Lh Surge Before Period


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Lh Surge Before Period

  1. 1. Lh Surge Before PeriodUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgLinda asks…LH surge and sex the day before? Please advise girls?Hey so I have this 7 day ovulation test kit that my sis in law gave me cause praise God she gotpregnant like right away. I used them for a few days and never got a positive result. My husbandand I have been having marital problems ( not all that serious, but enough that we should see acouselor) There is just WAY too much stress in our lives and it is killing us…figure of speech.Anyways, we stil love eachother and wound up having good sex (omg) on Oct 14th at about 5am. BTW my period started Oct 2nd and lasted about 6 days, geeez.The next day I decided to take another one of those ovulation tests partly cause I am curious. Itcame out with two pink lines, similar to the test line. The other 3 I took was always a tiny faintother line and a dark positive one. What does this mean? Oh, and if helps any, usually after wehave sex and when I was on birth control, I would get up afterwards and go sit on the toiletso…..I won’t go into detail but I am sure we know what happens after full on sex with noprotection.It is not that we don’t want a baby, we are just having money problems and live in a nice onebedroom apt. I would be thrilled and love that baby more than anything, but I am also scared.Please give me an honest answer of what you think can/will/could of happenend. I trust youguys.Thank youPregnancy Advisor’s answers: 1/7
  2. 2. Could of happened hun. If you ovulated the next day and had sex the night before it could be.Sperm can last up to 5 days in you. My doc suggested haveing sex every other day during yourfertile time. So it is very well possible. Although i am not all for getting pregnant if you are havinga hard time because that will just add more stress, i still think that you will never be readyenough to have a baby. I am a little worried about what the future might hold, but i am ready fora family and willing to do what i need to do to get through. I hope you and your hubby get better.Good luck and baby dust!Susan asks…Cramping off & on 6 days before period?Ok so my lmp was June 23rd, I was using the opk starting on the 1st of July and detected lhsurge on the 6th of July. I had sex from the 3rd til the 9th of July becuz I am ttc. My period isdue July 21st with a 28 day cycle but since July 16th I have been having menstrual like crampsbut no blood at all. Its still happening today, could this be implantation becuz I neverexperienced anything like this before. I always get my cramps the day my MP starts!!!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:You could be having a weeks before menstrual cramps, its never happened before & since yourmind is set on ttc then your body would act like it even if your no, its called implanting bleeding,pinkish discharge, if you get that in the next 3days Congrats but if not wait until your periodcomes, 2/7
  3. 3. Mary asks…18DPO +opk -hpt what can this mean?k so I’m 18dpo and I’ve been testing with hpt’s every other day and last night I bought firstresponse and tested this morning and got a negative and I also tested with a opk and got a darkpositive… it was light at first then got dark. so some women use opk’s as a pregnancy indicatorbut I’ve been getting negative hpt’s so I’m not sure what this means? can anyone help? do uthink I could still be pregnant but its just not showing up?I’ve also read that u can have a lh surge before ur period comes but I’m not sure why.no I’m positive I’m O’ing. I don’t O this late in my cycle. and yes 18 days ago I did get apositive opk. I’m currently on cd29 as I have long cycles. so af (period) should be here any daynow but she hasn’t showed yet and I have no signs of her at all. normally I get the cramps andthe sore bbs. also opk’s can pick up the hcg hormone as its alot like the lh hormone. but its nota sure way to detect pregnancy but many women have done it and were pregnant.sorry I meant I’m positive I’m *NOT O’ing hahaoh my goodness! I can’t type tonight lol I’m on cd 39thanks J T. ya I know that I could have got a +opk but not realeased an egg. I just don’t O thislate in my cycle as af was due today. my cycles are normally 33-39 days. that would be neat ifthats what was really happening. really crazy but I doubt it. I will let u know what I find outthough =)Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: 3/7
  4. 4. A positive OPK means your body is producing hormones needed for ovulation, they aren’t thesame as HPT. HPT’s test for HCG levels. Sounds more like you are just now ovulating orgetting ready to in the next day or two. My cycles can vary so much that I can ovulate on CD 7one month and CD 21 the next and CD 14 the next and so on and so on. So are you 100% sureyou are really 18DPO? Did you have a positive OPK 18 days ago?Maria asks…LH SURGE LINE QUESTION! confused…………?Funny thing happened to me, day before yesterday my LH surge line was not dark like thereference line but prominent and did the BD anyway! yesterday i checked the OPK and my LHsurge line was half dark and half light.. i didn’t think it meant anything.. but i still went aheadwith the BD! today i checked again and my LH surge line has gone veryyyy light!!! wonder whatthat means… should i check againtomorrow??both times i checked around 8pm… and had not peed at least 3 hours prior to testing..my last period was 10th april, and my cycle is around 28-32 days.Please put your two cents inPregnancy Advisor’s answers: 4/7
  5. 5. I think you should test again but wait until later i would later because it maybe to early to tellMandy asks…can you still have a LH surge or ovulate and also be pregnant ?On jan. 14 i ovulatedOn jan 27( 13 days after ovulation) i had spotting and i looked like it was a normal period but ihad lower abdomen pain and soreness (which i never had cramps before with periods) onlylasted 4 days .And i have showed some other signs of pregnancy but all of us know that thosesigns can be caused bye a bunch of different things . and my scheduled period wasn’t dueuntil Feb. 2nd.i Have continued taking OVULATION testRecieved a positive result feb. 8 .Now my question is “CAN YOU STILL OVULATE OR HAVE A LH SURGE EVEN THOUGH WEMIGHT OF CONCEIVED ON JAN.14?but that ovulation test could be reading my hcg hormone too right. cause the hormones hcg andlh are very similar ?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:The ovulation test could most definitely be picking up HCG. It was explained to me this way.Imagine that HCG is a clown with a hat and LH is a clown with a wig. HPT’s test for hats….so itonly picks up pregnancy, not ovulation. However, OPK’s test for clowns, so it could bedetecting either a LH surge or HCG. Make sense?? 5/7
  6. 6. Good luck!Edit: In other words, the OPK could be picking up a pregnancy. I had a bunch of OPK strips leftover after I got pregnant with this baby and did test with an OPK after I knew I was pregnant. Itcame out positive!Donna asks…Can i still have a LH surge when pregnant ?jan. 14 i ovulated on jan 27( 13 days after ovulation) i had spotting and i looked like it was anormal period but i had lower abdomen pain and soreness (which i never had cramps beforewith periods) only lasted 4 days .And i have showed some other signs of pregnancy but all of usknow that those signs can be caused bye a bunch of different things . and my scheduled periodwasn’t due until Feb. 2nd. i Have continued taking OVULATION test and recieved a positiveresult feb. 8 . i am going to be taking a PREGNANCY TEST on Feb 14. and i am really hopingthat i will show positive . so can i still have a LH surge and still be pregnant .please help .Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:If it was really positive, you may be pregnant! HCG is similar to LH and will make an OPKpositive. Some women do get a small increase in LH before their period though. 6/7
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