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Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

Monitoring and Evaluation System Framework

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Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

  1. 1. Division Monitoring andEvaluation ( M & E)Framework
  3. 3. A T THE END OF THE SESSION THEPAR TICIPANT S SHALLBE ABLE TO:  Explain the assumptions of Division M & E framework:  Purpose & objectives of M & E at the division level;  Principles of Monitoring and Evaluation;  Analyze the scope of division M&E in terms of focal content areas.  Integrate the content areas with the M&E task levels
  5. 5.  M&E is about forms and reports Meet the information requirements of stakeholders M&E is EN-M-E (enemy)
  6. 6.  M&E activities are to be undertaken only by the M&E unit M&E is year round activity Gather as much data as we can
  7. 7.  We are already delayed, No more  time for  M&E activities  Everything is going fine. Okay  lang! Same as usual! M&E as an after thought
  8. 8. Monitoring is the continuing and systematic processof collecting, analyzing, interpreting and reportinginformation relevant to planning, implementation,evaluation and adjustment of plans, policy, programsand projects in support of decision making ofmanagement and key stakeholders to improve deliveryof outputs and sustainability of results.
  9. 9. Evaluation is the process ofdetermining the worth or significance ofthe outputs and results in terms ofefficiency, relevance, effectiveness andsustainability consistent with the goalsand objectives set.
  10. 10. Purpose of Division M&EThe Division M & E seeks to establish a systematicand continuous gathering, processing, interpreting,analyzing and storing data for managementdecision towards continuous improvement of thedelivery of education services to achieve the desiredoutputs and sustainability of education outcomesand division organizational performance for efficientand effective fulfillment of the division mandate.
  11. 11. Specific operational objectives: Provide the division management information on the delivery of education services as basis for Technical Assistance.
  12. 12.  Provide the division management information on the implementation of the division programs and projects as bases for plan adjustment as well as adopting / replicating / institutionalizing programs and projects based on the merit of the results.
  13. 13.  Provide the division management information to determine and adjust approaches and strategies that will ensure appropriate allocation, just and equitable distribution, efficient and effective downloading and optimal use of Education Resources for districts and schools.
  14. 14.  Provide the division management information on division organizational health/ performance as basis for determining appropriate approaches / interventions - to improve organizational effectiveness and organizational resource support.
  15. 15. M & E PRINCIPLES
  16. 16. 1. Quality InformationIt is important that M&E information to becollected is appropriate, sufficient and accurateto insure reliable and objective reports that canbe used as bases for planning and decision-making at all levels.
  17. 17. 2. Systems StrengtheningStrategies, processes, and tools tobe used for M&E can make use ofavailable systems that have beentried and effectively used in thedepartment.
  18. 18. 3. EfficiencyResults are achieved with minimuminput resources but not compromisingquality in all levels and stages of M&E,this includes the ability to report in atimely manner.
  19. 19. 4. Transparency of Information to Key StakeholdersM&E subscribes to open, full and credibleinformation.It encourages timely disclosure of information andmethodology to stakeholders which are aligned to M&Eobjectives and processes.
  20. 20. 5. SynergyM&E encourages participative andcollaborative decision-making processesamong the different entities for anintegrated approach to the attainment ofits objectives.
  21. 21. 6. M&E for Learning andAccountabilityM&E provides opportunities forcontinuous improvement ofpractices/performance throughidentification of issues and lessonslearned. It requires trustworthy,competent and impartial M&E staff.
  22. 22. 7. FocusM&E calls for careful planning andpurposive prioritization of activitiesguided by the organizational goalsand objectives.
  23. 23. M&E CONTENT AREAS IN THE DIVISION Focus oF SBM Implementation Division M&E and Assessment Technical Curriculum Assistance Implementation Delivery of Educational Teaching Education Programs and Learning al Services Projects And Assessment M&E EducationalContent Resources Areas Organizationa Division l Effectiveness Organizationa l Health & Performance Organizationa l Resource Support

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Monitoring and Evaluation System Framework


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