Lh Hormone Surge And Pregnancy


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Lh Hormone Surge And Pregnancy

  1. 1. Lh Hormone Surge And PregnancyUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgBetty asks…OHHhhhhh NOOOOOOoooooo!!?Haha just kidding lol but I had to draw your attention didn’t I?Okay I have a Clearblue monitor question- can the test sticks pick up a pregnancy? There are2 possible blue lines on the stick, the one closest to the pee end is the Lh line and the secondis the estrogen line. Today I looked at the LH line which is now darker than the estrogen line.Under normal circumstances it would seem that the LH surge is going to happen to triggerovulation…but this is Day 21 of my cycle and I’m pretty sure ovulation happened already. Ihear the LH hormone is almost identical to the HcG hormone… is it possible the blue line onthe Clearblue test stick is the pregnancy hormone? Btw I also took a First Response test- BFNtoday. So is it possible the Clearblue stick picked it up sooner?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I use the monitor too, as far as I’m concerned they only detect ovulation.On day 21 the test asked you to test? How long or short are your cycles? 1/6
  2. 2. Helen asks…if pregnant, could there still be a line on the OPK?If you are pregnant, would your opk sticks be invalid? Does the pregnancy hormone cause younot to have a LH surge? I have been doing opk and think might be pregnant(by way feel) andhaven’t seen a line next to the control line at all. I am almost done with sticks.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:If a pregnant woman uses an Ovulation test it will be positive.Http://www.peeonastick.com/opkhpt.htmlSusan asks… 2/6
  3. 3. What Happens Next PCOS sufferer?Me and my partner have been trying to conceive for about 3 years on and off. Recently i wentto the doctor with my concerns and had a ultra sound scan which said i had poly cysticovaries…. Truly heart breaking!This month i have been having all the hormone blood test FSH and LH surge on day 3 andprogesterone on day 21.I have my results back on Thursday, we already know i have poly cystic ovaries, has any bodygot any idea of what will happen next?Good luck to all trying to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy to people that have beenblessed.MichellexPregnancy Advisor’s answers:I’m not certain what will happen next for you, but don’t be heartbroken. I have PCOS and hadtwo children without trying. (I’m not trying to rub this in, I hope you realize that.) Each time that Iconceived, I had rapidly dropped weight. My mother conceived me the same way. Many peopleI know who have PCOS found that eating low carb helped them begin to ovulate normally. Manyothers found that Metformin combined with low-carb diets helped them conceive. There are a lotof much more extreme treatments available, but don’t overlook the simple ones, you mightsave yourself a lot of time, money, and anxiety. I wish you the best of luck no matter what routeyou take.Lisa asks… 3/6
  4. 4. need answers..please?The first day of my last period was Sept 29. My cycle is irregular. I did an ovulation predictorand it showed a light LH surge ON the 18-19 and i ran out of sticks, so i might have ovulatedsometime after those dates. From Oct 29-Nov 6 i was spotting brown, two day out of that week,i didnt spot at all. Since Nov 7 i started getting thin white discharge and i also had it Nov 8 whichwas yesterday. two days ago i took a blood test and it showed 1.5 HCG. someone told me totest after the brown spotting was done,so the hormone can start producing, the day i tested iwas spotting very little. The Doctor said i might of had an ectopic pregnancy, but she did apelvic exam and said that i was bloated, but im not having an ectopic preg. i though by then iwas going to start my period but the bloating went away. Ive been having off and on headachesfor the past week. I dont feel like my period is coming, what do you think?? do you think i testedtoo early?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:My HCG was a 1.5 as well three weeks after my missed period and then 3 weeks later my HCGhormone was over 5000 showing that I was pregnant. Sometimes women just don’t hae enufhormone to show. I believe u could still very well be pregnant–happened to meSharon asks… 4/6
  5. 5. Can I Be Pregnant? When should i test? Please Help Me?I had a natural miscarriage that started 8/2 ( i was 4 weeks). I stopped bleeding by 8/7. On 8/11my HCG hormone was back to zero (because i didn’t have any complications my ob/gyn said ican try to conceive as soon as the bleeding stopped). I brought a digital ovulation test becauseit is very important for me to conceive again. I got a LH surge on 8/21 and on 8/22 when itested again i did not have a surge. On 8/21 & 8/22 my husband and i had sex. What are mychances that i conceived? And how soon can i take a pregnancy test? If i’m not pregnantwhen should i expect a period.p.s we also had sex on every other day since 8/12. PLEASE HELP ME.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:You have about a 25% chance of conceiving every month if no fertility issues are present.You should have your period around Sept 5th.Laura asks…Safe to try again?I know I just posted a question..but my LH surge was detected today. So I am excited to starttrying with my husband again. We did go through a miscarriage just about 2 weeks ago. Is itsafe to try again? I didnt need a D & C and my hormone levels were at less than 2 on Apirl 28.I was 5 weeks along when I had my miscarriage. 5/6
  6. 6. We want to try again and are very excited that I am ovulating like tomorrow. we tried yesterday and We are wanting to today, Sunday and Monday..possibly Tuesday But are our chances good to get pregnant? I heard you are most fertile after a miscarriage and pregnancy? Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: First of all I am really sorry to hear about your M/C, I know how devistated you must have been!! If you are Ovulating I say go for it. Your body is obviously ready since it has started your normal cycle again. I don’t see any reason that you shouldn’t! Have fun Baby Dancing!! I wish you the best! Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge http://LHSurge.org Lh Hormone Surge And Pregnancy 6/6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)