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Human Award Universal School


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Professionnels in ASASS-Burundi, through TERIMBERE Human Award Universal School program, Collaborate via ICT MOBILE PHONES, SMS mobile phones exchange to plan curricula, adopte and amendate documents with the consultation of rural people of the communities of Burundi within north provinces of Burundi where there are major social, health and economic problems. Powered by

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Human Award Universal School

  1. 1. Context
  2. 2. Bujumbura Burundi became independent in 1962. Since independence, Bujumbura has been the scene of frequent fighting between the country's two main ethnic groups, with Hutu militias opposing the Tutsi-dominated Burundi army
  4. 4. !"!"""#$%&%'() ***+,-./0,*-/1.2-*324+325 displacement,I am back to Buterere Community. I feel After having lived through the tragedy of war and that this is my home, where my heart beats. JCK Since 1997, volunteers young students and Adult professionals who are Currently members of ASASS-BURUNDI promote ICT computer connected to internet in urban cities and ICT mobile phone powered by DIY SOLAR small pv panels, in rural ereas where there are no electricity, to connect and collaborate with professors, Institutors, students and involve people in these two different communities (URBAN & RURAL) for sustainable development and MDGs goal supporting in Burundi and RDC Congo. !"#"$%& "$&'(#)&*+ %('(,-./($* .#-0#1/ 2 *(#&/!(#( "$&'(#)&*+3 4"/1$ 151#% "$&'(#)1, )64--, -7 !"#"$%& 8
  5. 5. !"#$%&"#"'()*+,-./+01-2,34506+7-89:;;7 We believe that Technologies, Information and communication (ICT) are key tools to promote a if you could neither write nor read Better World For All (ABW4ALL), peace, self-reliance and sustainable development over the What your life would be ... world. We recognise that an Africa without a sustainable, strong knowledge, connectedness, cooperation on sustainable development programs worldwide of its own will always remain in a dangerously dependent position. 23,October 2009, Barcelona conference.
  6. 6. !"#$%&"#"'()*+,-(./,01(2-34506,7(89:;;7 Training workshop of students members of TERIMBERE, in collaboration with Student Association of ICT promotion in University of Burundi. Barcelona Conference 2009
  7. 7. !"#$%&"#"'()*+,'-.+/0'1,234/5+6' 789::6;&+8<=/:),0 67% Burundians living with less than US$ 1 per day Since the long and turbulent history, the African many people, especially in Burundi have no formal or informal capital and people have less capital, especially in ICT KWOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND IN CAPITAL ECONOMIC to sustain their survival as a nation. In this context, education has been always considered by African, as the one prerequisite 97% in Buterere not only for nation building, but also for achieving a genuine and sustainable peace, cultural, social and global arts needs. Since the establishment of Association for solidarity, Health and social assistance (ASASS-Burundi), has commit it self to reform the inherited education and socio-economic development system with the aim to of promoting ICT, assist the preparation of the African, particularly Burundian citizens towards sustainable living standards in a democratic society, through the application of ICT Mobile technologies in rural areas and ICT computers connected to the Internet in urban communities. Burundi as other many countries of Africa, recognize education deterioration due to the war and social conflicts, so there is an urgent need of improving EDUCATION, TEACHING AND LEARNING, INCREASING UNIVERSITY AND HIGH EDUCATION PROGRAMES IN THE COMMUNITIES OF AFRICA where quality education services are less accessible, not affordable, less developed or improved and where academic rate attendance is low because of several issues surrounding it: poverty, lack of qualified human resources, ICT, infrastructures and financial as well as other fundamental needs for development. Barcelona Conference on ICT and Development
