3D Modeling & Prototype Manufacturing


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Design Prototypes; Architecture & Engineering, Metal Castings, Geospatial & Construction, Healthcare & Science, Entertainment & Toys.

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3D Modeling & Prototype Manufacturing

  1. 1. A Solution to The Fastest, Meet Most Affordable Your Needs 13040 Cerise Ave. Color Hawthorne, CA 90250 3D Printing Tel. 310•644•7999 Fax. 310•644•1771 www.PresentationMedia.com PRESENTATION MEDIA INC.
  2. 2. Applications and Industries AUTOMOTIVE CONCEPT MODELING PRESENTATION MODELS FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS EDUCATION ARCHITECTURE THE WORLD’S FASTEST COLOR PRODUCES AFFORDABLE FOR ALL CONSUMER PRODUCTS FUNCTIONAL TESTING MEDICAL 3D PRINTERS DRAMATIC RESULTS ENVIRONMENTS 3D printing is the world’s fastest Nothing communicates better than From materials to operational costs, process of rapid prototyping - five color 3D models and product PMI delivers the lowest cost per A World of Possibilities to ten times faster than other prototypes - and PMI makes 3D printed model. PMI solutions use solutions. That means that PMI can color printing accessible and reliable and affordable inkjet output models in hours, not days. available to everyone. Color technology, resulting in a materials • Design Prototypes 3D print concept models, functional prototypes, and presentation And unlike other 3D printing dramatically communicates usage cost that is a fraction of the models for evaluating and refining designs. soultions, we can build multiple engineering product designs, vividly cost of other rapid prototyping models at the same time, portrays architectural designs, technologies. And PMI 3D printers • Metal Castings Directly print molds, mold inserts, and patterns for metal casting. dramatically increasing throughput. and brings animated characters to recycle all unused materials, so you PMI’s high-speed solutions provide life. You can add highlights to models pay only for the actual materials • Architecture Create models of architectural designs and prototypes for the a competitive advantage for a range with annotations like part numbers, used to produce a part. design of critical elements. of applications, from demanding design comments, and logos to commercial environments better evaluate product designs. And • Education Engage students by bringing digital concepts into the real world, supporting entire engineering with PMI’s high-definition 3D printing turning their ideas into real-life 3D color models that they can departments, to detailed modelling capabilities, you can produce actually hold in their hands. for scaled displays. models having complex geometries and small, detailed features. • Geospatial Easily convert GIS data into 3D landscape and cityscape models. • Healthcare Rapidly produce 3D models to reduce operating time, enhance “With the 3D printer, we can have a discussion in the morning, make a suggestion, patient and physician communication, and improve patient outcomes. break for lunch and see the results in the afternoon. No other tool can do this.” Jane Smith • Entertainment and the Arts Create avatars and consumer figurines from 3D data generated by Director, Concept Car Division electronic games, animations, and youth-oriented software General Motors Corporation