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M2 investor presentation rev c1


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Published in: Technology, Business
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M2 investor presentation rev c1

  1. 1. RESTAURANTPAIN/INEVITABILITY OFRESTAURANT ROBOTICS • The restaurant industry is the most labor intensive industry in the US • Management tasks are extremely difficult • High turnover (150%-300%/year) • Lack of consistency • Extremely low culinary proficiency • Expensive: labor costs ~30% of gross • Fast food sucks • No one feels good about eating at Burger King (or at least they shouldn’t) • There are high quality hamburgers out there but not at prices that the masses can afford
  2. 2. DEMOCRATIZE QUALITY/WHYWE WORK SO HARD We are here to bring high quality food to the vast majority of the population; people who can only afford fast food. The only way to do this is to use our technology.
  3. 3. TRENDS/HOW WE DO IT • Sensor costs • Machine vision • Corrects for input variability • System characteristics • Keeps system operating within spec which boosts reliability • Robotics at this scale finally available to a startup • Normal workstations can finally handle CAD models at our scale • TechShop and rapid prototyping means iterations are dramatically faster and less expensive • Lemnos Labs: First major hardware incubator in the Valley • We are a part of their first class of startups
  4. 4. OUR TECHNOLOGY/THE RESULT • Completely replaces hamburger line cooks • Saves the average quick service restaurant ~$135k/year • Produces extremely high quality hamburgers • Slices toppings like tomatoes and pickles after the customer places his or her order • Will be capable of grinding and stamping meat into patties after the order has been placed • Is very flexible and easy to modify • Different toppings, proportion sizes, cook times, different meats etc. can be used • All of these adjustments can be made in the field
  5. 5. THE NEXT GENERATION FASTFOOD RESTAURANT • Labor savings allow our restaurant to sell gourmet quality hamburgers but at fast food prices • The machine is capable of advanced/gourmet cooking techniques • Because the mess of cooking is contained within our robot, we can eliminate much of the kitchen. This means that • Much smaller real estate footprint means higher revenue per square foot • The mess of cooking is contained within our robot so the staff does not need aprons, hairnets, slip-resistant shoes, etc.
  6. 6. COMPANY Team Alex Steven Frehn Jack Vardakostas McDonald Advisors Don Fox, CEO of Firehouse Subs (a 511 location sandwich Lemnos Labs, First major restaurant chain) and 2011 hardware incubator in the Nations Restaurant News Silicon Valley Operator of the year