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Bio Boards


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Berea College Spring 2012 | Senior Capstone Research
Using Ecovative's mycology based packaging strategy, I grew mycelium (mushroom roots that act as a bio adhesive) in grain and then performed, density, weight and Rockwell hardness tests on the fiberglass coated substrate to see whether the composite might work as a viable renewable substitution for petroleum based foams in sport craft manufacturing.

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Bio Boards

  1. 1. Bio Boards: A Study in Myco - Composites By Monica Leslie
  2. 2. Purpose of the Study
  3. 3. BIO-Boards
  4. 4. Construction Basics Measured on Mohs Scale
  5. 5. CONCLUSION Mushroom sample: • Heavier Weight • Compression variables in Hardness Testing • Difficulty acquiring consistent density, thickness, etc. • Not suitable for Home Scale • Needs Controlled, Sterile Environment • Further Lab Testing • Does have Potential for Future Casting Applications
  6. 6. References 04024211/Abstract-black-and-white-ink-border-with-copy-space images/silhouette/ s and-environmentally-sustainable-surfboards/ Questions?