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Clear Blue Pregnancy Test


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Clear Blue Pregnancy Test

  1. 1. Clear Blue Pregnancy TestUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgMary asks…I had two lines on my clear blue pregnancy test.Am i pregnent?I have an irregular period and I took a clear blue easy digital pregnancy test, and it had twolines on it. Am I pregnant?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:A digital test will always show 2 lines, whether you are pregnant or not (because it picks upanother hormone too). If it says “Not Pregnant” then it means not pregnant – or at least, nopregnancy hormone was detected in your urine at that time. 1/6
  2. 2. Sandra asks…I took the clear blue pregnancy test and the result read “Pregnant3+ wks. is this correct?I took the clear blue pregnancy test and the result read “Pregnant 3+ wks. I did a scan todayand there was nothing showing on the Ultra sound, what does this mean??? Please help me asI am really worried.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:How fast things change! My youngest is almost 20 months old, and the digital pregnant/notpregnant tests were new when I got pregnant with her. Now they have ones that predict how faralong you are?Congratulations on your positive!IF the test said that you are 3+ weeks, that would mean that you only conceived about oneweek ago. There is not anything to be seen yet-I was almost six weeks when we finally saw aheartbeat-the ultrasounds prior to that were very worrying but it is normal to not see anythingprior to that.It simply means that you should take your prenatal vitamins, and look forward to your nextappointment when hopefully you will get a better look at baby!Congratulations again!EDITED TO ADD: I would also not put much credence into a home tests’ prediction of how faralong you are. HCG levels can vary greatly, and all still be within a normal range. Other factorswould influence the levels as well, such as multiples, so that it might read that you are fartheralong than you actually are. 2/6
  3. 3. Linda asks…Can diluted urine cause 99% accurate clear blue pregnancy test tobe negative?Can diluted urine cause 99% accurate clear blue pregnancy test to be negative?I work in a coffee shop and drank lots of water and coffee. When I took the test my pee wasalmost crystal clear. Could that be a negative false? I’m gonna take another in the morning. Myperiod is due today and I didn’t get itPregnancy Advisor’s answers:It could. You should always take the test right away in the morning. With your first urination ofthe day. 3/6
  4. 4. Ruth asks…Has anyone used the new clear blue pregnancy test?I have seen advertisements for the new clear blue test that tells you how many weeks you arepregnant. Anyone actually used it? were the results right? Do you think it is kind of suspicious?I don’t need a pregnancy test, I just don’t know how well the tests can predict how manyweeks pregnant someone is. I can just imagine them saying 1-9 weeks, well obviously mostpeople know within 6 weeksPregnancy Advisor’s answers:Actually, i did a little bit of research before answering this question, because it made me a littlecurious works like a normal pregnancy test, [it says PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT], then it does alittle bit more with your HcG levels.It then tells you an estimate on how many weeks ago you conceived.1-2 means you’re 3-4 weeks pregnant.2-3 means you’re 4-5 weeks pregnant.3+ means you’re 5 or more weeks pregnant!I think it’s nifty, but i’d rather go out and buy something a little can also go to their website, and it’ll tell you how it works and answer anymore questions.hope i could help! 4/6
  5. 5. Sharon asks…How reliable is an answer from a clear blue pregnancy test about1month after conception?so i have just taken a pregnancy test and it came back clear but id just like to be sure that itsaccurate. should i take another??personal experiences would be pretty helpful here x thanx guys (gals);)Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:If it is 1 month after conception possible conception and you have not gotten your period but arestill getting negative pregnancy tests, you are likely not pregnant.Clear Blue Digitals have a tendency to give false positives, but all other clear blues seem to bethe normal 99% accurate as of the day of your expected period. 5/6
  6. 6. Susan asks… Is it normal for Clear Blue pregnancy tests to have a negative faint blue line even before the test is used? I noticed that when I opened the package for the individual test, there was already a light blue negative sign. Is it normal for that brand or all brands? I’ve never noticed that before. Please and thank you for your help! Pregnancy Advisor’s answers: I’m not sure if it was clear blue easy, but I did have a test like that once and it said I was pregnant. The negative line is going to show up no matter what. It’s the second line you should be paying attention to. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge Clear Blue Pregnancy Test 6/6Powered by TCPDF (