Fertility Calendar 3 Months


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Fertility Calendar 3 Months

  1. 1. Fertility Calendar 3 MonthsUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgDonna asks…I’ve been having unprotected sex for almost 3 1/2 years I’ve neverbecome pregnant.?I would LOVE to have kids and once I’m married to my boyfriend it will become a priority. Is thisstrange or common to have sex for several years and still nothing. No we have not beenTRYING…(i do watch a fertility calendar though) he doesn’t always pull out, and we have sex8-10 times a month. Opions, concerns, comments… ideas…THANKS!I’d like to become pregnant eventually I’m not sure if at this moment.Maybe I’m lucky to this point… or maybe I should goto the Dr.?Thank you Ashley.- I’ve wanted/needed to goto a dr. for awhile. I need to just do it. It wouldmake me feel better and if there is something wrong I’m sure if we address it now sooner thebetter.I know it seems like a long time, but we have used condoms off and on… and pulling out… we arereally charting anything and TRYING, but still you would think about 3 years something wouldhave happen noone can be THAT lucky. I guess I answered my own question =]I love alll the answers… Your all so wounderful to take the time and care to answer. =] Iappreciate it … and some of you give me hope. That’s even more great.Thanks again. I hope they keep coming =] 1/8
  2. 2. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:No one can tell you if something is wrong, however my friend had unprotected sex for 3 yearsand never got pregnant. Then one day she was having sharp pains in her back and she went tothe hospital and they told her she was 5 months pregnant. She had no clue, she was still gettinglight bleeding each month, she didnt gain weight and now her little boy is about to turn 3 so itshard to tell. She went over 3 years without getting pregnant and it just happened one day. Youmight just be getting lucky with when you are having sex. You only can get pregnant duringovulation, so if your bf is pulling out certain times then maybe you two have just been lucky andhe pulls out when you are ovulating. Good luck and once you are married and certain you wanta child and still cant get pregnant, then I would seek medical attentionRuth asks…8 months pregnant, wondering about due date?So i’m 8 1/2 months pregnant now, but i’m wondering about my due date. The doctor said mydue date is october 26th based on the ultrasound that they did at (supposedly) 7 weeks. theysaid the baby was measuring 7 weeks. the reason they couldnt figure my due date based on mylast period was because my last period was in december 22nd or so, but my period was allmessed up because i was on the pill. [if they did the due date based on last period my due datewould be 9/27]i tested negative on february 9th, then i tested positive on february 18th (home preg tests). i hadunprotected sex twice at the end of january (that i remember) and then one tiime on february3rd. but if i had conceived february 3rd (which would give me a due date of 10/26), wouldn’t thefebruary 18th test be too early to show a positive? or can 15 days after conception show a 2/8
  3. 3. positive? if not, then i’m due before october 26th!!! right? cuz i would have conceived end ofjanuary….http://www.stages-in-pregnancy.com/fertility-pregnancy-ovulation-calendar.htmlthis is the website i used to find out when i’m conceived based on due dates….Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:The ultrasound thats given that early is usually dead on, within a couple of days.Sandy asks…Moms..please help me here..need some advice?Okay…bear with me here…this may be a little long but I will do my best to keep it short andexplain my situation.I am getting a little concerned here….before Mirena and pregnancy I had a pretty solid 28-31 daycycle. I had Mirena put in July 2007 and once it regulated it’s self in Sept or so I have hadpretty regular periods on a much short cycle..about 24-26 days. They are really light but lastlonger than they used to (about 6-8 days).I know you can sometimes not get a period with Mirena but since I’ve been having one I figuredI’d continue on that path. 3/8
  4. 4. My period was due Feb 27th…and is still not here. For about a week now my breasts have beentender, and look enlarged a little, I’ve been peeing like crazy (although my water intake is a littlemore..I’ve been drinking more water for close to 3 weeks and haven’t peed this much sincestarting to drink more) and I’ve had some minor pains in my back not to mention more bowelmovements. Plus I feel more snack-ish lately and am hungrier between meals. (I have beendieting and using portion control for 2 months now and did not have that problem at all)It’s strange to say this but this but what is the possibility Mirena failed me and that I gotpregnant? We had sex last month and www.babyzone.com fertility calendar says it was withinmy most fertile period of time, and think it may have been my most fertile day..I took a Dollar Tree pregnancy test Thurs…but that was negative and I am really scared/nervousto take another.Any advice would be appriciated…I’ll probably take another test in a bit..my son is 9 months oldtoday and if I am pregnant then I am due in mid Nov when he’s 17 months old.okay test was negative…but could it be wrong?my TTW would be over now… we had sex Feb 15th when I was fertile… sorrt I should havementioned thatMight I also mention that last time I had all of the exact same symptoms and tested positive onday 30 of a 28-31 day cycle.Today my period is 4 days