  8. 8. Furthermore, service learning and education services are provided in inequality, for example, Education in Burundi reaches only a limited portion of the population: only 43% of adults are literate (53% males versus 32% of females), due to the civil war occurred since1993-2005 which destroyed pedagogic and economic infrastructures. Recognizing that in industrial transforming civilized world, there is a vast economic, social and political change. As we step forward into the information Age, we face the very real challenge of redirecting the decades of African higher education, making Information, Communication and Technologies (ICT) accessible, be used by all, so that youth must be ready to struggle with the demands of the new global economy, the new realities facing government, news daily information human rights needs and the new challenges of a multicultural world.
  9. 9. !"#$%&'(()! ASASS-BURUNDI though TERIMBERE SOCIETY, HUMAN AWARD UNIVERSAL SCHOOL program, tied a partnership with IWITH FOUNDATION, to Improving access to the higher education and lifelong learning, the major priority of the Governments of East African Community countries, especially the Burundi country. ASASS-Burundi has been expanded the services of the MOBILE PHONE Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) AND the access to ICT COMPUTERS connected to the Internet in Burundi and in the International communities, for the development of the local communities and the improvement of the social and economic situation of the people. Since 2008, in partnership with IWITH FOUNDATION, ASASS-BURUNDI has undertaken a program of education, research and communication with the technologies support by WITH.ORG. Through the ONLINE CAMPUS GENERATION EDUCATION (AGE MISSION), ASASS-Burundi has planned to launch academic e-courses and life training programs for human resources and various responsible in Africa, to ensure a sustainable partnership with ICT industries for economic development and innovation in education and Information Technologies solutions for all through pedagogical techniques empowerment by Information and technologies that catalyse economic and social development, path to 2015. Barcelona Conference on ICT and Development
  10. 10. With ICT mobile phone and Computer: - Professionnels in ASASS-Burundi, through TERIMBERE Human Award Universal School program, Collaborate via ICT MOBILE PHONES, SMS mobile phones exchange to plan curricula, adopte and amendate documents with the consultation of rural people of the communities of Burundi within north provinces of Burundi where there are major social, health and economic problems. - With simple ICT mobile phone, people in wherever they are, everywhere they go and at anytime, in Burundi and worldwide, take part in communities Development small programs Managment, planning, Implementation and evaluation and Counselling (E.g: Mobile Psychosocial Counselling on HIV/AIDS, Trauma Healing, Children urgence consultation via telephone ) in Buterere Community Development Centre( BCDC) of ASASS-Burundi
  11. 11. 1#),,:-. -)%%", !/0:1;<=>:-($478'& !"#$%&'()'*$% $+ &#),, -. -)%", !/0 1$,)( '2)' 2)& -$3"("4 #$5*," -2$%" 5)'"(6 )%4 &#),, ()4*$ $+ -($+"&&$( *% (7(), 8$##7%*'6 $+ 97(7%4* ?)(8",::@!;>/A/?B=C:):8$$(4*%)'$(:$+:%7'(*'*$%:-($D()#:*%:9EFG>G>G:A;??E@/F0: !GHG<;B?G@F:AG@F>G:;I:=1=11C:"J-,)*%:2$3:/AF::K8$#-7'"(:L:#$5*,":-2$%":2",-:
  12. 12. !"#$%"&'""(&)*+%%)&,'(&+'-#./,0+#'&0#&+/$.#1"&02"+.&%+1+'3&4#'(+0+#'&56%(&+/,3"&7889&#-&:;0"."."&&<=&>?>??@&& A)0,<%+)2"(&4"'0."B&:CDAEAEA&F6GGCHIDJ&KALAM6!GAHD&FAHDEA&5:FKF@&'",.<=&I'0".',0+#',%&,+.$#.0&#-& :;N;/<;.,&&5,<#;0&OPQ&*/@&
  13. 13. Ramon Bartomeus The end, Thank you Thank you for your attention :) If you want more information or networking, please ask or e-mail me. More info: !"#$%&"#" !"#$%&'($)*&+%,-.)/$0&1234405& !"!""#$%&%'() ***+,-./0,*-/1.2-*324+325