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e commerce


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e commerce

  1. 1. Mexx Canada e-commerce• Piggy-back on Mexx Europe – Platform (Intershop) – Look & Feel (Me+xx) • UX • Banners • Navigation • Buying experience (Cart & Checkout) – Product enrichment (Photography & Copy) – Fulfilled Locally but not internally
  2. 2. Brand Website• Integrate Canadian content within and localise with IP address.• Possibility to use the jobs website of Europe for Canada?• Need to keep stats for Canadian visits separate for Canada• Need to offer alternate content for non- Flash users
  3. 3. Next steps• Evaluate feasability of Piggy-backing on Mexx Europe for E-commerce. – Cost – Logistics• Define Team Structure• Define Goals & Budget for online Marketing• Research fullfilment Co. for e-commerce in N/A• Clarify ERP future• Research CRM• Research Customer service