Stop Child Begging


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This is about child begging in Hyderabad. Its true for almost every city. Please share it with others

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Stop Child Begging

  1. 1. Every child is a childEvery one in the world has childhood whoever it is a rich or poor all are equal.They are innocent and under development up to 18 year age. What everparents/guardian, trains their mind set will be improved in that way. A poorkid may do wonders if provided proper knowledge.
  2. 2. 6 months research on child begging• We are small working professionals done research inHyderabad on child begging around 6 months on everySunday• Talked to begging kids, public and free child homes managers• Collected hundreds of NGOs and visited and verified freeorphan homes in Hyderabad.• Surprising found in Hyderabad 50+ NGO are running childhomes successfully with Govt & donors support. Also moreNGOs are also ready to help kids if really poorWhy there are hundreds of kids on the street begging?
  3. 3. Organizers/parents are doing business with kids• Public do not know about free child homes and giving Rs 1 tobegging kids because of mercy on looking at children.• Every child is getting Avg Rs 200 per day results in 2 kids are ableto collect more than 10,000 per month in Metro cities likeMumbai and Hyderabad etc..• It became a profitable business with kids, so many organizers aregetting children for rent by giving some amount to poor parentsand enjoying child earnings for alcohol & drugs. They are notgiving proper food to kids but provided some sleeping tablets,cough syrups even drugs.• Parents also not sending kids to school or free hostels as they areearning extra money from kids so directly they are sending kidsinto MMTS & traffic junctions etc.. places where more public isfound. Many kids told to us that their parents dropped them atorganizers as in hostel they won’t get money• Just looking at face of innocent kids public is offering just Rs1 butit is killing childhood and making more kids into beggingbusiness.It is true that you 1 Rs is not helping the kid at all
  4. 4. Why child should struggle for elders money?1. Small kids are given sleeping tablets and cough syrups even drugs. (So that Small kidsshould not cry during elder kid begging )2. Kids are not given proper bath and cloths so that they will get more sympathy (But kids aresuffer from skin diseases)3. Once girl begging kid grows they are sent for prostitution4. 99.99% kids money goes into organizers/parents/ begging mafia national and internationalchained network5. Children are beaten if any one is playing without begging they they are observed
  5. 5. We requested many begging kids in MMTS & other places also talked to their parents but theyare not admitting kids into hostels as they will not get extra money for their alcohols .Please spend 15 Mins and verify all proofs at http://stopchildbegging.org1) For real orphan / missing kids , If they are ready to join hostel you can call Child help line1098 or one of the free hostels numbers given in the website to easily admit in hostels2) Promise on the website that you are Stopping giving money to begging kids (You can give toold beggars only ) and also inform your friends and family members. If kids are not getting muchmoney then they will stop doing business with kids.3) Highlight the issue by sending post card to Child welfare department and Human rights asgiven in the website. It was successful in Bangalore, police and WCW together rides with 108rescued 200 kids in on 2ndDec 2011. (You can check our website for proofs)4) You don’t need to donate any money to save kids, you can also volunteer in this program orforward this mail to all (some one may volunteer their time) by getting email ids from contactsusing steps given at & Team