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Museums and Learning


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Museums and Learning: An open dialogue through digital transformation.
These are the slides of the presentation by Alice Filipponi and Pietro Polsinelli at the Museum Digital Transformation 2018 conference,

Published in: Education
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Museums and Learning

  1. 1. Museums and Learning: An open dialogue through digital transformation Alice Filipponi & Pietro Polsinelli at MDT 2018
  3. 3. it can mean anything... But we have a very specific interpretation in mind. 3 Digital for museums:
  4. 4. Autography is a persuasive application - i.e. focused on influencing behaviour. Opera Kidz is a game proper, focused in creating a learning experience. Both apps rely on the same conceptual framework. 4 Our two applications are diverse:
  5. 5. One is where your artsy corner of the universe is reproduced and used as background of your game. 5 A perspective on games and cultural heritage - I
  6. 6. 6 A perspective on games and cultural heritage - II A transformative process: generate from art a new transformational experience.
  8. 8. Maximizing evocative diegetic connectivity The principle of our design is summed up by the notion of evocative diegetic connectivity, as an evolution of what presented in this publication: 8
  9. 9. Another aspect common to our applications is their multidimensional connection with learning experiences, through diegetic connectivity and spacing. Again in the following we give details for both applications. Learning models
  10. 10. The details of how we manage a transformative connection between the game experience and the reference topic will be detailed in what follows for each of the two applications. 10 Now… all the details
  11. 11. 11 ON AUTOGRAPHY
  12. 12. Before
  13. 13. Restoration works
  14. 14. After
  15. 15. 17 Research AUTOGRAPHY
  16. 16. Evocative diegetic connectivity
  17. 17. 21 From digital TO PAPER
  18. 18. Autography offline:-)
  19. 19. Postcards
  20. 20. 25 Presenting Opera Kidz
  21. 21. 26
  22. 22. From MDT 2017… James Bradburne “We go to a museum to become the people we are” transformative experience 27
  23. 23. Telling kids that the day will be dedicated to visiting a museum causes turmoil, protest and sobbing. 28 How to make kids enjoy an art museum?
  24. 24. Multiple visiting / learning paths. 29 Add one more: kids!
  25. 25. Mistakes... (Museum Gamification) Provide a superficially related but deeply unrelated experience. 30 (Distracting Tech) Provide a distracting layer above the museum experience. (James Bradburne)
  26. 26. Extending the transformation If “We go to a museum to become the people we are”, can this transformative experience be also the one enjoyed by kids? The idea for the application is to use a completely original mechanic, that merges puzzles with match-3 mechanics. 31
  27. 27. 32
  28. 28. ...make the kid create her own path through the museum, and induce carefully observing a selection of the works. 33 Merging play proper with exploration
  29. 29. Play: mix game and searching, You always win. After play: get the prize! Involve others: send the postcard! Post museum visit: read the booklet learn more and connect with the game. May be remembered for life. 34 A long loop - we are learning!
  30. 30. Learning with games - never easy Even if play IS learning, it is not learning the right stuff in the right way. You have to build the experience in a very specific and multidimensional way. 35
  31. 31. Learning with games - never easy The learning process as defined in OperaKidz is multidimensional and progressive. Several features of the application will need to be tuned to the different age groups. 36
  32. 32. 37 Diegetic Integration GAME DESIGN
  33. 33. Diegetic Connectivity Inspiration Design Themes (works) Museum space Digital / real space Multiple paths and profiles 38
  34. 34. Low tech: maintainable, expandable Stand alone, cross device application. Does not need connectivity. You always win. Could be tablet, could be totem. Future: introduce character (storytelling), release a version on the stores, integrate it with social media. 39
  35. 35. 40 Diegetic Integration GRAPHIC DESIGN
  36. 36. Taking inspiration from the graphic Language of the 13th century. 41
  37. 37. Layout and iconography: a wunderkammer approach Giotto, Scrovegni's chapel, Padua.
  38. 38. Layout and iconography: a wunderkammer approach
  39. 39. Color theme. Giotto, Scrovegni's chapel, Padua.
  40. 40. 46 Thank you! Contact: