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Fertility Calendar Online

  1. 1. Fertility Calendar OnlineUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgSharon asks…Could I be pregnant? Are these early pregnancy symptoms?Hi I have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend and for the past two months, I’vebeen extremely paranoid about being pregnant.I’m 27 years old, never married, no kids, never been pregnant before, not trying to conceive,and unsure at best how I would feel about being pregnant.Hopefully you guys can tell me if I’ve been having early pregnancy symptoms or if it’s all in myhead.I thought I was preggo in November, because according to some fertility calendar online, wehad sex a lot during the week of Thanksgiving, during my optimal ovulation time.Then I had random cramping, a severe stuffy/runny nose/bad sore throat that lasted a few daysand came out of nowhere, and my period was 2 days late. It came December 16th, instead ofDecember 14th.Oh, and I had been peeing a lot, and waking up every night to pee several times, and then I had2 very vivid dreams that I was pregnant. I took a digital E.P.T. test and it was a “not pregnant.”So, then onto December 2010. I have normal 28 day cycles, mine began 12/16. We had sexquite a few times during my peak ovulation time (12/24-12/31) I lost track—it was the holidays!!!!It is 1/2/11 and I am officially in my two week wait. 1 / 10
  2. 2. Symptoms:—random cramping in my uterus—lower backache—frequent urination—heartburn! (extremely unusual. On New Years’ Eve, it was all day!)—waves of nausea (I was hungover 12/26, but my stomach has remained queasy since)—super heightened smell—random sharp pain in right breast (I never get sore boobs or breast pain)—really gassy. Sorry TMI.—some fatigue—a minor nosebleed today (extremely unusual)—constipation (and I’m usually very regular)—just feel “pregnant”–it’s like a bloated feeling—ravenous hunger (before when I don’t eat, I get fatigued. Now it’s like gnawing hunger pain)—strong aversion to alcoholI made myself a Bloody Mary yesterday and I had a strong aversion to it. Like i tried to take asip, and I swear to God, it was like my stomach was fluttering as if to say, “Don’t drink!” I triedto sip my drink twice and I couldn’t! I know that could be psychological, but it was really weird.Are any of these possible signs of pregnancy or am I just obsessive and paranoid?From all the research I’ve done on the internet, it’s wayyyyyy to early to take a homepregnancy test or go to the doctor (unless I got pregnant in November), but I also know a lot ofwomen have symptoms even before a missed period.I also know some women get their periods while pregnant, so getting mine late in Decembercould still mean I am pregnant? I spoke to my my mom and she said she always had irregularperiods, and didn’t know she was pregnant with me because she was still bleeding. My nextperiod is expected 1/13 or 1/14.Sorry I wrote a novel!Help/advice would be appreciated! Are these preggo signs? Thanks!Thanks for your advice. I do know quite a bit about sex ed, as does my 45 year old boyfriendwho hates condoms as much as I’m against birth control. I was trying to do the calendarmethod, but he travels so much for work that when he’s in town, we get busy! If I am pregnant,I’m sure it would be a happy event for us both (we’re not dumb teenagers, and we’refinancially secure, even if we weren’t planning to become parents). To all those TTC, blowingbaby dust your way! 2 / 10
  3. 3. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Sounds to me like you are.You could go to the emergency room and complain of pain in your uterus and they’ll give you aPTthat will test you HCG levels and you can see how far along you are.Helen asks…I think I’m pregnant…?I’m 16 and I come from a very white collar, middle class family. My parents have always beenpretty strict. Last year I had drinking problems and it ruined my relationship with my family.Since then I have been trying to improve my relationship with my parents and regain their trust.Anyway, I had a bad week a couple weeks ago. I cheated on my boyfriend 3 times in one week,therefore having sex with 4 guys in a week. I made a fertility calendar online and discoveredthat I was most likely ovulating during three of those days. My cycle is not regular, so I am notexactly sure which of those days I was ovulating on. So, if I am pregnant, it could be from any ofthose guys, with the exception of my boyfriend, who is infertile, which is why I’m not on BC.My period is now about 3 days late. I keep thinking that I feel cramps, but there hasn’t been anyblood. I’m thinking about getting a pregnancy test today, but I am too scared to look at theresults. I’ve always said that I would get an abortion if I ever got pregnant, but now I think that Icouldn’t kill my unborn child… But if I had the child, I wouldn’t even know who the father was.And I would want my child to have its father’s last name.If I am pregnant, how am I supposed to explain this situation to my strict parents? I need themoney for an abortion if I end up getting one. 3 / 10
  4. 4. My boyfriend is 20, he’s been having sex for about 8 years. Him and his previous girlfriendswere never protected, and he never got any of them pregnant. He’s had sex with probablyaround 30+ girls, and no pregnancies. So we’re pretty sure he’s shooting blanks.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Well, if you are – you have about 4 months to tell them before they figure it out for themselves.You might as well tell them and face the music – but first, take that test and be sure. No need toget all that grief if in fact you are not pregnant. If you slept with 5 guys in a week, I guess it’ssomething you will have to tell your parents unless your boyfriend wants to take the blamealone.How do you know for sure your boyfriend is infertile? How many 16yo guys get fertility tests, andhow many just tell the girl “don’t worry” to get some?If your cycle is somewhat unpredictable, so is ovulation. All that does is make it harder to tellwhodunnit from the timing.All you can do is wait for the child to be born and do a DNA test if the father(s) cooperate. It’s asimple swab of the inside of thecheek from baby and possible fathers, mail samples away forresults.If you end up on welfare, some places force you to identify the father so they can chase him forchild support even if you don’t want to. If you name multiple fathers, they will simply order themall to take a test.Maybe if you talk to all 4, they will each chip in for whatever you need done. Maybe they willlaugh in your face. All you can do is ask. Whether you have an abortion is entirely your decision,but if you decide to keep the child you will need your parents’ support to get by.With adult actions come adult consequences and adult decisions.Good luck. 4 / 10
  5. 5. Mandy asks…ttc looking online for a calendar?im looking online for a sort of journal of sorts that i keep keep track of my basal temps and haveit add up into a calculator and i know there are alot of premade things but my periods areirregular and thats why i finally broke down with the thermometer and i wanna get all this ontrack before my husband gets home from afghanistan as our doctor isn’t paying attention to myfiles about my fertility problems gotta love them military doctors lol jk not all are like thishowever any website that will let me write down my basal temp and add it up for me daily wouldbe great thank you oh and i know my grammar sux but i promise you will survive so go aheadand waste your time telling me to add a period and such ill just laugh and take the best answerto those who actually give me oneas before mentioned ovulation testing is rather difficult if i have an irregular period and nosymptoms so tracking it is what i need so i know i had sex on the right day as me and myhusband have a very healthy sex life no point in spending lots of money on tests that will all saynegative for a few weeks then miss the day that i do cause i test everyday but that one ive had40 day cycles before so its hard to determine ovulationPregnancy Advisor’s answers:Fertility Friend seems to be very popular. It has a great monthly chart where you can track yourtemps, cervical fluid consistency, cramps, etc. And its freeAnd in reference to the above answer, you can also track your ovulation test results on fertilityfriend. 5 / 10
  6. 6. Susan asks…ovulation help. i need to know a few things please ladies.?ok. i used many fertility calendars online, and they all basically say the same things. they allsay that i ovulate on the 11th-15th.. the 14th being THEE ovulating day.heres some helpful dates and what not that may help you help me.–my last period was on June 29th–my average cycle is 29 days–and like i said, my next “predicted” ovulation day is the 14th.i need some helpful tips, hints, anything to help me.*when should i do the baby dance.. like what days? how often?*PLEASE help. thank you ladies so much!(:ok i have a few more things to add before anyone answers..my periods are usually very long, on average like 7-8 days long, and i just got off my period lastnight which mean that my period this month was only like 3-4 days long. could it be theimmplantion bleeding even if it acted as a normal period?well.. when i say normal period it was like red, but also brown-ish color. not a normal periodsblood.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:As far as implantation bleeding i highly doubt it woulda lasted that long its ur body acting up dueto u ttc.And ovulation help i suggest BDing once everyday or at least 4 times a week so that there isalways a fresh supply of sperm there waiting for the egg. Sperm can last in ur body for about 3days sometimes as long as 5 but thats kinda risky so ur best bet is to have sex as much aspossible dont worry about the sperm count (some people say sex everyday will lower ur hubbyssperm count) as long as he is healthy its quite alright i suggest having sex every 36 hours tho or 6 / 10
