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Lh Surge And Ovulation Boy


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Lh Surge And Ovulation Boy

  1. 1. Lh Surge And Ovulation BoyUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgLisa asks…SOMEONE WHO KNOW ABOUT CONCEIVING AND OVULATION!!?i know it shouldnt matter but im hoping to conceive a boy, if i had an LH surge on the 21/04 buthad intercourse 10 hours later would that be wishful thinking to assume it could be a boy?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I think you’ve done a great job at timing babydancing close to ovulation, I should think you’vedone all that you can to ‘tip the odds’ in your favour as they do say the male sperm are quickerto reach their destination but die sooner than the female sperm.Of course, I’m sure you’re aware that nature can work in mysterious ways! I wouldn’t assumeif you’ve conceived this cycle it will be a boy, but stay hopeful anyway A lot of research hasbeen done into this (e.g. Dr Shettles) but there are still conflicting theories around about this.There are even special diets people swear by! At the end of the day, it all has to do with theman’s sperm and the quantity of male / female swimmers can decide the sex of your baby.Good luck **** 1/7
  2. 2. Susan asks…Clearblue Fertility Monitor Users : How long does the “HIGH”fertility bar usually last?Hi … My wife and I are planning to conceive a baby boy and according to Shettles Method, weshould try concieving as close as possible to ovulation. So when my wife tests ( say on day 13) and conception meter reads HIGH .. do I wait another day? 2 days? before we do the deed?The way O understand it, when there is a high LH surge, monitor would read HIGH .. but whenLH surge kicks, Shettles says you should wait 12-24 more hours because ovulation will occur12-24 hours after initial LH surge.Or should we go for it once the monitor reads HIGH? Which goes back to my original question many days does HIGH reading on the monitor happend?Thanks …JayPregnancy Advisor’s answers:I tested regularly for a year. My high fertility lasted 3 days and the had 2 peak days and then 1day of high again. 2/7
  3. 3. Ruth asks…trying the shettles method for a boy?i got a lh surge at 1:30pm and 10:30pm yesterday (9/12/09) book says to test 2 times a day. Itsays that ovulation should happen about 24 hours from ur 1st surge. my husband had 2 cupsof strong coffee at 12:15 last nigh we had intercourse at around 12:40 am. some seman cameout of me but, we had not had intercourse 4 days prior. So there was a lot of it in me already. Sowe had intercourse within the 24 hour time before ovulation.What i want to know is should i do it again early afternoon today (9/13/09), or not? please helpme i am not sure. Would this help me chances?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:It wont hurt to try again this afternoon. 3/7
  4. 4. Donna asks…OPK Test, Are they Acurate?My wife and I are actively trying to get pregnant. we are pushing for a girl since we have 2 boys.just for fun she started using OPK to test for ovulation. The test she took on CD 15 to me lookspositive. the One for CD 16 has faded out. per this test alone I would say her LH has surgedand ovulation is 12-36 hours away from CD 15 test.Along with the OPK test she has been checking her temp and there was an increase from CD15 to CD16 and the Cervical Mucus had dried up, and is not as stretchy. aren’t these signs thatshe has ovulated.Could she have had 2 LH surges and Not known it?Help me I am just a confused man….Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:All signs point to ovulation sometime on cd15 or early cd16.If she is a regular cycler, there is no reason to believe she has had 2 LH surges (that would beabnormal).Good luck! 4/7
  5. 5. Sharon asks…TTC baby number two — questions?My husband and i are TTC second child…we started trying last month and then on the 3rd ofthis month i got AF. So…i have decided to use an ovulation kit this month because im hopingto get pregnant right away. My question is:How soon after detecting the LH surge should i have sex? And late will be too late afterdetecting?Also– a lot of people are telling me ill probably get a boy by having sex after detecting lh surgeis this true?thanks!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Once you have detected your LH surge with an OPK, you should ovulate within 12-36 hours.You should BD as soon as you get the postitive. Not within the next 5 minutes, but soon.Are you also charting your BBT’s? If so, you should BD every day once you get the positive,until you notice the thermal shift.They say to have a girl, you should have sex two or more days before you are expecting yourovulation. To have a boy, do not have sex until the day before or the day OF ovulation.But…that’s not set in stone. It’s just more LIKELY to happen that way.Good luck!! 5/7
  6. 6. Linda asks…For those of you that have used OPK’s, did you notice they wereconsistent?I’m just curious. I used OPK’s this past cycle and for me, they “faded” into a positive on Day 16of my cycle. It was negative again on Day 17. So I must have ovulated sometime between Day16 and 17.Anyways, I know some women get positive OPK’s for days at a time, and some women only getthe LH surge for less than a day. Now since my surge only lasted a day (or less), is it safe toassume it will do that next cycle too?The reason I’m asking, this past cycle hubby and I had sex the morning AFTER a positive OPK(the OPK was negative that morning) and now I just started my dreaded period. So we were toolate.So for ME, once I have a positive… I must ovulate shortly after since my “surge” doesn’t lastlong. So does that mean my surge will “always” be short?I’m sorry if this is confusing. I’m just trying to plan things better next cycle! For fun, we’re tryingfor a boy (already have a 15 month old baby girl) so we’re trying to time intercourse as closeto ovulation as possible.Thanks!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:The egg lasts for 24 hours, so it’s best to try to have sex within 12 hours of getting your surge(since you don’t test every hour of the day, when you do get the surge, it may have beenpositive hours before but you didn’t know because you didn’t test… Hope that made sense!).My surges were different… Sometimes the line would gradually get darker and sometimes not. Itdepends on how diluted your pee is and how much LH the test actually picks up.I also suggest having sex before you think you will surge… If you can feel your ovaries ‘working’ 6/7
  7. 7. or you think it’s about the right day… Just to be on the safe side., Good luck Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge Lh Surge And Ovulation Boy 7/7Powered by TCPDF (