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Open Source Business Ecosystem - PhD work


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Open source ecosystem is very specific. In the same market we meet companies, end-users, professionals customers, editor, IT service providers and community with non-profit organization. These actors interact and create value.

Our research studies interaction between these actors and the impact on service value chain. Through an interaction model, Actor-network theory, and value chain of IT service, we interviewed 50 professionals (editor, IT service providers, CIO and community) with qualitative approach.

We will present for the first time the results of this research. This presentation will be oriented with a managerial approach:

- CIO: Do you have to choose an editor ? An IT service provider ?

- IT service provider: Community are better than Editor ? Where is the business in community approach ?

- Editor: Are you sure community is your friend ?

Open Source Business Ecosystem - PhD work

  1. 1. Open Source Ecosystem
  2. 2. Introduce myself Jonathan Le Lous PhD in Strategic Management Management Research Center Toulouse University
  3. 3. My scientific work Studies :Impact of open source in the IT market with a focus on service provider
  4. 4. My scientific steps : qualitative approach My investigation in classics six steps : 1) Academic knowledge 2) Creating an analysis model 3) Exploratory interviews (18 persons) 4) Finals questionnaires (25 questions) 5) Finals interviews (34 persons ) 6) Conclusions
  5. 5. Sample: Editor, services provider, user and communityRed Hat Microsoft Nuxeo Talend SpagoBI April 2SI AF83 Agesys Aliasource Alter Way Smile Atos Origin Cap Gémini Bull Bonitasoft Avencall BeWare ClaptorCyberconseil Enovance GLPI FusionInventory Marie-Claire Agence Nationale des Chèques Vacances Groupement des mousquetaires Ingres Les Arts Décoratifs Lundi Matin Business Meliweb Ministère de la Culture MutualangOption Service Sensio Labs Xwiki FreeNas Adullact Obeo Journal Officiel Canonical Ministère de lEconomie et des Finances Révolution Linux Axens Barreau du Québec INRIA Pierre Audouin Consultants
  6. 6. Today Today I present a part of my work with a managerial approach :Which, when and why I choose (or not) a supplier to contribute to my open source project success
  7. 7. Three time of IT services: 3A Agreement Adaptation Assistance What are the best Deployment, Support ways for my Integration Help desk IT project ? and training Zimmerman et Jullien (2006)
  8. 8. Actor-network theory: Which, when, why ? Editor Community SoftwareIT service provider Agreement Adaptation Assistance User / customer Five actors have influence on service offer
  9. 9. 9 open sources actors strategies Strategy None opportunist focusedCategory User doesnt use Use selectively Open source or it use open with cost and/or strategy but with User source but it quality approach non-exclusive doesnt be aware approach No or very few Use selectively Open source business with with added value competitiveness open source chain and/or self- approach Services provider reliance approach. More than 80% turnover Proprietary Openness Exclusive open approach marketing strategy source strategy Editor with paid version with one version or paid add-ons of the software
  10. 10. Agreement: Which and why ? IT service providerNeutral actor (maybe): It selects a technology that meets your needs It is a specialist It have capacity to manage all the project
  11. 11. Adaptation: Which, when and why ? Add-on Minor changes Major changes Add-on Add-on Core software Add-on Editor or community level All contributor level All contributor level
  12. 12. Adaptation: My community is rich Software with editorOnly editor must contribute to all major changes and core changes Community softwareIT service provider can do that but you must verify if your supplier contribute to the community or have intern skills For the other modification Editor or IT service provider can do that.
  13. 13. Assistance: Which and when Level 1 and Level 2 IT service provider and Editor guarantee fast answers or Community with no guarantee Level 3 Editorbut in some situations Big IT service providers have a global contract with editor and they manage the three levels
  14. 14. To be continued... Thank you for your attention Do you have any questions ? More information : 0668843284