  7. 7. 24 which ever u prefer.As for knowing when u ovulate start charting your cm.To do this you insert you middle finger all the way up to your cervix move it around a little andtake it out and examin your cm (cervical mucus) gross i know but anything that will help TTC isgreat. The day after ur off ur period and a couple days after that ur cm will be white and sticky(mostly) its called ur dry days but once your about 2-4 days away from OV your CM starts toturn wetter and slipperyer (usually compared to raw egg whites) it will be watery, clear (maybe abit cloudy), and stretchy (meaning it will strech between your fingers. After OV has occured itgoes back to being white sometimes a little slippery but nothing to muchAnother way to track OV is BBT (i do not use this method cuz i dont own a BBT thermometer)Basically go out to your local store and get a BBT Thermometer (basal body temp) and take urtempature every morning before you get outta bed. Since i do not use this system well itd prollybe better to look it up on google!Always remember when TTC make it fun remember that u and hubby wont have much time forit once ur bundle of joy is here so make it as fun as possible most couples make the mistake ofturning sex into a chore and thats why so many people fail at getting preg. So have fun go outcome home and have wild sex haha.Hope i helped hunTons of sticky baby dust!!!This Month Will Be YOUR Month MAMA!Sandy asks…No period since Sept. 9th, still negative htp, could this be PCOSrelated? 7 / 10
  8. 8. I have taken a ridiculous number of pregnancies tests, and broke down finally yesterday andtook a First Response, all negative, but my period is no where in sight. My last period began onor before Sept. 9th. My periods are generally pretty regular, 30 days, give or take a day or two.I got really frustrated by the negative tests around the first of the month (September), a fewdays before I was expecting my period, so we tried for 3 days in a row, and a few dayssporadically since then.I am wondering – could I have just ovulated later than I thought? I used a free-online fertilitycalendar to figure the day.Or could this be PCOS related? When I was pregnant last on the ultrasound the Dr. pointed outI had a cyst. But only one – that was 3 years ago. Or maybe I’m just obsessing because it’staking so long.I’m grateful for any advice anyone has.Oh – I said my last period was Sept. 9th and I meant to say August 9th. I thought I checkedwhat I typed carefully, but I guess not carefully enough!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:This problem is something to do with abnormality in your womb.That is causing irregular mensus.Better get remove the cyst.Then everything will be normal.Sandra asks… 8 / 10
  9. 9. Used cocaine/alcohol on Saturday, period now late… Please Help!!!?I have been off birth control (the patch) since July of this year. My cycles have been around 35days since then. My last period was on 09/13/08. Ovulated around 10/04/08 (estimated using anonline fertility calendar). Tested for pregnancy on Wednesday 10/15 (10 days past ovulation)and got a negative. Tested again on 10/18 (the day I should have started my period, 14 dayspast ovulation), and got another negative. Well, that night I drank about 2 glasses ofchampagne, 4 vodka crans and did 3-4 lines of cocaine. This is NOT the norm for me. I amfreaking out now because my period is late. It is now Tuesday afternoon and I have not started.I plan on testing again tomorrow morning My question is this: Is it possible to have pregnant onSaturday night, even with the negative test 14 dpo? If so, would the fertilized egg have evenimplanted yet and would my horrible decisions that night effect the embryo? Also, could minorcocaine use have delayed my period? I have absolutely no symptoms of pregnancy, other thanmy period is late, but I am starting to freak out about this. Please help!!!Thank you! I will try not to stress and will test again tomorrow and will call my doctor either way.I was testing last week just to make sure I wasn’t pregnant so I could enjoy my party… mightsound silly, but I wanted to make sure. We have been ttc since July and I would be so happy tobe pregnant but would much rather get that news next month when I have only healthy food andprenatal vitamins in my system, Lesson learned… I won’t be doing any of that again.Thanks for the advice!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Dont bother worrying about the effects of one night before you even knew if you were pregnant.Most women go about their normal lives during the first few weeks of pregnancy and mostbabies turn out just fine. Its really not worth the stress.As far as your dates go .. It is possible to get a false negative even on the first day of yourmissed period. If i were you i would make an appointment with your doctor to blood test if yourperiod does not show up within the next few days. Keep in mind that a blood test (if you weretested for drug use .. Which some practitioners do routinely) can show even casual cocaine useup to 10 days past indulgence in some people. (Something you might not want to have toexplain to your Doc if you are pregnant).Unless your cocaine use more than casual i highly doubt that would cause a missed period. 9 / 10
  10. 10. Relax .. Dont worry about a couple lines and a few drinks. All that matters now is, if you are in fact pregnant, the choices you make from here. Good luck .. I hope you get the result you are hoping for. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge http://LHSurge.org Fertility Calendar Online 10 / 10Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)