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ecoLite White Vinyl Windows Offer Economy and Comfort


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Rated by home remodelers as having the best quality vinyl windows, ProVia offers its ecoLite windows as the best option in the economy class of home replacement windows. Available in multiple window styles with options for privacy or tinted glass and internal window grids, ecoLite windows offer energy efficiency, durability and beauty. The windows have been independently certified to meet stringent requirements for air and water infiltration, wind load resistance, ease of operation, forced entry and much more.

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ecoLite White Vinyl Windows Offer Economy and Comfort

  2. 2. A PRODUCT OF AMERICAN INGENUITY Manufactured in ProVia’s Sugarcreek, Ohio, window facility, ecoLite white vinyl windows provide the right combination of sturdy construction and energy efficiency, making it the best windowoptiononthemarketintheeconomywindowcategory.
  3. 3. MULTIPLE STYLE OPTIONS ecoLite windows are available as replacement windows and for new construction. They’re also a smart choice for new multi-family projects. ecoLite white vinyl windows are available in several window styles, including: • Double & Single hung • Slider windows • Single slider windows • Picture windows
  4. 4. GLASS & GRID OPTIONS Customization options for ecoLite replacement windows enable homeownerstoaddprivacyortintedglassorchoosefrommultiple internal window grid styles (colonial, cottage, prairie and more) to enhance their home’s styling.
  5. 5. YEAR-ROUND COMFORT Constructed for durability and energy efficiency, ProVia’s ecoLite windows feature technologies that keep unwanted heat and cold out of your home: • An innovative frame and sash design that exceeds industry standards • Dual weatherstripping for reduced air infiltration • Insulated glass for improved thermal performance
  6. 6. 20-YEAR ENERGY-EFFICIENT CONSTRUCTION • 3 ¼" Frame Depth • Durable Sunshield® white vinyl profiles • Barrier-fin weatherstripping ecoLite Window Features: • ¾" Low-E insulating glass using the Intercept Blackline™ Spacer, which includes a one-piece U-channel design to create an effective thermal barrier
  7. 7. INDEPENDENTLY CERTIFIED ecoLite windows have been tested against the most stringent requirements for air and water infiltration, wind load resistance, ease of operation, forced entry and much more.
  8. 8. RATED #1 FOR QUALITY Professional remodelers surveyed by Remodeling Magazine rank ProVia windows the best quality vinyl windows.
  9. 9. PROVIDING PEACE OF MIND ProVia understands the importance of being comfortable and confident in your windows’ longevity. So, ecoLite windows come with ProVia’s 20-Year Limited Warranty on materials and workmanship, which includes a warranty on glass seal failure.
  10. 10. STRONG AND BUILT TO LAST From design through production, ProVia’s ecoLite windows are made by employees who live by the company’s mission: “To serve, by caring for details in ways others won’t.”
  11. 11. WHERE TO BUY ECOLITE WINDOWS ecoLite windows are available only through qualified ProVia dealers. Learn more about ecoLite windows by viewing the link below. ecoLite windows web page