Human anatomy and physiology


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If you are looking for a course of human anatomy and physiology, you have come to the right place. The Dr.James Ross's human anatomy course provided everything you need to know about anatomy and physilogy. This program is a great choice for anyone, even those who have no medical experience at all. Click link to discover:

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Human anatomy and physiology

  1. 1. Human Anatomy and Physiology Course Author: Dr.James Ross The number one home study course Teaching students and medical professionals alike how to masterthe human body in only three days.
  2. 2. The Human Anatomy Course included 3 section - The first section: teaches everything you could want to know about anatomy and physiology. - The second section: a comprehensive guide that provides a detailed understanding of pharmacology including drug dosage, interaction, effects of and factors influencing the dose and types of drugs. - The third section: bonus
  3. 3. The first section included 7 module Module 1: Covers anatomy, broken into lessons that cover the different body systems. Module 2: Covers physiology, broken into lessons covering the different body systems.
  4. 4. The first section included 7 module Module 3 Give you a thorough understanding of medical terminology using various learning techniques to help you retain what you have learned. Module 4 to module 7 Cover clinical pathology and the different diseases including a comprehensive glossary of medical terms.
  5. 5. The second section Provides a comprehensive glossary of terminology used in pharmacology and introduces the reference guides used by pharmacists. Drug treatments are studied as they relate to the functions of the drugs as well as how they are applied for the different body systems.
  6. 6. The third section: bonus Includes a comprehensive module on nursing and paramedic care including CPR for health care professionals.
  7. 7. Each lesson are easy to follow and are laid out as follows Lesson objectives. Course material with simple explanations and detailed illustrations, anatomy diagrams and drawings, pictures, associations, quizzes…
  8. 8. Each lesson are easy to follow and are laid out as follows Summary of key facts. Revision exercises and solutions to check your understanding and whether you have achieved your learning objectives. Suggestions.
  9. 9. Human Anatomy Course: pros and cons Pros: • It consists of thousands of pages of good stuff and covers hundreds of medical topics and the course material is comprehensive, yet simple. • It teaches complex concepts in simple language and uses many techniques to help with retention helping you to learn much faster. Each lessons ends with a summary of key facts, revision exercises and solutions to reinforce learning and pinpoint weaknesses.
  10. 10. Human Anatomy Course: pros and cons Pros: • The course includes hundreds, if not thousands of detailed illustrations with labels to aid your comprehension and boost your retention. • Anyone can learn anatomy and physiology using this home study course.
  11. 11. Human Anatomy Course: pros and cons Cons: Each section of the course is a stand- alone course. The downside of this is that basic anatomy and physiology concepts are repeated several times.
  12. 12. The incredible benefits you'll receive
  13. 13. The Human Anatomy Course is a wonderful course on the human body and every facet of it functioning. Click here to visit Human Anatomy C
  14. 14. Thank you! Click here to discover this for yoursel