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  1. 1. By Raphael May u3035761
  2. 2. Internet crime is everywhere • In the year ending of July 2010 more than 1.3 million people lost an average of $1,000 to cyber crime (Thom, 2010). According to an online survey carried out by Norton Cybercrime report, 7 in 10 Australians have been affected by Internet crime.
  3. 3. • Viruses and malware make up 51 per cent of online crime and phishing accounts for nine per cent. Phishing involves the theft of user names password etc for various accounts
  4. 4. Types of cyber crime • Cyber Staking is made possible through the massive increase in popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. This year (2010) Generation Y will outnumber baby boomers and 96% of generation Y is a member of at least one social network site. Social media has recently overtake porn as the number one activity on the Internet
  5. 5. Types of cyber crime • It can be argued that Cyberterrorism is the most dangerous form of Cyber Crime as it has the intention of causing physical harm to people. Cyberterrorism can take many different forms, but usually involves the unsolicited access to classified websites, mainly Government sites, with the goal of stealing classified information or cause general trouble for the website owner and/or users.
  6. 6. Types of cyber crime • Cyber scams can take the form of banking and account scams, chain letters and pyramid scams, health and medical scams, investment scams, job and employment scams and money transfer scams. Of course Internet scams are not just limited to these. Bank related scams in America almost doubled in 2009 costing $559.7 million.
  7. 7. Cyber crime and its social implications • Cyber crime has many affects on society and the way that people take part in society and even the way that they spend their moneys. One of the most obvious impacts of Cyber Crime and all of its forms is the financial issues that it brings with it. This is not only associated with scams, or bank account fraud it also goes hand in hand with acts of Cyberterrorism as-well.
  8. 8. • Cyber Crime can also affect big business. Bidgoli states that Cyber crime has the potential to “disrupt plants, factories, distribution networks or critical infrastructure and lessen economic stability” (Bidgoli, pg 363. 2004). Stability is one of the biggest determining factors of big business success and growth because without it there is no predictability in the market.
  9. 9. • when people are directly or in-directly affected by cyber crime it effects their trust in participating in the digital economy and without this trust people will cease to take part, causing the death or at- least the slowing down of the digital economy as we know it.
  10. 10. • For more details on cyber crime see full report.