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Why Use WordPress as the CMS for Your Business Website | Presented by Possible Web


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Small business owners need to get online quickly.

While there are many interesting new technologies for building frontends and business websites these days like React, GatsbyJS, markdown files, API based frameworks, and more, a small business owner may not be ready for that.

WordPress lets you get online quickly, safely, securely and be able to manage your website yourself (for the most part) without needing to keep an HTML/CSS/JS developer on staff.

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Presented by Possible Web

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Why Use WordPress as the CMS for Your Business Website | Presented by Possible Web

  1. 1. Why WordPress? A Short Video to Help You Decide if WordPress is Right For You.
  2. 2. What is WordPress? WordPress is the most popular website and blogging platform in the world, responsible for the smooth operation of more than 65 million websites. While the platform offers tremendous ease of use and complex customization for users of all experience levels, it is also robust enough that major brands like CNN, Microsoft, and Facebook rely on it to power their websites. If you are wondering how to get your new company’s website up and running as quickly and easily as possible with minimal investment, here's why WordPress is the ideal choice.
  3. 3. 30% Nearly 30% of all websites on the internet use WordPress (1). One of the major reasons for the stellar reputation of WordPress is its ease of use. WordPress is a beginner’s dream when it comes to intuitive customization options, allowing unprecedented control over the look and feel of any website built on the WordPress platform.
  4. 4. SEO Friendly WordPress makes it easy to manage your search engine optimization (SEO) goals and consistently rank highly in relevant searches.
  5. 5. Content Marketing Content is one of the most significant driving forces behind online businesses today. With the sheer amount of choices available for virtually any purchase online, consumers expect to see valuable, relevant content from an online business.
  6. 6. Get up and running fast Any business owner can find a suitable theme and use one of many drag and drop editors to quickly build a site. Hosting is even easier with many great WordPress specific services.
  7. 7. Pros and Cons Pros: ● SEO Friendly out of the box ● Organize and publish new content easily ● Get a modern, mobile responsive website quickly using the WP community ● Use a WordPress specific hosting service to get automated backup, security, etc. Cons: ● Requires constant updates ● Prone to hacking with known vulnerabilities ● Can look cookie-cutter at times ● Can be slow & bloated without proper knowledge
  8. 8. Start... ● Check out Astra for an easy to use and fast loading, SEO optimized theme ● Check out Elementor Page Builder for an easy way to build pages quickly ● Subscribe to our channel to get further videos on building awesome sites using these tools plus more
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