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Introduction to Pistoia Alliance Annual Conference


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Michael Braxenthaler, president of the Pistoia Alliance, describes progress over the past year and what to expect at the 2012 Conference.

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Introduction to Pistoia Alliance Annual Conference

  1. 1. The Pistoia Alliance 2nd Annual Conference Boston - April 24,2012
  2. 2. Welcome© Dave Powell
  3. 3. Thanks! Joe Donahue Andreas Matern Barbara Love
  4. 4. Thanks! John Wise (Exec Director) Deb Ausman (Communications) Martyn Wilkins (Secretary) Nick Lynch (External Liaison) Ashley George (Treasurer)
  5. 5. Thanks! Simon Thornber (GSK) Sandor Szalma (Janssen) David Kniaz (Merck) Alex Drijver (ChemAxon) Ramesh Durvasula (BMS) Sean Ekins (CDD) David Klatte (Pfizer) Etzard Stolte, Ralph Schlapbach (HP) Nick Trigg (Constellation Technologies) Misha Kapushesky (Genestack) William Spooner (Eagle Genomics) Carl Chesal (Cycle Computing)
  6. 6. What you can expect today…Delivery• Sequence Services – Overview (Simon Thornber) – Presentations – Demos • HP • Constellation Technologies/Genestack • Eagle Genomics/Cycle Computing• SequenceSqueeze Competition
  7. 7. What you can expect today…Looking Forward:Six New Pistoia Activities• Dragon’s Den pitches• Speed dating
  8. 8. The Pistoia Alliance – Setting The Stage “Partnerships, integration and workingtogether are increasingly key themes in any discussion about healthcare, with the growing realization that no oneindustry, organization, sector or service can afford to go it alone, either financially or practically.”Source: PME (Pharmaceutical Market Europe) Nov 2011,
  9. 9. Rapidly Evolving Pharmaceutical Ecosystem Proprietary content Public provider content provider Big Life CRO Patient Science organization Company Pharma Regulatory authorities Academic group Service provider Software vendor
  10. 10. The Pistoia Mission Lowering the barriers to innovation by improving inter-operability of R&D business processes through pre-competitive collaboration 10
  11. 11. Role of the Pistoia Alliance• Standards: Landscape, gaps, sign-posting, agile standards development• Fostering the market place for shared services – Example: Sequence Services Project• Open innovation – Example: SequenceSqueeze Competition• Platform for collaborative projects with defined legal and financial framework