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Georgetown Hotels

  1. 1. Georgetown HotelsVisit Pulau Pinang http://PulauPinang.orgLaura asks…Washington DC accomodations for parents & 15 year old son?We are taking our teenage son to Washington DC in April. I’d like to find a rental condo or“suite” hotel that would allows us to have separate sleeping spaces and a small kitchenette. Iprefer in the city and/or Georgetown and under $300/night. Any thoughts?Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:Look at Georgetownsuites.comI’ve not stayed there, but hear they are real nice.They advertise the first night “starting” at under $185, and the 2nd night is “the outdoortemperature at the time of check-in”.April is a fantastic time to visit DC.Every highway median all over DC is just full of daffodils, etc. Azaeleas everywhere. The townjust lights up in the Spring.Driving over Key Bridge, and out George Washington Parkway, towards McLean is a lovelydrive in April.And, while you’re in McLean, try Evans Farm Inn restaurant,or you can go over to Langley, to visit the CIA headquarters……Okay, maybe not that last part.Enjoy your visit! 1/7
  2. 2. Mark asks…Hotel near mass transit: Washington DC?I am going to Washington DC in April for 3 nights. We are driving there but don’t want to driveonce we get there. We want to see things like the Spy Museum, Capital, Mint, Chinatown, WhiteHouse, FBI Museum, Smithsonian, etc…I went onto a few sites and I can easily find a hotel but I don’t know what area I should belooking in…there seems to be many Virginia Hotels listed and then Washington seems to besplit into Dupont Circle, Georgetown, Downtown and Capital Hill.I am completely confused. Can someone please give me advise? In the description of thehotels, what should it say it is near (as far as transportation)?I would obviously prefer to stay IN Washington but if it is going to cost a ton of money to leavethe car parked in the hotel for 3 days, I would have no problem staying in a hotel outside ofWashington but near some kind of transportation that will get us easily into Washington.Thanks in advance!Cuti-cuti Malaysia answers:It’s hard to say, as your question is rather general. If your hotel is near a Metro station, it willprobably say so. Many stations in Northern Virginia will indicate shuttle service to a Metrostation. Some hotels have more reliable shuttles than others, though. Hotels in DC are alwaysgoing to be more expensive than those in the suburbs. 2/7
  3. 3. Dupont Circle, Georgetown, Capitol Hill (note the “O”) are neighborhoods in Washington, DC.There is also a Metro station at Dupont Circle, and there are several serving the generalizeddowntown. There is no Metro in Georgetown, for various reasons, but it’s about a 15- to20-minute walk to either the Rosslyn Metro (just over the bridge in Virginia) or Foggy Bottom,both on the Orange and Blue lines.You are smart not to want to drive while you are here, as parking in DC is difficult to find, andthe drivers are crazy.You can also check out for more Information on using the Metro system.Charles asks…I realize that this is more of a social section type question: butthere are more military people who live ..?in and around DC that would know what a good hotel in walking distance to the smithsonian, thevietnam war memorial and the train to Arlington? plus some good coffee shops in georgetownor arlington or somewhere close by?yes I believe you are right. To stay right in town is expensive and for multimillionaires. *sighlottery money where are you? LOLCuti-cuti Malaysia answers: 3/7
  4. 4. Stay outside the beltway. Nobody in their right mind (except maybe Bill Gates) stays more thana couple of days inside. Do it only if you have money to burn. If it’s close to anything, you’llprobably pay through the nose.There used to be a Harrington Hotel. If it’s still there it’s kind of a monument itself. As I recall,it’s pretty close to a lot of stuff. Never stayed there, but heard about it. Had a bite to eat there acouple of times. Nothing spectacular.I was in DC on a couple occasions for a total of about six years. I suspect the least expensiveway is to get on some guided tour. The next least expensive would be to do a bed and breakfastin Virgina or Maryland and rent a car… But watch the circles. In DC they have this oddity called a“circle.” It usually has some monument or something in the middle. The traffic goes around the“circle” in one direction. I seem to recall it’s counter clockwise. Radiating out from the circle arestreets. Most of them have their own turn lanes. If you miss the turn, you have to go aroundagain. That’s why a tour’s probably a good idea. You don’t get lost. You see the sights. Onceyou get an overview, you can take a couple days or so to go back to places of interest.The last time I was there was in 1980. I retired from the Navy in 1985 and have had noparticular desire to go back.If you’re going to one of the Smithsonian museums, I think each one would take a week to doproperly. In the time I was there I only visited one once… Just to say I’d been there.Having lived and worked in the place, I did more traveling and sightseeing outside the area.Took a train to NYC. Drove up to New Hampshire in the fall. Stayed at a buddy’s place inVirginia Beach for a few days while he was deployed. Compared to the West Coast, the water’swarm. I did visit a few touristy places… Like Yorktown and Williamsburg.Mary asks… 4/7
  5. 5. Help in identifying right hotel in the Washington ConventionCenter Washington DC?I am scheduled to attend an event at Washington DC convention cetner at following address.801 Mount Vernon Place NorthwestWashington, DC 20001-3614, United StatesHowever due to the nature of event all hotels recommended by the event organizers arerunning too high in price. So I went to to book name your price hotel in walkindistance. However as I am not local and travelling from abroad to the US, it become impossiblefor me to identify and choose area presented by the site (i.e. when I provided above address forname your price, it presented to me following 13 area in which I can do name a price offer).Alexandria EastAlexandria WestBethesda, MDConvention Ctr – Capitol Hill areaCrystal CityDC Suburbs – Northeast AreaDupont Circle -Woodley ParkGeorgetown – Foggy BottomMount VernonNational HarborSilver Spring, MDWhite House – DowntownSo I need help by someone local to give me suggestion which area should I select forsubmitting offer which may be a walking distance from convention center?Also will appreciate if you could recommend other decent in budget hotel in walking distance.Thank youCuti-cuti Malaysia answers:White House – Downtown, Dupont Circle – Woodley Park and Crystal City would be safe betsas far as being close to the Metro which will get you to the convention center.Silver Spring, Alexandria East, Georgetown – Foggy Bottom, and Bethesda would probably begood but could put you in a hotel that is not easily Metro accessible. Convention Ctr – CapitolHill is close but I’d be afraid that the string of crappy hotels on NY Ave NE would be within thatarea.Alexandria West, Mount Vernon, DC Suburbs, and National Harbor will put you much further outthan you want to be. 5/7
  6. 6. The hotels close to the convention center probably won’t be cheap since people will pay extrato be close to the center when they come in for events. I know there is a Red Roof Inn not farfrom there (on H Street NW, I believe) that might be cheaper since Red Roof Inn tends to beless fancy. There’s also a bed and breakfast in the Logan Circle neighborhood which is just afew metro stops (or a long-ish walk) from the convention center called the William Lewis Housewhich has pretty good prices.Donna asks…Restaurant suggestion for Thanksgiving Day?2 adults and a 11yr old, looking for a really nice memorable place to eat on Thanksgiving day,late afternoonish as we will be arriving that day from NC. Our hotel will be in Rosslyn but canuse metro or car, but prefer to eat nearby, possibly Georgetown? Fairly healthy food, we eat alot of different foods, does not have to be a traditonal meal! Just somewhere nice to eat, drinkand celebrate the occasion. Thank youCuti-cuti Malaysia answers:I would suggest a Buffet. Lots of variety and a good family atmosphere. Check with hotelmanagement on what the best local places would be. They always know about the area and thebest places to eat. 6/7
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