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The Pistoia Alliance: Update on Strategy and Progress


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Ramesh Durvasula, Pistoia Alliance board member, discusses the Pistoia Alliance mission and recaps activities in 2011-12, with particular emphasis on the successful completion of the Sequence Squeeze Competition and Sequence Services Phase 2. The presentation was delivered at BioITWorld in Boston in April 2012.

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The Pistoia Alliance: Update on Strategy and Progress

  1. 1. The Pistoia Alliance Update on Strategy & Progress Ramesh Durvasula, PhD Director, Informatics, Bristol-Myers Squibb Board Member of the Pistoia Alliance Presentation to #BioIT12 @PistoiaAlliance
  2. 2. Agenda• Industry Drivers• The Origins of Pistoia• The Mission and Strategy of Pistoia• The Initiatives of Pistoia
  3. 3. Rapidly Evolving Info Ecosystem Yesterday Today Tomorrow Big Life Science Company Yesterday Today TomorrowInnovation Heterogeneity of collaborations. Part Innovation inside Searching for Innovation Model of the wider ecosystem Struggling with change IT Internal apps & data Security and Trust Cloud/Services Data Mostly inside Inside  Outside DistributedPortfolio Internally driven and owned Partially shared Shared portfolio
  4. 4. What is Needed: Glue between Nodes Proprietary content Public provider content provider CRO Regulatory authorities Academic group Service provider Software vendor
  5. 5. The Mission of the Pistoia AllianceLowering the barriers to innovation by improving the interoperability of R&D business processes via pre-competitive collaborations
  6. 6. Dec 2011Pistoia Alliance Membership
  7. 7. Chemistry Externalization Processes
  8. 8. Potential Projects
  9. 9. Pistoia-Led Successes• Sequence Services – Phase 1 (2011): 4 proofs of concept – Phase 2 (2012): 3 demos at Pistoia Conference• Semantic Enrichment of Scientific Literature – Transfer to IMI’s OpenPHACTS• Sequence Squeeze – $15K prize for best new NGS compression algorithm
  10. 10. All source code from entries available on SourceForge under BSD-2 license
  11. 11. Sequence Squeeze Results & Winner James Bonfield Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
  12. 12. A recent innovation attributed toPistoia• ODDT (Open Drug Discovery Teams) – an iPad app for rare and neglected disease collaboration that is chemistry-aware and uses social media• Launched April 12, 2012• Presented @ ACS• Idea-innovation, 2 months
  13. 13. Pistoia Conference (24 April 2012)• Twitter: #PistoiaCon12 @PistoiaAlliance• Dragon’s Den, pitching new projects• Review output of Sequence Services – Cycle Computing & Eagle Genomics – HP – Constellation Technologies & Genestack
  14. 14. Pistoia Alliance Publications1. “The Pistoia Alliance - The Sequence Services Project” - Simon Thornber et al. - G.I.T. Laboratory Journal 1-2/20112. “Need for Collaborative Technologies in Drug Discovery” - Chris L. Waller et al. Book Chapter in “Collaborative Computational Technologies for Biomedical Research” – Edited by Sean Ekins et al. Wiley May 20113. “What are the obstacles to innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry? The Pistoia Alliance responds” – The Pistoia Alliance – Drug Discovery World4. “Empowering Industrial Research With Shared Biomedical Vocabularies” – Lee Harland et al - Drug Discovery Today in press5. “ELNs - An Essential Productivity Tool – But Which One to Use” – John Wise - European Pharmaceutical Review - Issue 4, 2011
  15. 15. Pistoia Projects in the Pipeline• Vocabulary standards• Biomarker exchange standards• Screening Data Standards• Canonical models for large molecules• Disease explorer• Data exchange with CROsFor more info, visit
  16. 16. A Reality Check: Setting Expectations
  17. 17. Twitter: @PistoiaAllianceOur industry needs a Disruptive Innovation.That PistoiaIF YOU WANT TO GO FAST, GO ALONEIF YOU WANT TO GO FAR, GO TOGETHER