past due..if it doesn’t come by tomorrow I will call the doctor’s officeto get a blood test done. It’s in the same building as my son’s dermatologist and I have to takehim there Turs anyway..I am getting a blood test done today and will know tomorrow. ….sooo nervousPregnancy Advisor’s answers:Morning,I can’t really give you a lot of advice but I just checked the Mirena website and this is what itsaid about your period:“May also shorten, lighten or even eliminate your periods—after one year of use, there may beup to a 90% reduction in menstrual bleeding, and 20% of Mirena® users had no bleeding orspotting at all”.Hopefully this could be why you have not got your period. Worst case scenario, if you arepregnant, I am sure that you will make the most of it and it will all turn out fine, you sound like agreat mum and if it is positive, you will be a great mum to 2 littlies instead of one : ) 4/8
  5. 5. Helen asks…Am i having symptoms? ttc ?I had unprotected sex 3 x during my fertility week. Twice before I was supposed to ovulateaccording to my calendar and once on the last day of my fertility week. He went inside me allthree x now I’ve been experiencing slight crampings here and there. I’ve been extremely tiredand im not stressed. I noticed a wee bit of acne which is rare for me. I’ve had a lot of milkydischarge too. Ny period is due in 5 days. And im 9 dpo. I’ve also been off the pill for 3 monthsand my mom was very fertile, plus im 19 sooo could I be and when should I test? ThanksPregnancy Advisor’s answers:I noticed symptoms only about a week after ovulating. First off I got headaches, then my breasts& nipples became sore. Since my babies were planned & I knew exactly when I ovulated, I waslooking for signs. Being very tired was another symptom.If you’re pregnant an early detection hpt can detect the hcg hormone a couple days before yourperiod is due. With both my kids I waited until the day my period was due & the positives weredark & clear.I just have to ask though.. Why are you trying to have a baby when you’re only 19? You’re stilla kid yourself.Best of luck 5/8
  6. 6. Lizzie asks…Are these some early symptoms of Pregnancy?Hi, I have been trying to conceive my first child for four months now, using an online fertilitypredictor calendar last week I was most fertile. I tried on the 21st and 23rd of March. And itseems like I am having some symptoms of being Pregnant, although it is to soon to test and myPeriod is not due until April the Sixth, and I dont want to waste a home pregnancy test becauseit is to early. So here are some of my symptoms.1) I usually get period cramps on and off about 1-2 weeks before my period is due, I have nothad those at all and I usually do.2) My breasts seem to look a little bigger, they are normally very small a B Cup, but the seem tolook a little bit fuller.3) I have had a heavy, pulling, bloating feeling in my lower stomach since last week.4) I am always cold anymore and cant seem to get warm even at night with three blankets onme, but this could be due to my thyroid condition.5) I will start crying out of nowhere.6) My stomach is bloated and I dont ever get bloated during my periods or PMS7) My nipples of my breasts are slightly sore and again I never have PMS symptoms anyway.So could I be pregnant? Or is it to early to tell? Im in my two week wait and going crazywondering, not feeling more hungry and not urinating more, but have any of you ladies out therehad these kind of early Pregnancy symptoms? I also could not get a positive ovulation test so Ididnt detect my LH surge but tried anyway going by the fertility calendar online. 6/8
  7. 7. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:The problem with pregnancy symptoms is they are the same symptoms for a wide variety ofthings so its hard to say, these could be psychological or just the result of eating something thatdoesn’t agree with you. The best way to know for sure is to wait until the first day your aresupposed to get your period and if it doesn’t start take a pregnancy test with your first morningsurine. Until then don’t worry and keep trying.Linda asks…could i get pregnant? answers?so i had unprotected sex nov 27 my period is due the 8 of december i was looking at ovulationcalenders, one said 11/22/2011Ovulation. Based on the 1st day of your last period, this is thedate that your egg is released. You are most fertile on this date.11/23/2011The day after ovulation. Conception is still very possible.11/24/20112 days after ovulation. Your fertility is decreasing. The egg survives for about 24hours, and, if not fertilized, it will disintegrate.11/29/2011If your egg was successfully fertilized, this is the approximate date when it implantsitself in the uterus.”if i had sex on the 27 is there any way i could get pregnant?my period is usually irregular, i found m next should be period date on a internet calendarwhere i put my last 3 months AF in and thats when they calculated the 8 of december.. 7/8
  8. 8. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: If you have irregular cycles you cant go by the online ovulation predictors, unless you know how many days are in your cycle. Anything can alter your cycle and make you ovulate earlier or later. I have very short cycles, not even 22 days. I have started using OPKs just to track when I may be ovulating to get a better idea of my cycles, those have worked a lot better for me then an online ovulation predictor. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge http://LHSurge.org Fertility Calendar 3 Months 8/8Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)