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IFES Ukraine civic education course presentation 2018


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IFES Ukraine civic education course presentation 2018 at the USAID RADA Program meeting on February 28, 2018.

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IFES Ukraine civic education course presentation 2018

  1. 1. IFES’ University-Level Civic Education Course “Democracy: from Theory to Practice”
  2. 2. the goal to strengthen the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that are associated with students’ effective democratic citizenship
  3. 3. The Course Curriculum & Text Materials the knowledge-based components human rights citizen engagement civil society democratic governance cross-cutting themes  gender equality  elections  minority rights  inclusion of and accessibility for persons with disabilities  enfranchisement  good governance  rule of law  media literacy  digital participation  diversity  the role of money in politics  the role of youth  corruption
  4. 4. the course curriculum and text materials interactive civic education teaching methodologies student action projects Three-pronged Learning Approach: Knowledge Skills Values and attitudes
  5. 5. “Democracy and Citizenship” 2011 “Democracy: from Theory to Practice” fall 2018 IFES’ Civic Education Course for Universities Kyiv Lviv KharkivVinnytsiaTernopil
  6. 6. Impactunderstandings of: developed skills: the role of government in a democracy the rights of citizens processes to protect human rights the role of civil society the ability to critically analyze information consider issues from multiple perspectives make informed decisions work cooperatively with others to achieve a goal “…if some group of people wants to achieve something there is no limit for them.” “…I started thinking more about helping other people.” “…you don’t have to be a public official to change something.” “I am more than I was before. I am proud of the experience I got from the course.”