Engagement by Design - First Draft


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First draft of the notes of a talk I will give at Better Software 2012

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Engagement by Design - First Draft

  1. 1. EngagementbyDesignPietro Polsinelli 1
  2. 2. To get to “engaging” (ITA avvincenti) we have to ask about the user. UX design is understanding people – not by example. You won’t go anywhere by just hacking code.UI and UX are more a theme for psychology & anthropology than software engineering.
  3. 3. the flowThe blurry edge between challenging and too difficoult.There is the flow. We are tackling the tip of something complex. When we arekept at the margin of our abilities – it’s the flow graph. So its complex,there are exceptions everywhere.
  4. 4. Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Author)
  5. 5. New user models.
  6. 6. UI design startingfrom the user -examples
  7. 7. Starting point is an antropological question.
  8. 8. How can I talk about WW2 to today’s hurried reader? [image of Churchill autobiography] Twitter stories
  9. 9. Twitter stories to moviesSocial software for story composition.
  10. 10. Gabriele Farina from aLittleb.it (Milan)
  11. 11. Whygames canteachabout UI?
  12. 12. Classical gamedesign intro
  13. 13. Game“mechanics”?Crash course in game design.
  14. 14. Gamification of routine work does not make sense because we want surprises, new patterns in games A game is about loops -> mostly primitive ones
  15. 15. Drawing with your figer on the iPad is nice. Racing with small cars is beautiful [polistil?]
  16. 16. Considers shape, speed. Also runtime “turbo” interventions. You don’t drive – which simplifies development, but is a plus here, not a minus.
  17. 17. “This game is engaging”Engagement can be caused by disparate reasons:1. Engagement because of s fun base mechanic2. Engagement by using a virtual world projection mechanicsEngaging design is ambiguous: can mean engaging by using a base mechanic (flipper tower defence, verify the chapter in theory of fun), or by using a virtual world projection mechanics
  18. 18. Koster – Deterding definition of fun.
  19. 19. Learn more on Classical Game DesignGame mechanics is a field of its own, as is the litterature on engagement. Ho selezionato I riferimenti per qualità, non per popolarità. My friend Sebastian DeterdingIn the infoberg give references by theme: fun -> fun bookGamification deterding (again takeaway clearing ambiguities), amyUser models: kahnemanVirtual: lehdonGame mechanics: schell, fun, what
  20. 20. Enchant anddispell
  21. 21. [which is the reference? Check licrize?] 22
  22. 22. Playfication
  23. 23. Oh how nice it is to work as aslave for this multinationalhttp://unmanned.molleindustria.org/ Monday, August 27, 2012
  24. 24. Conflict of interests“This Bat Man game feels like busywork” -> bad game. Games’destiny is to be mastered and become boring, surprises ended. [redraw with differences: n surprises iteration] Monday, August 27, 2012