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UX User Experience Persona Development


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Defining what personas area and creating them for your next project.

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UX User Experience Persona Development

  1. 1. Creating Personas Overview and Workshop
  2. 2. What Are Personas?
  3. 3. Why Use Personas
  4. 4. Best Practises in Creating Personas
  5. 5. Research
  6. 6. Refine the Results
  7. 7. Create Groups
  8. 8. Prioritise Groups
  9. 9. Make Them Realistic
  10. 10. What To Ask…
  11. 11. What To Ask? Personal • What is the age of your person? • What is the gender of your person? • What is the highest level of education this person has received?
  12. 12. What To Ask? Professional • How much work experience does your person have? • What is your person’s professional background? • Why will they come to the site? (User needs, interests, and goals) • Where (or from whom) else is this person getting information about your issue or similar programs or services? • When and where will users access the site? (User environment and context)
  13. 13. What To Ask? Technical • What technological devices does your person use on a regular basis? • What software and/or applications does your person use on a regular basis? • Through what technological device does your user primarily access the web for information? • How much time does your person spend browsing the web every day?
  14. 14. Persona Cards Lets create cards based on our information
  15. 15. Workshop Time
  16. 16. Scenario: We’re making an App for connecting Product Mavens members together, help them network, connect and “make the world a better place™” Questions at:
  17. 17. What Next?
  18. 18. Create User Stories
  19. 19. Map Journeys
  20. 20. Brief Creatives Designers Copywriters
  21. 21. Brief Developers & Testers
  22. 22. Just the tip of the ice berg
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