
  38. 38. Page 38Visit or Call 1-866-923-6284Satisfied Customers
  39. 39. For more information, please contact:Thank YouRathin