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Cloud computing


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cloud computing

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Cloud computing

  1. 1. by - Rahul srivastava
  2. 2. Cloud computing is an emergingcomputing technology that usesthe internet and central remoteservers to maintain data andapplications´.
  4. 4. - Suppose that your business is growing exponentially ,your computing need and usage is getting bigger .would you add server and hardware to meet the new demand?- Now assume ,recession is back and your bussiness is losing customer .the server and hardware you are adding the last year is now idle . will you sale them?- That’s where cloud computing to your rescue. You just need to configure and your provider will take care of the flactuating demand
  5. 5.  Your business should focus on your core competency and should not worry about security, os , software platform, updates etc. leaves all these chores to your provider.
  6. 6.  Resources sharing is a beauty of cloud computing . This is the concept which will help the cloud provider to attain optimum utilization of resources . Cloud computing lead to a need based flexible architecture where the resources will expand or contract with a little configures changes.
  7. 7.  Infrastructure as a Service is a provision model in which an organization outsources the equipment used to support operations, including storage, hardware, servers and networking components. The service provider owns the equipment and is responsible for housing, running and maintaining it. The client typically pays on a per-use basis.
  8. 8. Platform as a service (PaaS), which is allabout providing, a platform in the cloud,upon which applications can be developedand executed. Players like Google, , and Microsoft (withAzure) exist in this space. Facilitiesprovided include things like databasemanagement, security, workflowmanagement, application serving, and soon.
  9. 9.  IT is the service based on the concept of renting software from a service provider rather than buying it yourself. The software is hosted on centralized network servers to make functionality available over the web or intranet. Also known as “software on demand” it is currently the most popular type of cloud computing because of its high flexibility, great services, enhanced scalability and less maintenance. Yahoo mail, Google docs, CRM applications are all instances of SaaS.