Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero and bioPmed


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Marseille MET3 Conference presentation. 2nd April 2012.

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Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero and bioPmed

  1. 1. - Fabrizio Conicella –
  2. 2. Contents1. Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero and bioPmed2. Bioprotech: overview3. Bioindustry Park and Bioprotech4. Lesson learned
  3. 3. Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero  Science park specialised in health care  22.000 sqm labs and office spaces for companies  Conference center  Consultancy in biomanagement  Incubator  R&D service delivery  R&D shared facility  Cluster company focused in health care: bioPmed
  4. 4. The bioPmed “smart”approach… The “traditional approach” (One problem, one technology, one solution) The “NEW” approach” (Converging technologies) - Up to 250 companies working specifically in health care - Over xx.000 companies working in ICT, Mechatronics, New Materials, textiles, etc 80 bioPmed cluster CORE MEMBERS share the approach of an Healthcare cluster aiming at“Overlapping different technological knowledge to reach innovative solutions to unmet medical needs and ensure a better future Impact on Industry-research collaborations
  5. 5. The bioPmed pillars of actionAnd its supporting intitutions
  6. 6. The bioPmed communityBioCulture 80 core member
  7. 7. Why to internationalize??? • Problems are global, Markets are global, finance is more andCompanies& R&D more global, science is global, , optimizing health care costs is a global trend…......….. • Big players are “global”: they are acting following a global strategy • Small/medium players are willing to be global but…. – Lack of culture and skills – Too focused on scientific development more than to company development – Not enough resources – Need for partnerships • Critical mass in R&D and innovative companies become critical factors for territorial developmentRegions • Financial resources are scarce: single actors and single territories can’t afford the entire spectrum of investments of R&D to be competitive in every sector • Lower transfer of public resources to R&D facilities • Need to maximise positive impact of investments realised (job creation and sustainability) • Local policies are interconnected (e.g. EU influence..)
  8. 8. Why to cooperate in the mediterranean area?• Advantages from the cooperative approach: – Starting from local assets exploiting synergies between territories – Win-win activities: complementarity approach (value effective) – Exploiting in a cooperative way the best components of a process also if they are located in a different territory – Minimize “bad” competition – Sustainability – Minimize duplications of activities It requires a cultural shift!!!!!
  9. 9. BioProtech Project OverviewProject full title: Improve research capacities of the Centre of Biotechnologyof Sfax (Tunisia) in Bio-Processes for biotech applications, tying up with theEuropean Research Area keywords: Biotech, bioprocesses, joint research, technologytransfer, ERA, regional impact, research policiesDuration (month): 30, from 1st November 2010Project coordinator: CBS SfaxCall: FP7-INCO-2010-6: Integrating Europes neighbours into the ERA -WIDEactivity 10
  10. 10. Project consortium partnersParticipant No. Participant organisation name Short Name Country1 (Coordinator) Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax CBS Tunisia2 International Centre for Genetic ICGEB Italy Engineering and Biotechnology3 National Institute of Applied Sciences INSA France of Toulouse4 Steinbeis Research Center SFZ Germany5 Bioindustry Park Silvano BiPCa Italy Fumero/bioPMed6 University of Claude Bernard Lyon UCBL France
  11. 11. Bioprotech project WP3WP 1 WP2 WP5 Dissemination WP4 Project management WP6
  12. 12. Bioprotech goalsThe following objectives will be addressed by BioProtech: Improvement of the technological background and research skills Build up the knowledge base for commercialisation of research results Build up knowledge about European research funding instruments Increase the visibility of CBS on a local and European level Improvement of the future biotechnology development at CBS, tying up with the European Research Area
  13. 13. TT support approach Map existing technology transfer activities Task 2.1 Task 2.1 Global trends analysis General CBS situation Need analisys/matching analysis with CBS analisys Training, coaching and awareness to commercialisation of research results Local situation D2.1 Task 2.2 ReportD2.3 TT/networking Training D2.2 guidelines planning Local situation implementation Training D2.4 material Local ecosystem Task 2.3 Build up local customer action/clustering and D2.5 supporter/collaborator action network
  14. 14. Lesson learned..up to now• Human resources are a key factor• General training on TT is not perceived as useful: specific/need focused training is well accepted/requested• Avoid fire and forget activities: coaching and follow-up caractherised by a specialistc/sectorial focus• Community bulding approach as tool to growth, also internationally• Usually science is not a problem…exploitation at local leve is a problem..• Identify direct positive impact on the local system as a driver• It takes time…………
  15. 15. Example of support• Start-up: Production of antigens, antibodies and diagnosis kit developement (2008)• Specific critical analisys of business idea (2010)• Identification of scientifc assets/market assets/USP and strategic advice (2010)• Coaching in drafting business plan toghether with a Tunisian consultants (2010)• Support in developing a presentation for an elevator pitch (US based investors) (2011). Identified as selected project for a business trip in US for identification of investors and analisys of market opportunities BIOtechRDP
  16. 16. bioPmed @ Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero S.p.A. Via Ribes, 5 10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO) Italy Tel. +39-0125-561311 Fax +39-0125-538350 www.biopmed.euIs the team that wins not www.bioindustrypark.euthe single player…