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Lh Testosterone


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Lh Testosterone

  1. 1. Lh TestosteroneUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgLisa asks…after clomid(clomiphene) treatment for a week, testosterone, LH, &FSH have gone up – is it enough?i’ve had symptoms of hypogonadism/pituitary/testosterone deficiency for years since a headinjury. i recently started clomid to try and kickstart my system and have my body produceenough hormones itself. my scores on 6.25.2007, before treatment were as follows :FSH : 3.1LH : 3.2testosterone : 275after one week of clomiphene treatment, have the following numbers :FSH : 6.0LH : 11Testosterone : 440does this put me in the normal range for an otherwise healthy 27 year old male? or am i stilldeficient? should i stick with clomiphene treatment or should i push harder on testosteronereplacement therapy?over the week of treatment i didn’t notice much of an improvement in secondary sexualcharacteristics or libido, if at close ARE the numbers 275 & 440 anyway? is that really a large improvement? the labnumbers normal range is 280-800 ng/dL… is 440 appropriate for a 27 year old male who hassymptoms of hypogandism/testosterone deficiency?thanks! 1/6
  2. 2. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Regarding your question on testosterone level:Of course there is an improvement! You’ve gone from below normal range to close to themiddle. Note that it is just a range. Thus you are now on the normal level.Maybe you also need to determine the normal range for FSH and LH.I do not know if it is good to be staying long on testosterone replacement. You know that yourbody produces it. Having an induced level might signal to your body that it produces much and itmight not increase its level on its own.Still you need to consult your doctor regarding the other characteristics that you mentioned. D:Jenny asks…hormones (TRH, TSH, STEROIDS, GLUCAGON, ADH, INSULIN, LH,FSH, TESTOSTERONE)?hormones (TRH, TSH, STEROIDS, GLUCAGON, ADH, INSULIN, LH, FSH, TESTOSTERONE)can you tell me the following for each of them:1. produced in2. effector/target cells 2/6
  3. 3. 3. response in effector cellsPregnancy Advisor’s answers:TRH= asks…LH and Testosterone levels High? What could this mean?Had blood tests done and this is the result above! They said they cant tell me much from theblood tests so they have booked me in for a scan to look at my ovaries.I have been trying for a baby but had no luck, my periods are also very irregular, its been 5 andhalf weeks since my last one and im not pregnant. 3/6
  4. 4. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Probably polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)Ruth asks…what is LH, Testosterone and PSH???hi therecan you plz telle what are those tests all about and what exactly do the doctors do to the personhow’s teaking ‘emplsthank a lotPregnancy Advisor’s answers:La testosterona es una hormona masculina la cual ayuda a desarrollar el fisico o la complexionde cada hombre—-fuerte delgado , musculoso, promedio. Etc…..—–.saludos reina. 4/6
  5. 5. Mandy asks…When LH acts to produce testosterone, which in turn stops theproduction of LH, this is know as?a. hormone regenerationb. feedback controlc. hormone activationd. countercurrent exchangePregnancy Advisor’s answers:B. The feedback control would act to obtain homeostasis within the body to regualatetestosterone manufacturingCarol asks… 5/6
  6. 6. Which of the following happens when sufficient or excess testosterone is present in the blood of a male? A. FSH is secreted, leading to increased production of LH & Excess testosterone is converted to estradiol and DHT B. Excess testosterone is converted to estradiol and DHT C. FSH is secreted, leading to increased production of LH D. GnRH is inhibited, leading to decreased production of LH and FSH & Excess testosterone is converted to estradiol and DHT E. GnRH is inhibited, leading to decreased production of LH and FSH Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: E is true idk about whether or not its converted to estradiol and DHT… So either e or d… Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge Lh Testosterone 6/6Powered by TCPDF (