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The 13th Warrior Book Info


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The 13th Warrior Book Info

  1. 1. The 13th Warrior Book InfoPersonality FAQ Blogs:http://JesseRegan.comhttp://VivianSchiller.comRuth asks…Who else loves The 13th Warrior?The 13th Warrior is my favorite movie of all time. The book (Eaters of the Dead) is also great,but for some reason I can’t get enough of the movie. I’ve heard that it was significantly cutdown when there were problems with the director and writer, which makes me wonder if therewill ever be a special edition or director’s cut release on DVD.Either way, I absolutely love this movie. It’s my favorite interpretation of Beowulf (though therecently released movie Beowulf & Grendel was also excellent).Who else totally loves this movie?John McTiernan Fans answers:LOVE IT. Had my hesitations at first, but my dad actually got me into watching it over dinneronce. Was very pleasantly suprised, and he and I got into fights of “who actually owned” theDVD until I bought my own copy! 1/6
  2. 2. Mary asks…Characters become proficient at something from reading book orseeing example?What are some movies where a character has become proficient at something just by reading abook or watching someone else do it, etc.? And I don’t mean that the character has studiedand practiced for years; not gradual but more sudden. For example, in the movie Limitless theguy suddenly realizes he can fight after remembering some kung fu movies he’s watched. AndI don’t mean a sports training montage either, there’s too many to count. But somethingalong the lines of The 13th Warrior where the guy quickly learns to speak Viking would be fine.John McTiernan Fans answers:PHENOMENON (1996) 2/6
  3. 3. Robert asks…does anyone know of the 13th century german warrior monks?I had read in a book regarding martial arts around the world that in 13th century germany therewas a monastery of monks who were renowned warriors, so much so that knights would travelfrom all over christendom to challenge them, but they were so competent with weapons thatknights would ask for no weapon tournaments.This to me was fascinating as it resembled so much the shaolin monks of China.Does anyone have any more in depth understanding of this subject?I can add that it is not the tutonic knights, these were purely monks and never (to myknowledge) strayed from there monestary.John McTiernan Fans answers:You’re perhaps thinking about the Teutonic Knights here, who were based at Koningsburg(now Kaliningrad in Russia).This order of Warrior Knights were formed to provide the nucleus of an army to fight theNorthern Crusades, between roughly 1100 and 1300. Briefly put, it was an affront to religiousleaders in Europe that so much of the countries on the northern fringes of Europe remainedpagan after having had every opportunity to accept Christianity. So the order to crusade wentout, to go into Eastern Poland, the Ukraine, Byellorussia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland,and offer the pagans a choice: death or Christianity.As always, there were other motives for crusading: from the Pope’s point of view, getting thislast bunch of pagans into the Roman Catholic fold would stengthen his hand and weaken theOrthodox Church in its heartland. (Even today, the status of Catholics in Russia is still a point ofargument between the two churches – this dates from then!Land-grabbing was another – this was the birth of Germany’s national obsession with“lebensraum” and the “drang nach osten” that saw its lunatic extreme in WW2. Hitler never 3/6
  4. 4. invented a national drive for war and conquest in the East – it predated him by a good 700years.The Teutonic Order was at the head of this crusading, and as it lived and operated on the veryfringes of Europe, it had ample opportunity to make a peace of its own with Ghengiz Khan’sMongols. This allowed for its members to travel in peace into the East in the following centuriesand bring back what they learnt there. As a fighting order they did attract knights from all overEurope and were one of the two or three Orders who were highly renowned for prowess inwarfare.As Terry Jones pointed out, the old Knight who travelled to Canterbury with Chaucer’s pilgrimswas, by inference a member of the Teutonic Order, or at least close to them, as the poemrecites a list of battles which can be identitfied as ones belonging to the Teutonic Order.The Order finaly died in March 1945 when the Russians captured Koningsberg and destroyedthe castle which for several hundred years had been its headquarters.Betty asks…What are you’re top 5 movies of all time?Most people have a large amount of favourite movies. But when it comes to narrowing themdown to a top 5 they find it hard.I grew up with fantasy films such as harry potter, but there are 8 of them, and im not too surethat now im 16 none of them would be in my top 5. So after much concideration here is mine:1) Shawshank Redemption2)Gladiator 4/6
  5. 5. 3)3004)National Treasure5) Law abiding citizenBut to be honest im not happy with the list, there are atleast 10 other films which i think deserveto be in my top 5 (which obviously all cant). I love 13th Warrior, the Book of Eli, Dog soldiers,national treasure book of secrates, Saving Private Ryan, and a huge amount of comedys.But what makes the top 5 hard for me are the trilogy’s such as Lord of the Rings, Rush Hour….the Sagas such as Lethal weapon and Harry Potter. And best of all the Fast and furiousmovies.But it just goes to show even though we all have favourite movies its hard to squeeze them intoa top 5.WHAT IS YOUR TOP 5???thank you.MarkAnd how could i forget Indiana Jones and James bond :LJohn McTiernan Fans answers:1.Resident Evil All of them2. Hangover3.Die hard4.Lethal weapon5.To catch a mockingbirdDaniel asks… 5/6
  6. 6. Cricton’s 13th Warrior (Eaters of The Dead)? Is the book as good/better/worse than the movie. John McTiernan Fans answers: The book is much better. But I liked the movie as well. They should have kept the same name. Might have brought better box office sales. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Relationship Problems? Consult The 13th Warrior Book Info 6/6Powered by TCPDF (