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What is a PhotoCamp?


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A brief description of what a PhotoCamp is, in preparation for PhotoCampMilwaukee taking place May 2, 2009 at Bucketworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Published in: Art & Photos, Sports, Technology
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What is a PhotoCamp?

  1. What is a PhotoCamp? by Pete Prodoehl Photo by Darran Lambert – Creative Commons by-nc-nd -
  2. What is a PhotoCamp? a gathering of people passionate about photography... Photo by purplemattfish – Creative Commons by -
  3. What is a PhotoCamp? willing to share what they know with others... Photo by Matthew Trentacoste – Creative Commons by-nc-nd -
  4. What is a PhotoCamp? taking photos of things... Photo by JohnStGermain – Creative Commons by-nc-nd -
  5. What is a PhotoCamp? talking about their gear... Photo by dave graham – Creative Commons by-nc-nd -
  6. What is a PhotoCamp? connecting with others... Photo by Mike Wallis – Creative Commons by-nc-sa -
  7. What is a PhotoCamp? presenting... Photo by Caius Durling – Creative Commons by -
  8. What is a PhotoCamp? discussing... Photo by Andy Chang – Creative Commons by-nc-nd -
  9. What is a PhotoCamp? shooting... Photo by Dave Wild – Creative Commons by-nc -
  10. What is a PhotoCamp? having a good time... Photo by Randy Stewart – Creative Commons by-sa -
  11. Join us... or this guy will not be happy... Photo by Pete Prodoehl – Creative Commons by -
  12. PhotoCampMilwaukee May 2, 2009 Bucketworks Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  13. Thanks to the following organizations for helping to sponsor PhotoCampMilwaukee...
  14. Thanks to the following people for providing their photos under a Creative Commons license... Darran Lambert – purplemattfish – Matthew Trentacoste – JohnStGermain – dave graham – Mike Wallis – Caius Durling – Andy Chang – Dave Wild – Randy Stewart – Pete Prodoehl –