Q & A On No Lh Surge Detected


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Q & A On No Lh Surge Detected

  1. 1. Q & A On No Lh Surge DetectedUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgSharon asks…LH Surge detected Dec 30th, Still no period?Can you detect an LH Surge but still not actually ovulate? I have taken 3 HPT’s and gottenALL BFN’s…Last period was Dec 15th, so today (1/16/2012) is cycle day 33. Any advice?I had to have provera in Dec because I hadn’t had a period in a month, but that was the firstinstance. I bought a different HPT, gonna test tomorrow and Thursday or maybe Fridaymorning…if I still get negatives, I am calling the dr friday to either have a blood test or have themgive me more provera. Thanks! =)Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Well how long are your cycles usually? Go to the doctor and get a blood test which is moreaccurate! 1/5
  2. 2. Linda asks…There were 3 distinct lines on my clear blue easy digital ovulationtest. No LH surge detected. Why 3 lines?I took a test 2 days ago. There were 2 lines, no LH surge. Today, when I took the test, therewere 3 lines showing. Whats with the 3rd line? This is my first month using the product and Irealize that you are supposed to go by ‘smiley face’ or ‘no smiley face’ but Im curious about thelines… Id call clear blue easy but its the weekend and all I get are after hours responses. PS: Mylast cycle began 4/10/08. My periods are every 34 days, on time. I took a early detection preg.test after seeing the 3 lines, negative. So now Im really curious why 3 lines show vs 2 and no,the 2nd line isnt a run-off to make the 3rd, there are 3 distinct lines. The 2 are close to eachother and the 3rd is the test line. Thanks!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I’m not sure, but you might try www.peeonastick.com. She has lots of information about OPKsand HPTs. 2/5
  3. 3. Laura asks…lh surge detected, but no ewcm?I am on clomid and I’ve been taking ovulation tests everyday, I’ve had 3 positive ovulationtests but no eggwhite. WhY?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Clomid dries up your cervical mucus–makes “hostile” mucus that doesn’t want to let spermswim. Femara is similar to clomid, but with the exception that it does not dry up your mucus likeClomid does.You can:1) do IUI’s while on Clomid—bypass the unfriendly mucus2) switch to Femara3) use something like Pre-seed, which is a sperm friendly lubricant to help sperm swimGood luck-baby dust to you!Donna asks… 3/5
  4. 4. No lh surge detected, late af and bfn? whats up?I have 31 day cycles on average and usually detect surge on the 17th and 18th. This month bdevery second day and everyday in fertile time even though never got a positive opk. Af is now 2days late and BFN this morning. Cervix is high, hard and wet.Could I be pregnant? Need advice as having a tooth extracted next week and cant change theapp plus need high dosages of the numbing agent as aparently the normal doses just dontnumb me. No Doc app available until day after extraction and cant change extarction as it ispainful and no other app for another month after.Can I still be pregnant?dont know if i mucked up opk. was not testing same as last cycles tried testing at other times ofday mybe i had too diluted urine i dont know.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:It’s fine for you to have a tooth extracted even if you are pregnant. The anesthetics won’t effectbub if there is one. Just don’t take ibuprofen as a pain relief after as it has been linked tomiscarriage. Just tell the dentist you might be pregnant.Lisa asks…Just detected LH surge, does this mean everythings ok? 4/5
  5. 5. My hubby and I have been ttc for 6 months now, and I post a question earlier “question about PCOS, ovulation tests etc, please help”. I wasn’t detecting an LH surge on my Clearblue digital monitor and yesterday didn’t bother doing it, so not sure if it was positive yesterday but today (after being told not to do it first thing but to wait and do it around lunchtime) and i did, it came up positive, yeah!!!!! So at least now I know. It was around the time I was thinking I ovulate anyway, as I normally get small nagging pains around day 14 and 15 – I am on a 27 / 28 day cycle. So does this mean I am ovulating ok and that I don’t have PCOS (somebody said I might have it because I wasn’t detecting an LH surge! Don’t know why somebody would try and put that in someones head so early on in trying. I’m not overweight, always have regular periods, no excess hair etc etc. I’m feeling much more positive now it’s been detected and that we can carry on trying around mid cycle. D So does everything sound all ok to you? Also, can you get pregnant if you have sex 2 to 3 days before the surge is detected? As I had sex on Saturday morning, then detected my surge on Monday. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: HI SUMMER, 6 MONTH IS VERY NORMAL. AFTER DETECTING AN LH SURGE YOU WILL OVULATE 12-36HOURS,LOTS OF BD. KEEP US UPDATED PLZ GOOD LUCK Powered by Yahoo! AnswersAnswering Your Questions on LH Surge http://LHSurge.org Q & A On No Lh Surge Detected 5/5Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)