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C loud seminar

  1. 1. Cloud computing<br />By:<br />Prashant Patel.<br />Jemin Patel.<br />
  2. 2. What is Cloud ?<br /><ul><li>Cloud is a collection of shared Servers.
  3. 3. Cloud can be a “Private” or “Public”.</li></ul> - A Private cloud provide hosted services to <br /> limited number of people.<br /> - A Public cloud sells services to the anyone on the Internet.<br />
  4. 4. <ul><li>Cloud Computing is Internet based Computing where shared Servers provides resources, software and data to the client.</li></ul>What is Cloud Computing?<br />
  5. 5. Cloud Computing <br /><ul><li>Cloud computing can be divided into three parts.</li></ul>Software as a services ( SaaS )<br />Platform as a services ( PaaS )<br />Infrastructure as services ( IaaS )<br />
  6. 6. Cloud Computing <br />
  7. 7. Software As A Service ( SaaS )<br />Software as a service (SaaS, typically pronounced 'sass') is a model of software deployment over the internet.<br />The SaaS model allows vendors to develop, host and operate software for customer use.<br />With SaaS, a provider licenses an application to customers for use as a service on demand, either through a time subscription or a “pay-as-you-go” model. Also known as “software on demand”.<br />
  8. 8. Software As A Service ( SaaS )<br /><ul><li>Rather than purchase the hardware and software to run an application, customers need only a computer or a server and internet access to run the software.
  9. 9. The software can be licensed for a single user or for a group of users.</li></li></ul><li>Example<br /><ul><li>There is a Company and they want to buy some software licenses.
  10. 10. There is a solution with cloud computing. </li></li></ul><li>Software As A Service ( SaaS )<br />
  11. 11. Platform As A Service ( PaaS )<br /><ul><li>To develop software, you once had to buy databases, servers, networks, and a host of development tools.
  12. 12. And then you needed the staff to install, optimize, and maintain it all.
  13. 13. With PaaS, you can avoid those investments and focus on developing applications instead.</li></li></ul><li>Platform As A Service ( PaaS )<br /><ul><li>Cloud computing has evolved to include platforms for building and running custom applications, a concept known as “platform as a service” (PaaS).
  14. 14. PaaS enables you to create web applications quickly, without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying software/hardware.
  15. 15. PaaS provides all the facilities required to support the complete life cycle of building and delivering web applications entirely on the web.</li></li></ul><li>Software Development<br /> using Platform <br />as a service<br />
  16. 16. Infrastructure As A Service ( IaaS )<br /><ul><li>Infrastructure as a service means it’s provide to do your business at your Home.
  17. 17. We don’t need to purchase servers, software licenses, data center space and network equipment, clients purchase those resources as a fully outsourced service.
  18. 18. Organizations can use IaaS to quickly build new versions of applications or environments without having to order new hardware then wait for it to arrive and be configured.</li></li></ul><li>Infrastructure As A Service ( IaaS )<br /><ul><li>Another popular use of IaaS is hosting the websites of organizations.
  19. 19. This keeps the website and its drain on IT resources away from an internal infrastructure whose primary purpose is to run the business, not the website.
  20. 20. In these instances the IaaS provider takes on any worries about monitoring traffic and keeping the website available.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Lowered Costs
  21. 21. Scalable Storage Options
  22. 22. Automatic Updates
  23. 23. Remote Access
  24. 24. Green Computing
  25. 25. Skilled Vendors
  26. 26. Response Time
  27. 27. Performance and Durability</li></li></ul><li>Disadvantages of Cloud Computing<br /><ul><li>The biggest of them all is security. Since cloud computing uses the power of online connectivity to handle processing requests, the data could be available for everyone and could be used for malicious purposes(By hackers).
  28. 28. To do all this things we require high speed internet. So Cloud computing might not work in areas where internet connection is weak.</li></li></ul><li>?<br />