Rasha proctor seo best practice guide


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This presentation describes SEO and PageRank best practices

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Rasha proctor seo best practice guide

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization Best Practice Guide
  2. 2. The SEO Hierarchy of Needs Social Engagement Link building Site architecture + Usability + Web designUnique relevant content + keywords targeting • A strong foundation is necessary for optimal results • Focus on the things you can control first such as content, keywords, links, imagery, and the rest will follow • Use word search tools to find out what your customer is looking for and talking about • Search Engines rank pages, not websites
  3. 3. CONTENT Content is still king• Relevant and different – Unique topics and wording help boost the ranking• Frequency of posting – the more the better• The age of document affects ranking- Recent docs have higher ranking• Highlight keywords in larger font, bold and italic (don’t over do it)
  4. 4. KEYWORDSKeywords refer to keywords and phrases that are relevant toyour customer• Keywords in title tag is one of the most important places• Keywords in URL goes hand in hand with keywords in the document• Keywords density helps but no more than 10% otherwise it looks like spamming• Keywords in linkable text (anchor text) is one of the most important SEO practice, specially inbound links• Keywords in headings (h1 and h2) count a lot
  5. 5. LINKS• Inbound links improve your site ranking.• Search engines change their algorithms often, thereby affecting your site ranking• Highly ranked sites linking to you will boost your rank as well• Links coming from directories, similar sites, .edu and .gov are very helpful• Internal links with anchor text affect SEO as well• Don’t use link farms. You will be flagged as spammer• There are some Link Brokers firms that could help. Make sure you check out their reputation before you commit to working with them
  6. 6. VISUAL IMAGERY• Images and videos are important part of usability and customer engagement. They hook the reader emotionally before the texts, and they provide personality to your site• Unfortunately search engine can’t read them• Provide a meaningful and relevant description in <alt> tag and image description• For videos, transcribing the video content to help the search engine find your content• Post your videos, slides and images in highly searchable engine and link them back to your site, i.e. YouTube, SlideShare, Flicker
  7. 7. URL AND DOMAIN• Keyword-rich domain name is important factor of SEO and will help boost your site ranking• Always edit your page and post URLs to relevant keywords• Check your site and pages for broken links and 404 errors• Make sure your sitemap is up-to-date for search engine to find hidden pages and content• Test your site uploading time. A slow website and pages are turn off for most visitors
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